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Len M.

“I'd been making money online for a number of years, but I hit a plateau. Scott gave me the inside scoop on the technology and tools I needed to turbo boost my business. Since implementing his ‘Touchdown Money' strategies I've 2X'd my revenue.”

Henrietta C.

“I was completely new to online business. But thankfully I found Touchdown Money. The step-by-step guidance has been super helpful. I thought I couldn't do it, but now I see all I had to do was get started! Now I have more time for my family without the stress of a low-paid job.”​

Danny D.

“Touchdown Money is unique in that Scott is a regular guy, but with super smart strategies and proven tactics. He writes in a friendly way that makes it easy to understand. I've gained so much clarity. Now I can focus on building my business instead of spending time on endless hours of research.​”

Make Money Online With Touchdown Money

Hey, usually this is part where the site author writes “About Me.” I say, who gives a rat's wrist about me. This site is about YOU. I'll tell you if this is a site you should be reading at all.

You are someone who:

  • Loves freedom (and is willing to DO something to get it!)
  • Is willing to learn from experts who will share their best secrets, tricks, tips, and business software recommendations
  • Thinks working your buns off for a corporation who could give a rat's wrist about you is sucking your life force from your body
  • Wants to go BIG on their business idea (is OK with taking it step-by-step but absolutely won't settle for less than they and their family deserves)
  • Is committed to being a “do-er” and not just a “browser” when they feel comfortable

If you think this describes everyone, sorry, it certainly doesn't. Look around you! Most people lead lives of quiet desperation. That was written by Thoreau — in 1854! And sadly, it's even more true today.

If you believe you were made for more, Touchdown Money IS you.

My name is Scott Lieberman and I've been making money online for 20+ years. I've made dumb mistakes. I've had great successes.

Don't waste another day without expert guidance. My insider emails are your shortcut:

I'm not going to pretend I'm some mega-wealthy dude posing with a Lamborghini like a moron. What I will tell you is, thank goodness, I've gained the freedom to do what I want, when I want, without worrying about money.

I love teaching. I love business. I love seeing my friends WIN. I'm inviting you join this amazing community.

You'll learn the best ways to make money online.

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