How to Make Money Fast [2024] Easy Ways to Get Money

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How to make money fast? This question has plagued society since the days of Julius Caesar, who complained how hard it was to conquer and conquest. He said, “Dang, Brutus. There must be some easy ways to get money.” 

According to the most recent Federal Reserve survey, financial well-being fell sharply last year and was “among the lowest observed in 7 years.” And 37% of adults (nearly 4 in 10!) said they don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.1

Try these easy ways to get money fast:

How to Make Money Fast 

Flip Stuff

How Long it Takes to Make Money: Same day is possible

Earnings Potential: Unlimited, depending on what you flip!

Requirements to Start: Money to buy the item, knowledge of its true worth

Knowing what flips can make you fast cash. 

Basically, if you’re looking for how to make money fast with flipping, you find something priced cheaper than it should be. You buy it. Then you flip it (sell it) to someone else for a higher price. 

Sometimes your value is in finding the hard-to-get item. Other times your value is fixing up the product or cleaning it.

Flipping houses is NOT fast, but can be very profitable. Flipping collectibles can be fun and fast money if you know where to find things like Beanie Babies, vinyl records, comic books, rare coins, baseball cards, Pokemon GO cards, dolls, toys, stamps, etc.

I have a friend who used to go to flea markets in his town, hunting for cool stuff to flip. He flipped everything from antique furniture to clothes.

Flipping items is one of those fun hobbies to make money that people do as a side hustle.

This is how to make money fast for people who can spot undervalued itemsYou must know which items are worth money and which aren’t
Flexible schedule

Flipping stuff (reselling) is a really fun low cost business idea with high profit.

Earn Referral Bonuses

How Long it Takes to Make Money: With some apps paid instantly, other apps take a few months to pay

Earnings Potential: $20 a day or more, some people make $1000s with referral bonuses

Requirements to Start: An audience of people, such as your social media followers or friends who are interested in the apps

This is how to make money fast in a really easy way. For instance, I love using the Rakuten browser extension (it’s also an app!) to get cash back at restaurants and online shopping. When I refer people with my Rakuten code, they get cash back instantly in their account, and I get paid for referring them. Now that’s how to make money fast!

The app is free, too. So it’s really easy to refer people to earn the bonus.

A similar cash back app is Upside. I use it. It’s free. I get money fast. The people I refer get money fast at restaurants and gas stations.

Here’s my list of referral bonus apps. And here’s my list of apps to earn $20 per referral.

Easy way to get money by promoting apps and products you likeTo make big money, you need an audience of more than just your mom and your Aunt Rose’s fluffy dog, Hershey
Flexible schedule

Teach What You Know

How Long it Takes to Make Money: Depends on how fast you can record video lessons

Earnings Potential: Popular online teachers make six figures

Requirements to Start: Knowledge of a topic such as baking, crushing a certain video game, playing a musical instrument, speaking a foreign language, how to draw, algebra, advanced hairstyle styling, etc.

If you think you’re good at explaining things, this is a terrific way to make money fast. As far as easy ways to make money go, it’s not the easiest, EXCEPT once you’ve made a popular course. Then it’s actually the easiest on the list.

The reason is because once your course is created, it becomes a source of passive income. I have a friend who made a video course and made money from it for five years without any updates to it. The course kept earning great reviews, so more people signed up to pay to watch his educational videos.

You can teach what you know on learning platforms such as 

Teaching online is actually a smart way how to make 10k a month

Make money teaching something you loveIt’s not the fastest way to make money because you need to record classes
Build a community. That’s cool
Once your course is created, it’s the easiest way to make money because it’s passive income as new students buy your course year after year

Freelance Writing

How Long it Takes to Make Money: I hire freelance writers, and I pay them weekly. Other sites might pay you monthly.

Earnings Potential: You can make 100k or more if you’re willing to hustle! I know a woman who makes $250,000 per year with freelance writing!

Requirements to Start: Being a good researcher, you’re OK working by yourself remotely

If you’re good at researching stuff on the internet or you have a passion for certain topics, such as antique tweezers used by the wives of British monarchs, you can be a freelance writer. You can improve your writing skills with a course like Freelance Writing 101, which is taught by a professional freelance writer.

Freelance writing isn’t how to make money fast if you’re a person who needs to be around other people all day or if you’re not curious about various topics.

However, if you’re a bit of an introvert and you enjoy learning about different subjects and writing, freelance writing can be one of the best easy ways to get money.

Work from home remotelyWriting is a great way to make money fast for people who are mostly introverts. Extroverts might have trouble being in front of a screen during the day instead of out frolicking with, uh, frolickers. 
Make your own schedule 
This can pay really well. Some make 100k a year.

Sell Stuff on Pinterest

How Long it Takes to Make Money: Fast money if you already have stuff to sell

Earnings Potential: unlimited, depending on the popularity of your products 

Requirements to Start: Products or stuff to sell

On Pinterest you can sell things you make with 3D printing software, promote your educational course on a platform like Teachable or promote your Shopify store through Pinterest.

Check out my article, How to Make Money on Pinterest.

It’s one of the easy ways to make moneyYou need to build an audience and become pretty good at Pinterest

Rent Out Extra Space

How Long it Takes to Make Money: You can make money instantly

Earnings Potential:  $10,000 per year

Requirements to Start: Space, duh.

Using an app like Neighbor, you can make $100 per month, $500 per month, or even $1,000 per month by renting out your space for storage.

You list your space, such as your garage, driveway, storage shed, or that dusty spot under your bed, and people will pay you to allow them to keep their crap important stuff on your property.

This is a ridiculously easy way to get moneyYou need to allow people into your garage, shed, or storage unit when those people want their stuff
This is how to make money fast, simply let people store their items in your placeYou’ll have less space to put your own stuff. But that could be motivation to sell your stuff that you don’t really use. That makes you more money fast. Boom. 
No start-up costs at all

Common Questions About How to Make Money Fast 

Easy Ways to Make Money? 

  • Earn referral bonuses – Refer free cash back apps like Rakuten. Here’s my list of referral bonus apps
  • Flip stuff like buying and selling collectibles. Here’s a list of What Flips.
  • Rent out your space to people who want to store things there using Neighbor.
  • Be a freelance writer. Check out this course
  • Selling stuff through Pinterest is one of the easy ways to make money.
  • Create a course – teach people cool skills like baking, how to fix motorcycles, or how to travel cheaply to the beautiful nation of Bhutan.  Check out teaching platforms like Teachable.

How to Get Money Fast? 

  • Get money fast with referral bonuses – Promote free apps like Rakuten. Check out these cool referral bonus apps
  • Flip stuff – buy clothes, sneakers, cards, or antique tweezers from King Henry the VIII’s 3rd wife and resell them to collectors willing to pay big bucks fast. Here’s a list of What Flips.
  • Recycle cans for a nickel. No, that sucks. Instead, rent out your extra space to people who want to store things. Use this app called Neighbor.
  • Write about topics and sell your articles to blogs. This is called freelance writing. Check out this pro course. 
  • Get money fast by selling stuff on Pinterest. Here’s how to make money on Pinterest.
  • Create a course – teach people about your favorite topic, such as how to beat King Hippo in Mike Tyson’s PunchOut video game. Check out teaching platforms like Teachable.

How to Raise Money Fast? 

  • Raise money fast by earning referral bonuses – Get sign-up bonus money fast from apps like Rakuten. Here are the best referral bonus apps
  • Flip stuff to raise money. Sell your stuff. Buy other people’s stuff and sell that for a higher price to people who can’t find that stuff in their local area.  Here’s a list of What Flips to raise money.
  • Some people have so much stuff, they run out of room to store it. Their house is overflowing. They need your space. Charge them for it with an app like Neighbor.
  • Freelance writing is a way for people who like to write to raise money fast. Check out this course. 
  • You can raise money fast on Pinterest. Here’s how to make money on Pinterest.
  • Create a course to raise money – teach people things they want to learn such as how to be more romantic, how to fix their broken iPhone screen, or how to romantically fix their broken iPhone screen like it’s a broken heart. Check out teaching platforms like Teachable.
  • Or, borrow money.

How to Make Extra Money? 

Here’s how to make 10k a month. Only need to make a bit of extra money fast? Try these:

How Do I Make Money Right Now ASAP? 

  • Referral bonuses: Make money right now ASAP by telling people to download free apps like Rakuten. Explore the best referral bonus apps, ASAP. 
  • Flip items: Discover profitable flipping opportunities to make money ASAP.
  • Rent storage space: Generate money right now by offering storage space to people who need it ASAP. Use the Neighbor app.
  • Boost your immediate earnings with freelance writing. Take this course. 
  • Pinterest money-making: Learn how to earn extra income on Pinterest
  • Online teaching: Create and sell courses online using video platforms like Teachable.
  • Sell your soul to a vampire. Hint: Don’t do that for under $1,000.

Can I Make $100 a Day? 

  • Referral bonuses can make $100 a day. – promote free apps like Rakuten. See the best referral bonus apps
  • Flip items for $100 a day or a lot more. Here’s What Flips
  • With Freelance writing you can make $100 a day or a lot more! Take this course. No college degree required!
  • Can I make $100 a day on Pinterest? Yup. Learn how to make money on Pinterest.
  • Online teaching is a way to make $100 a day. I’ve done this personally. You can create and sell courses online using teaching platforms like Teachable.

How to Make $1,000 in a Week ASAP?  

How Can I Make Big Money Fast? 

  • Flip expensive items like rare collectibles. This can be anything from designer sneakers to cards. Here’s What Flips
  • Rent out your space: Use the Neighbor app.
  • Start a business.

Here’s how to get a startup business loan with no money. You can make big money fast when you start a business. You might need one of the best small business loans for that. Or check out the best ways to borrow money. But realistically, a business takes a while to make big money, but it’s worth it. 

Some businesses can make money immediately, such as some content producers who are awesome at building an audience. Typically this involves pictures of puppies. Or bouncy sweater puppies. Hint: Don’t show your sweater puppies. Start a legit business! Sell cute little sweaters to bouncy frolicking puppies named Hershey instead. Julius Caesar would approve.

Here’s how to turn 10k into 100k. Here are ideas of what business to start with 10k.


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