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I know how to make 50k a month because my friends have done it. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have made 50k in a month myself. 

And I’ve met many other businesspeople who have cracked the 50k a month level.

Is it easy? No. Many brain surgeons don’t even make 50k a month.

Is it possible? Heck yeah! If you can follow a plan you can make $50,000 a month without a college degree.


I will reveal the secrets of how to make 50k in a month, month after month. But I’ll be real. You have to really want it. 

First, I want to teach you a new word. It’s Japanese wisdom. Ikigai.

Ikigai is your “reason for being.”

When you find YOUR Ikigai (reason for being) making 50k a month gets a lot easier. I’ll show you how to find it.

Japanese wisdom chart known as "Ikigai," or a person's "reason for being."
Ikigai is how to make 50k a month. It’s the sweet spot of doing what you love, what you’re great at, and what pays 50k a month.

Here’s the simple version of Ikigai:

1 – Do what you love to do, AND

2 – It’s something you can be GREAT at, AND,

3 – It’s something that pays well

For example, I love to eat barbecue chicken wings, and I am pretty darn great at it. However, this doesn’t pay 50k a month. (Unless I become a chicken wing influencer. Hmmm… new career path!)

I’ll list the ways how to make 50k a month. You decide which way might be something you can be great at. And if that same way is something you’d really enjoy doing.

How To Make 50k a Month / How To Make $50,000 Monthly 

Sell Courses That You Teach

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year, 50k a month is very possible

Should you sell a course?

Here’s what you need:

  • Ability to make videos
  • Knowledge of a topic
  • Passion to help your students

Dave Tran makes money with his online courses teaching guitar.

YouTube music instructor, Dave Tran.
Dave Tran uploads free instructional videos to YouTube to gain fans. Then, many of those fans become paid students for his full courses.

Dave Tran uses Thinkific as his online course platform.

I also like Teachable and LearnWorlds as places to host your online courses.

Hint: If you don’t know what to teach, find a talented person. Partner with them. They will teach and you will do the business work. You don’t have to run a business by yourself!

Create an eCommerce Store / Online Store

Earnings Potential: 50k a month, 100k a month, or much more

What’s an eCommerce store? Simple.,, Etsy. Those famous ecommerce stores are worth billions of dollars. 

But you see successful small independent shops in your neighborhood.

You’ll own an independent shop for your topic on the internet. 

And yes, that’s a legit way how to make 50k a month.

You can make an online store selling products you make yourself. Or products you design and have manufactured by someone else. Or you can sell products made by other companies.

For example, Amazon sells its own brand of products as well as products from companies like Apple and New Balance.

Popular products to sell online include clothes, jewelry, artwork, and toys. Check out Jungle Scout to start selling on Amazon.

To make 50k a month, you’ll need lots of people to come to your e-commerce site. 

You can accomplish this by 

  • having a following on social media or 
  • buying ads, or 
  • having a product that’s so special that people can’t help but spread the word about it for you!

But act fast, because I had a brilliant idea for a romantic candle for men that smells like breakfast. And now they actually do make scented candles that smell like bacon! Dang it!

Shopify and Squarespace are Sellfy are proven and affordable ecommerce platforms. Build your store with one of those.

Online jewelry store owner, Camille Brinch.
Camille Brinch makes much more than 50k a month (actually double that!) with her online jewelry store powered by Shopify.

Another ecommerce store success is Denise Woodard. She founded Partake Foods which earns much more than 50k a month.

Partake Foods owner, Denise Woodard.
Denise Woodard created Partake Foods to help parents of kids with food allergies, like her daughter.

Denise says she was rejected by over 80 investors. But now she’s a sparkling success! And they feel like idiotic idiots with idiot syndrome. 

I told you it’s not easy. But if you’re determined, you can make 50000 a month.

And I’ll tell you one of Denise’s secrets for how to make 50k a month. She reveals, “I think I underestimated email, which doesn't cost us very much money. For us, it's been the most valuable channel from a digital perspective.”

Hint: ConvertKit makes it super easy to email customers. Try it.

Email marketing is what I’m always telling everyone. Your email list is an incredibly valuable asset. That’s because Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, SEO, Twitter, and whatever the new hot app is, can and WILL change their algorithm. They can bury you.

So, use these platforms to find your customers. But KEEP your customers by earning their email addresses. Then, you can message them whenever you want.

Start a Blog 

Earnings Potential: $50,000 per month or much more while working remotely

I’ve worked for 3 different people who earned 50k a month or more as a blogger. There are two main ways to blog and make 50k a month:

  • Attract a huge audience of millions of people per month, or
  • Create a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands who are interested in products or services that have a high profit margin.

Ideally, your blog topic would be something 

  • you enjoy writing about
  • You can explain well (your friends always ask you questions about the topic)
  • Involves products you can sell or courses you can create

For example, I worked for a travel blogger who made millions of dollars blogging. The “products” sold were travel credit cards, flights, hotel stays, luggage, etc. 

This is called affiliate marketing. You’re selling products from brands.

For example, if you run a fashion blog, you’d want to read my Louis Vuitton affiliate program review and Farfetch affiliate program review. Or if you run a blog about electronic gadgets, appliances, or phones, you’d want to see my Samsung affiliate program review

Lauryn Bosstick has a successful blog called The Skinny Confidential. She monetizes her blog by selling products that relate to her topics of wellness and beauty.

E-commerce store, The Skinny Confidential, and its founder, Lauryn Bosstick.
The Skinny Confidential blog educates readers while making money by selling products. These products help readers achieve their goals of being healthier and feeling good about themselves.

Another successful blog is Binging With Babish by Andrew Rea. His blog focuses on fun recipes.

Andrew Rea's blog recipe for "The Every Burger Inspired by Rick and Morty."
Andrew Rea knows how to make 50k a month with a blog. He monetizes by selling cookware and books.

He blogs using Squarespace.

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for women and men and couples. I worked for a couple who sold their blog for millions of dollars. They consistently earned much more than 50k a month for years. Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses

Here are my selections for the 

Once you have a blog, you’ll want to message your fans about new posts and deals. Use  ConvertKit. It’s easy, affordable, and does everything you need as a blogger.

If you’re working remotely, consider the best VPN services. And see my best small business firewall review.

And if you hire a team to help with your blog, learn about remote employee training.

Blogging is an outstanding business to start with 10k or less.

Bloggers need to grow their audience and revenue. Learn how to make money on Pinterest and how to make money on Facebook.

Flip Stuff / Retail Arbitrage 

Earnings Potential: 50k a month if you’re among the best

Flipping for profit is a skill. If you try to flip low-cost items, you’ll need to do a lot of volume. Most resellers think about flipping action figures, sneakers, and video games. Use Decluttr for that. And I answer the question, “Is it worth selling on eBay?”

But if you want to know how to make 50k in a month, you have to think a lot bigger.

Think about really expensive items like

You might have luck hitting up pawn shops for diamond jewelry and Rolex watches (be sure you avoid fakes!) and flipping them on Worthy. Here’s my Worthy review.

To make serious money, I really like flipping websites as a way how to make 50k a month. You’ll need to find a website with a valuable audience being sold by someone who is 

  • Retiring, or
  • Wanting to sell to focus on another project, or
  • Has reached the maximum revenue they can but feels stuck at that level.

I like the 3rd scenario best. Because they’ll tell you the real problem with the business, if you think you can solve that problem, you can make a lot of money.

Extra Point: Another powerful strategy is to buy a few websites on the same topic. Then, you can cross-promote to make each one bigger. You can use that large combined audience to demand higher payouts from your advertisers.

Then, you can flip this portfolio of websites to a big corporation.

Check out my article What Flips to learn more.

Start a YouTube Channel 

Earnings Potential: 50k per month or much more 

No. You can’t just make some videos and slap YouTube’s ads on there and expect that’s how to make 50k a month (unless you become Mr. Beast-level famous). 

And let’s face it. Whether you like Mr. Beast or not, he’s one of the best entertainers of all-time.

$50,000 a month is a lot of freakin’ money. So you have to think big. An example is Senpai. I’ll embed a YouTube video interview with him below. But the most important takeaway is this:

1 – Solve a major problem for your audience.

2 – Sell them that solution

Senpai realized that creators need royalty-free music for their videos. So he made that for them. Sounds simple, but no one else was doing it well.

Sometimes, your solution will be a course that you sell on Teachable, Thinkific, or Skool

Or it could be coaching. Fitness instructors, relationship coaches, life coaches, career experts, business experts, and personal finance experts all sell coaching sessions. 

You can also promote products from companies you trust. Whenever an audience member buys that product, you get paid. This is called affiliate marketing.

A very simple version of affiliate marketing that anyone can start immediately is to promote referral bonus apps or earn 20 dollars per referral.

Here’s the interview:

Top YouTube tools to help you get to 50k a month:

If you’re attractive in your face region, you have an advantage on YouTube. Here’s how to make money as an attractive male. And how to make money as an attractive female.

Sell Coaching / Consulting Services 

Earnings Potential: 50k a month or more

The way how to make 50k a month with consulting services is to help people who have money, make even more money.

You can make a nice income by coaching regular people to do regular things like get in shape or eat healthier. But if you want to make 50k a month without having millions of followers, you’ll need to coach business leaders or rich people.

Here are examples of business consultants on Upwork:

Upwork profile of Justin M., a management consultant who has earned over $200K.
The Upwork profile of Chadd C., a business strategist who has earned over $200K.
The Upwork profile of Alex M., a startup advisor who has earned over $200K.

If you’ve already built a successful business or if you’ve worked for a big corporation, you can sell your expertise. 

For someone to pay you $150 per hour or $300 per hour, you’ll need to help that person or company make a lot of money, save a lot of money, or solve a super important life problem.

You can list your consulting services on Upwork.

You can sell your services with the best webinar software.

It’d also be smart to write a blog, create an email list with ConvertKit, and be a guest of relevant podcasts to promote your consulting services.

You can list your coaching service on LearnWorlds or Teachable.

Coaching and consulting are low-cost business ideas with high profit


Earnings Potential: 50k a month up to billions of dollars

There are many different types of investing. The way how to make 50k a month investing is to work for a company that invests people’s money or have a lot of your own money to invest.

This is the best Udemy course that teaches you how to become an investment banker with the goal of making 50k a month: The Complete Investment Banking Course

Another way how to make 50k a month is to become a hedge fund manager. 

certification as a chartered financial analyst (CFA). It also helps if you have 10 years of investment experience making a lot of money for clients.

There are hedge fund managers who are worth billions of dollars.

Otherwise, consider investing to be just one of your income streams to reach 50k a month. Get started with 3 investing platforms:

  • Acorns – no brainer easy. Get $20 when you sign up through my link. This is a must-do for beginner investors. Read my Betterment vs Acorns article.
  • Fundrise – for beginner real estate investors
  • EquityMultiple real estate investors with 10k to invest

These are really easy.

Investing is a great way how to turn 10k into 100k. And how to double 10k quickly

I’ve made a lot of money by making simple long-term investments.

I also highly encourage you to do the following:

  • If you have a job that offers a 401(k) match, take that free money!

    If you have to invest 3% to get an additional 3% for the love of mac n cheese, you gotta do it! Do NOT turn down free money from your employer. That’s just dumb.

    I admit I was dumb. But then I smartened up, and now I’m so rich that I can stand in front of someone else’s Ferrari.
  • If you have access to an HSA (Health Savings Account), put money in it.

    It’s an investment that helps save money on taxes, and you can use it for just about any medical expense, from dentist bills to prescriptions.

    If you don’t use the money and change jobs, you still keep the HSA forever and your investment grows bigger.

    You have access to an HSA if you have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).
  • If you have extra money doing nothing but sitting in your checking account, either invest it in your business or stick it in a high-yield savings account like CIT Bank. They’re great.

    You’re losing money if you fail to do this.
  • If you want investment money to spend before age 59 ½, consider throwing it into a safe ETF like VTSAX or VGT. 

Note: This is not financial advice. I’m just a guy who is good with money. Do what makes sense for you. Please just don’t lose money by skipping the easy moves.

Entertainers and Professional Athletes 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year. 50k a month is normal for top entertainers as well as athletes in major sports like MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and more.

Gymnast and content creator, Olivia Dunne.
Olivia Dunne is said to be worth millions of dollars. Dunne earns much more than 50k a month from sponsored posts on her social media. She shot to fame as a gymnast.

The most popular stand-up comedians earn a million dollars a year.

Every entertainer should have a website and email list, in addition to their social media accounts if they’re serious about making $50,000 a month.

If you can build a loyal audience, you’ll find a way how to make 50k a month. Here’s how to make money as an independent artist.

Check this out if you’re wondering how do rappers make money?

Build an App

Earnings Potential: 50k a month or much more 

Kevin Systrom and Michel Krieger are a couple of engineers. Never heard of them? 

They founded Instagram. They sold the app to Facebook for $1 billion dollars.

Ever hear of Alex Quilici? He founded an app to help entrepreneurs quickly reply to voicemails. He sold it 18 months later for $200 million dollars.

How about Alex Tew? He founded the Calm app. The Calm app has been valued at $2 billion dollars.

Most apps don’t make 50k a month, but there sure are a good amount of winners that do. Being an online business person is a proven path to wealth.

If you need startup money, here’s how to borrow money. Consider a loan with Lendio or Lenme

Here are the

To protect your business, it’s better to make it an LLC. Get started with ZenBusiness or read my article on the best LLC service

After your app is a success, you’ll have an online business for sale.

Sell it to make millions of dollars and retire to the peaceful mountains of Bhutan. Or Tulsa. I hear Tulsa’s nice.

Law Firm Partner

Earnings Potential: Law firm partners make an average of $1.12 million a year.5 That’s more than double 50k a month.

What is a law firm partner? This is an attorney with part-ownership of the law firm. A law firm partner increases revenue, runs the law firm, and practices law.

Common Questions About How To Make 50k a Month 

How Can I Make 50k Fast? 

Here’s how to make 50k in a month: exploit your best talent. No, not that one. The other one. Here are your options:


Is 50k a Month a lot?

Yes, if you know how to make 50k a month, your earnings put you in the top 5% of people in the U.S. That means if you earn 50k a month, you know how to make more money than 95% of Americans.

How To Make 50k a Month Without a Job? 

Here’s how to make 50k a month without a job – start a business or become an investor. Proven methods:

How To Make 50k a Month Online? 

Here’s how to make money online for beginners. And here’s how to make money on Audible

One way how to make 50k a month is to build a small team of great workers. Then, it might be helpful to get the best org chart software.

How To Make 50k a Month From Home? 

  • Blog from home – use Squarespace or Bluehost.
  • Teach an online video course – use Teachable.
  • Flip items for profit online – see What Flips.
  • Work from home doing high-paying online jobs with Upwork.
  • Sell your own products online using Shopify.
  • Be a popular YouTube Channel host and make 30k a month from advertising.
  • Be an affiliate marketer from home
  • Be a popular podcaster out of your house
  • Be an online investor – use Acorns ($20 when you sign-up through my link). For real estate, use EquityMultiple or Fundrise.
  • Create an app
  • Become an online entertainer or influencer

How To Make 50k a Month on Amazon? 

  • Start a blog on Squarespace or Bluehost, then become an Amazon affiliate to promote products your audience wants.
  • Retail arbitrage, AKA flip items you get cheaply for a big profit on Amazon – see What Flips.
  • Use Amazon Handmade to sell your products like jewelry.
  • Sell through Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). 
  • Use Merch by Amazon to sell POD (Print on Demand) items – This is similar to Printify, Gelato, and Redbubble (read: Is Redbubble Legit?).

Jobs That Pay 50k a Month? 

  • Law firm partner – earn $50,000 a month or even double that.
  • Top surgeons can sometimes make 50000 a month or more.
  • Investor – use Acorns ($20 when you sign-up through my link), and for real estate, use EquityMultiple or Fundrise.
  • Hedge fund manager is a job that can make 50k a month or even 10 times that.
  • Being an entertainer, influencer, actor, singer, or comedian are all ways how to make 50k a month.
  • Blogging can be a job that pays 50k a month – use Squarespace or Bluehost for your blog.
  • Sell an online course that you create is a job that can make 50k a month – use Teachable. This can be passive income because you can sell the same course for years
  • Flipping items is a job that can pay 50k a month – Learn what flips.
  • Online freelance jobs on Upwork.
  • Selling your own products (e-commerce), check out Shopify.
  • YouTube Channel host, if you’re very popular.
  • Affiliate marketing (when you own the business – check out ZenBusiness to set up your own LLC).
  • Podcasting (must have an audience of hundreds of thousands).



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