Jobs That Pay Over $1 Million a Year [2024]

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Jobs that pay over $1 million a year are tough to get. But you’re tough. You’ve got the heart of a lion and you’re ready to soar like an eagle! 

(I’m more like a sleepy sloth. I’ll watch you soar while I chomp on a leaf. Then I’ll take a nap.)

Just kidding. I’m here to help you get those dream jobs that will make you a millionaire!

Less than half a percent (0.5%) of American households earn over $1 million a year.1 Want to join the money earning elite? I’ll show you how.

Top Jobs That Pay Over $1 Million a Year 

Content Creator 

Best for: People who want to make videos, podcasts, blog articles, social media posts, and more


Lindsay Silberman is a luxury lifestyle blogger. Successful bloggers have jobs that pay over $1 million a year. Lindsay earns her millions of dollars from the ads on her site and by selling her own products, such as scented candles.

Photo of Lindsay Silberman, content creator and product maker.
Lindsay Silberman is crushing it. She’s a beauty and travel blogger who went on to start her own company called Hotel Lobby Candle.

Content creator is a great job for men, it’s one of the best business ideas for women, and it’s one of the most profitable online businesses

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Best for: People who want to make their own schedule and make lots of money

What’s great about being an entrepreneur is that you can make over $1 million a year without a college degree, athletic talent, or singing ability. 

You can also be a part-time entrepreneur while working a corporate job.

That’s what Kat Norton AKA Miss Excel did. And in just a couple of years her business is now her job that pays over $1 million a year.

Instagram page for Miss Excel. She has 918k followers.
Miss Excel teaches students how to use Microsoft Excel so they can be more productive at their job. She earns millions of dollars for this instruction. 

Miss Excel is so successful, Kat was able to buy her dream home, all while working only about 20 hours per week.

Miss Excel in a pool at her home in Sedona, AZ.
Miss Excel is a brilliant entrepreneur who combines education with entertainment.
Source: Kat Norton

How does Miss Excel make money? Courses. 

Her main revenue source to get to over a million dollars a year is by selling instructional courses. You can sell your own courses on Skool, Thinkific, or Teachable.

What topic do you know well? You can record videos and sell access to them. You can teach people how to cook healthier meals, travel on a budget, teach their old dog new tricks, play the guitar, or conduct brain surgery without a license.

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Real Estate Agent / Broker

Best for: people who enjoy sales, marketing, and real estate.

The best real estate agents have jobs that pay over $1 million a year. But most realtors earn about $60,000 per year. 

extra pointExtra Point: Too many people go into real estate because they think they’re “good talkers.” Sorry, no. Yes, that helps, but you’ll need actual training in sales and especially marketing.

To make over 1 million dollars a year as a real estate agent, you’ll need to help sell and buy lots of expensive properties for your clients. Here are examples:

Three real estate agents with jobs that pay over $1 million a year. Each is listed as having at least 15 years of experience.
These real estate agents have jobs that pay over $1 million a year. They are highly skilled and have many years of experience.

To become a real estate agent, check out this course to learn if it’s right for you: Fast Track to Getting Started in Real Estate.

E-commerce Business Owner 

Best for: People who have their own product to sell or want to sell products supplied by other companies


Nicole Wegman started her own e-commerce business called Ring Concierge. She earns over 1 million dollars a year (which, if you do the math, is just like how to make $20,000 dollars a week).

Photo of Nicole Wegman. She’s wearing 6 rings, 3 bracelets, 2 earrings, and is ready to sell you jewelry on her website.
Nicole Wegman’s e-commerce business, Ring Concierge, that makes personalized engagement rings and more.

You can sell your own products on Shopify.

If you have ideas and artistic talent, you can design your own patterns and logos for the products and use cost-effective websites to customize the products in bulk, such as Custom Pens, which can be used for daily writing as well as souvenirs.

CEO / Corporate Executive 

Best for: Leaders, communicators, visionaries. 

Typically, CEOs have many years of successful experience in their industry. They’ve made a name for themselves. The other type of CEO is the founder of a business.


  • S.J. Squeri is CEO of American Express and earns about $48 million a year
  • Mark Begor is CEO of Equifax and earns about $37 million a year.
  • Shantanu Narayen is CEO of Adobe and earns about $32 million dollars a year2

Software Developer 

Best for: Coders who also have an appetite for business

Software developers create computer programs and apps.  

The typical software developer jobs pays between $100,000 and $160,000. To earn $1 million a year in this job, you’ll need to create your own business with your skills.

If you create a best-selling app or business software, you can earn over $1 million dollars a year.

Hedge Fund Manager 

Best for: humans who are outstanding researchers, analysts, and communicators

Hedge fund managers make investment choices for their clients. 

Most Hedge Fund Managers have earned a University degree, they’re certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and they have over 10 years of outstanding investment experience. 

Hedge fund manager jobs that pay over $1 million a year are available for brilliant investors. In fact, there are hedge fund managers who earn billions of dollars a year.

Pro Athlete 

Best for: People who can combine their natural athletic ability with an incredible work ethic

I was gonna turn pro. But during a game, the ball came speeding straight towards my head. The white ball left a red welt on my forehead. ​​I was never the same. My ping pong career was over.

But don’t let that stop YOU.

Sure, we all know that pro NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS players make incredibly high salaries. But did you know that the best athletes in these sports have jobs that pay over $1 million a year?

  • Formula 1 Racers
  • PGA Golfers
  • Volleyball players
  • Tennis players

Law Firm Partner

Best for: Attorneys who want to build a law business 

Law partner is more than a lawyer job. A law firm partner is an attorney who owns part of the firm. This person’s job is to increase revenue. Typically, as a law firm partner, you also help run the law firm in addition to practicing law.

Law firm partners average 1.12 million a year.3

Law firm partner jobs that pay over $1 million a year typically require advanced education, such as a law degree.


Best for: Singers, Musicians, Rappers, Funny People, Dancers, talk show hosts

Did you know that the most popular stand-up comedians have jobs that pay over $1 million a year.4

Examples of millions made just from tours (doesn’t even count merchandise and streaming deals!):

  • Kevin Hart – $67.5 million a year
  • Dave Chappelle – $36.6 million a year
  • Bert Kreischer – $32.9 million a year

Matt Rife hit it big on TikTok and now his comedian job pays over $1 million dollars a year.

Black and white photo of Matt Rife holding a microphone. His hair is tussled. His shirt is missing.
Comedian Matt Rife blew up on TikTok and now he’s paid over $1 million dollars a year.

As an entertainer, you’re missing out if you don’t market yourself on social media, your website, and email list.

You can easily create a website using Squarespace. Set-up an email list with ConvertKit to communicate with your fans. This is important because social media algorithms can block your posts, but email won’t.

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You might not consider a company spokesperson to be an entertainer, but they kind of are. For example, Flo from Progressive has one of the best jobs that pays over $1 million dollars a year.

Popular game show hosts have jobs that pay over $1 million a year. Ken Jennings, the host of Jeopardy earns over $1 million dollars per year.

Common Questions About Jobs That Pay Over $1 Million a Year 

What Jobs Pay $1 Million Per Year? 

To make $1 million per year, you’ll need to be one of the best in the world as a:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Entertainer
  • Law Firm Partner
  • Pro Athlete
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Software Developer 
  • E-commerce Business Owner
  • Content Creator

What Job Makes The Most Millionaires? 

Business owner is the job or career that makes the most millionaires. A job in sales, such as real estate or SaaS (Software as a Service) can also make you a millionaire after several successful years. The investment field can also make you a millionaire. Certain surgeons can also become millionaires. 

How to Make $1 Million a Year? 

To make $1 million a year, be the best in the world in your field. And be sure you choose a lucrative field such as owning your own business, investing, real estate sales, entertainment, or sports.

Billionaire Jobs? 

The very best entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and investors have jobs that make them billionaires.

Jobs That Pay Half a Million a Year?

Lots of jobs pay half a million a year such as

$1 Million Salary Per Month?

Jobs that pay $1 million salary per month include entrepreneur/business owner, content creator, and e-commerce business owner. Check out this article on jobs that pay 1 million dollars a month.



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