Earn $20 per Referral [2024] Best Refer a Friend Bonuses

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Companies want new customers. Duh.

But here’s what’s newsworthy: They’ll pay you to find them!

You can earn $20 per referral with lots of popular services like Rakuten, Upside, DoorDash, and the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card.

“Refer a friend” is an online business model with very little, and sometimes $0, start-up costs. Online commerce now accounts for 15.1%1 of all retail sales – and I’m sure that number will only keep growing.

Below, I share my favorite platforms where you can earn $20 per referral (or more!) Choose from them, start referring your friends – and then grow your business!

How To Earn $20 Refer a Friend Bonuses

Earning $20 referral bonuses is actually pretty easy. Just take these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Decide which platforms will be most helpful to you and your friends.
  • Step 2: Sign up for the products and services yourself.
  • Step 3: Within the app or website, find your personal link or promo code – and then send it to friends.
  • Step 4: Watch the referral bonuses pour in as your friends sign up!

Refer a Friend Bonuses

Below, I’ve listed some of the best options for $20 referrals. These are all amazing services, so you’re sure to find a few you’re excited about!

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card 

Referral Bonus: $50

Payout Method: Cash back

Referral Limit: $500 per year

How to Earn Bonus: 

There are lots of ways to earn with the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. You can start with the $200 bonus and the 1.5% cash back (which goes up to 5% for groceries, gas, and travel) – and then earn even more by referring friends. 

An example of benefits from Chase.
Source: Chase

I have this credit card and I use it all the time. I've recommended it to my friends too. Once you have this credit card you can refer your friends to it. There is no annual fee.

Apply with our special link to get started.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

Referral Bonus: 15,000 points

Payout Method: Credit card points

Referral Limit: 75,000 points per year

How to Earn Bonus: 

Big-time traveler? Then the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is perfect. It offers 5X the standard points if you purchase through Chase’s travel platform.

I also have this card because I love to travel! There's an annual fee, but the sign-up bonus is so lucrative it's worth it.

Every 100 points is worth a $1, so a 75,000 sign-up bonus is worth $750! The bonus is worth up to $1,000+ when you use the points for travel like I do. That's way more than a typical $20 per referral bonus!

Use our unique link to apply – then earn more by referring your travel-loving friends! 

Chase Ink Business Unlimited

Referral Bonus: 40,000 points

Payout Method: Credit card points

Referral Limit: 200,000 points per year

How to Earn Bonus: 

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card gives you 1.5% cash back – and if you’re an entrepreneur, I’m sure you can put that money to good use! I love using this card for general purchases. This business credit card also has no annual fee so it's really easy to refer to friends.

Get started using our link – then start earning.


Referral Bonus: $30

Payout Method: Cash back (added to account)

Referral Limit: None

How to Earn Bonus: 

With Rakuten, you can enjoy generous cash-back offers while shopping with Target, Walmart, and over 3,500 other retailers. You shouldn’t even have to change your shopping habits, so it’s practically free money!

How to use Rakuten.
Earn cash back with Rakuten's free app. Make money referring friends for bonus money.

Rakuten is like magic money for me.

I entered my credit card information once, and forever it knows whenever I use it at restaurants on its huge list, I get cash back! For instance, I got $5 back at my favorite BBQ ribs joint where I was going to eat anyhow. In total I've earned nearly $1,000 with Rakuten. It's mega easy and legit.

Click through our special link to sign up and start saving then earn $20+ per referral.


Referral Bonus: $25 – $100 (depending on the plan)

Payout Method: Amazon gift card

Referral Limit: None

How to Earn Bonus: 

ActiveCampaign leverages modern tech to automate marketing campaigns. You can use it to grow your business – and help your friends grow their businesses, too.

Sign up for ActiveCampaign now through our link.

Two friends on their laptops sharing their $20 refer-a-friend codes.
You can earn $20 per referral – and help your friends discover great products, too.  Source: Unsplash


Referral Bonus: $25

Payout Method: Gift cards

Referral Limit: $500 (20 referrals) 

How to Earn Bonus: 

TurboTax is a comprehensive online tax service. It can seriously take the stress out of tax season – and that’s something your friends will appreciate as much as you do.

Use our link for the best available bonus.

Walmart Plus

Referral Bonus: $20

Payout Method: Promo code (can be used with online purchases of $35+)

Referral Limit: None stated

How to Earn Bonus: 

Walmart Plus has many amazing perks, including free Walmart deliveries and a subscription to the Paramount+ streaming service. It’s also pretty cheap – just $12.95/month, or $98 if you pay for the entire year.

The benefits of membership to Walmart+.
Earn $20 per referral with Walmart+.

I'm a Walmart Plus member. I refer my friends to Walmart Plus all the time because it saves me so much time and gas with their supermarket deliveries. Also, Walmart Plus comes with Paramount streaming service so I get watch the NFL on CBS, plus my favorite shows like Frasier, Bob Hearts Abishola, and Bar Rescue.

Click our link to support the site – and get started earning today!


Referral Bonus: $10 (With occasional special offers up to $30) 

Payout Method: Money in your Ibotta account

Referral Limit: None

How to Earn Bonus: 

Ibotta is an app that gives you special cash-back deals when you shop with certain brands, including super-popular retailers like Walmart and Home Depot. You can shop online through the Ibotta app, or shop in person and then upload your receipts. 

Use our special link to sign up – and then find cash-back deals right away!


Referral Bonus: 1¢ per gallon of gas that the referred person buys

Payout Method: Money in your Upside account 

Referral Limit: None stated

How to Earn Bonus: 

Upside is another cash-back app – and while it focuses mostly on gas, you can use it to save on groceries and fast food, too. 

Upside is another app where I crush it with restaurant cash back. I refer my friends to Upside to get that money too!

Sign up with our special Upside link to take advantage.


Referral Bonus: Offers vary

Payout Method: Credits toward future purchases

Referral Limit: 10 referrals

How to Earn Bonus: 

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery services out there, and for good reason – they’re practically everywhere! If you haven’t enjoyed the convenience of DoorDash, now’s the time. 

Hungry – for food and referral bonuses? Then sign up through our referral link!


Referral Bonus: $15

Payout Method: Credits toward future purchases

Referral Limit: None stated

How to Earn Bonus: 

Dermstore is an online marketplace that offers over 500 skin care and cosmetic brands and 20,000 products. Be sure to create a Dermstore account to earn points towards future purchases. Also, you can use code SCOTT-REP at check out for 15% off of your first order.

Want beautiful skin at a reasonable price? Then sign up through our referral link!

American Express Everyday Credit Card 

Referral Bonus: 10,000 points

Payout Method: Credit card points

Referral Limit: 55,000 points per calendar year

How to Earn Bonus: 

The American Express Everyday Card offers a lot (no annual fee, a 10,000-point welcome bonus, and a generous referral program) – but let me highlight one perk in particular: the 0% APR for the first 15 months. You can use the card for a major purchase, then avoid interest if you pay your balance off in time. 

Apply through our special link – and if you’re accepted, refer friends to any Amex card to get a bonus!

American Express Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card

Referral Bonus:  20,000 points

Payout Method: Credit card points

Referral Limit: 55,000 points per calendar year

How to Earn Bonus: 

The American Express Marriott Bonvoy credit card saves you 7% on the nightly rate from participating hotels – while earning 6 points for each dollar spent. Savings on top of savings!

Use our link here to get started today.

American Express Cash Magnet Credit Card 

Referral Bonus: $75 – $100 (reports vary)

Payout Method: Statement credit

Referral Limit: $550

How to Earn Bonus: 

The American Express Cash Magnet credit card offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases – plus there’s a 15-month introductory period with 0% APR. 

Use our special link to apply for a card today.

Discover It 

Referral Bonus: $50 – $100

Payout Method: Statement credit

Referral Limit: Varies by individual referral offer

How to Earn Bonus: 

You can earn $20 per referral – more than that, actually – with any of the five Discover It cards. The Discover It Cash Back card is a personal favorite, offering 5% cash back on lots of purchases, and 1% cash back on everything else.

Western Union

Referral Bonus: $20

Payout Method: Amazon gift card

Referral Limit: $300 (15 referrals)

How to Earn Bonus: 

Western Union is a money-transfer service for sending funds around the world. With over 57,000 physical locations in the U.S., the recipient can easily pick up actual cash. It's an easy to earn $20 per referral.


Referral Bonus: $25

Payout Method: Money sent to your card or Payoneer account

Referral Limit: None stated

How to Earn Bonus: 

Payoneer is sort of an all-in-one remote business platform. You can use it to bill clients, pay suppliers, and even manage your cash flow – and your entrepreneur friends will love it, too.  

Common Questions About Refer a Friend Bonuses

How Do I Get Instant Referral Bonus?

You can get an instant (or near-instant) referral bonus by signing up for a credit card, service, or online platform – and then sending a link or promo code to friends. 

Lucrative programs include Chase credit cards, Walmart Plus, and Rakuten. You’ll earn $20 per referral (or more) with all of them!

Find even more referral bonuses at my guide on referral bonus apps.

What App Gives You Money When You Refer a Friend?

You can earn $20 per referral with these popular apps:

Free $20 credit when you sign up

Get $20 credit for signing up (or more!) with:

How Do You Make Money Inviteing Friends?

You can make money by signing up for credit cards or online platforms, then sending friends a promo code or link. You’ll typically get your bonus when your friends start using the service. And it can be pretty lucrative, with some platforms giving $20 per referral. 

Note: Yes, I know I misspelled inviting. It's because real friends don't judge you. They help you earn referral bonuses. And they share their chicken wings. Maybe. Sometimes. Depends.

Sites to Get Referrals?

With these popular sites, you can earn $20 per referral:

Refer a friend for money instantly

All of these pay you instantly when you refer a friend who sign-ups and buys something:

Best-In Class Referral Programs? 

Some of the referral programs include:

What do I love about these programs? They let you earn $20 per referral – or more!

$100 Per Referral?

There are a few ways to earn $100 per referral. ActiveCampaign gives you a $100 Amazon gift card if you get someone to sign up for the “Enterprise Plan” for 60 days. And Upside gives you 1¢ for every gallon of gas your friend buys – which could eventually earn you $100+. 

Earn $10 Per Referral? 

You can learn $10 per referral with lots of services, including Ibotta, a popular cash-back platform. And there are other platforms that pay even more – like Western Union and Walmart Plus, where you can earn $20 per referral.

$25 Per Referral? 

Rakuten, TurboTax, and ActiveCampaign all pay at least $25 per referral – and they’re super helpful platforms, so it shouldn’t be hard to get your friends to sign up! 

Refer a Friend Cash Rewards?

There are many ways to earn cash rewards by referring friends to products or services. 

In fact, you can earn $20 per referral – or more! – with these platforms:

Earn $1 Per Referral?

Earning $1 per referral is definitely possible – but honestly, I’d aim even higher! 

These platforms all pay at least $20 per referral:



1 – https://www.census.gov/retail/mrts/www/data/pdf/ec_current.pdf

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