Temu Affiliate Program Review [2024] Pros and Cons

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The Temu website looks like a unicorn barfed glitter on a clown. 

But I have to admit – they have crazy good deals. And that’s why shoppers love Temu. So you can definitely make money with the Temu affiliate program. 

However, it’s not all roses atop that colorful vomit from the mythical horned white horse.

In my Temu affiliate program review, I’ll give you a killer strategy to maximize your Temu affiliate commissions to the full 20%.

  • Step one if you’re serious is to download the Temu app. You have to see what your customers / followers will see. (It’s a free app of course.)
  • Step two is to signup for the Temu affiliate program. If you’re not sure yet, keep reading. Or just do it now before you get distracted because it’s free. Then read on for my money making tips.

What Is the Temu Affiliate Program?

Warning: I do think the Temu affiliate program is really good. I mean, they pay up to 5X the commission Amazon pays. So will Temu keep paying up to 20% to affiliate marketers like us?

Hmm… I’m saying get in while it’s good. Make that money while they’re paying big commissions. Don’t miss out. It’s worth a shot because it’s fast and easy to start.

The Temu affiliate program is a way to earn easy money by sharing your code or link. 

A big fluffy dog bed with a yellow Labrador puppy sitting on it for sale on Temu.
When you post your Temu affiliate link for products like this dog bed, you earn a commission when someone buys it. 

When you sign up for the program, Temu will give you a link and code. Then you’ll invite people to shop with Temu through your special link or using your code. When those people download the Temu app and buy things, you’ll get paid.

You get paid real money, not in stupid gift cards or credits or that nonsense. This is a legit affiliate program.

This is called affiliate marketing. You can learn about a similar opportunity with my

E-commerce sales reached 1.831 trillion dollars last year.1 If you don’t at least try to promote Temu products, are you really trying to make money online?

But what is Temu, anyway? Here’s the Temu Super Bowl commercial:

Temu is an online retailer that sells practically everything – from clothes to musical instruments. You can think of it as a “mini Amazon.” 

Except, the Amazon affiliate program pays a tiny 1% or 4% depending on the type of product. The Temu affiliate program STARTS at 5% and goes up to a whopping 20%. I love it when money-making opportunities are whopping. 

Influencer Courtney Cox showing her Temu haul on TikTok.
Fashion influencer Courtney Cox promotes both Temu and LTK on TikTok by showing her hauls.2

Temu specializes in shipping things directly from suppliers and manufacturers, which helps make the products cheaper. Think of Temu as a wholesaler.

Sounds good, right? That means you should have no trouble getting people to use your affiliate code or link. 

Is The Temu Affiliate Program Legit / Is Being a Temu Affiliate Legit?

The Temu affiliate program is legit. What makes me so sure it’s legitimate? First of all, the Temu Affiliate Program also has over 300,000 members. 

And there’s the fact that consumers generally love Temu. Just check out these ratings for the Temu mobile app:

Temu is a company that does right by its customers – so they’re likely to do right by their affiliates, too. 

It doesn’t hurt to try the Temu affiliate program. I like the clean interface. I think the Temu affiliate program site actually looks ways better than their websites for customers!

A $7 balance on a Temu affiliate account.
The Temu affiliate program is easy to use. It’s easy to see how much money you’re making.

Is The Temu Affiliate Program Worth It / Is It Worth Being a Temu Affiliate?

Here’s the verdict of this Temu Affiliate Program review: It’s worth it for almost anyone. Why? Because it’s totally free and it offers generous terms.

With Temu, affiliates can earn “download rewards” of $5 and commissions of up to 20%. 

Let’s say you’re a “laidback” affiliate – you know, the type who doesn’t make a living from affiliate marketing, but uses the occasional social media post to share links or codes with friends. With a few basic posts, you could end up making decent money.

Now, let’s imagine you’re a hardcore affiliate trying to earn a real living. 

Temu itself encourages you to share your Temu affiliate link on 

  • Coupon sites
  • Facebook groups
  • Content sites like Reddit, Quora, Medium

If you share your Temu link or code with your readers, followers, or fans, you could rake in thousands. 

I love raking in thousands of dollars! And hoeing in hundreds. Oh wait, that’s a different article: how to make money on OnlyFans.

To beef up your online business, check out this article on how to make money online for beginners.

Is there anyone who should NOT use the Temu Affiliate Program? Only someone who doesn’t have a single person they could share their link or code with. That’s sad. I’m sorry. I’ll be your friend. Unless the reason you have no friends is because you insult their ugly knees. I’m sensitive about my rhinoceros-looking knees!

But really, it’s super fast to sign up. And it only takes one person downloading the app with your link for you to make money. 

How Does Temu Affiliate Program Work? 

Want to know why this Temu Affiliate Program review is overwhelmingly positive? It’s partly because using the program is so freakin’ easy!

Here’s how the Temu Affiliate Program works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Join the Temu Affiliate Program. Head to the “Affiliate Program” page on the official Temu website, then click “Get Started – Free.” You can join through your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts, or just give them your email or phone number to register. 
  1. Share your Temu link / Temu code. There are a million ways to do this. You could start small just by sharing the link or code with your family and friends. But to bring things to the next level, try including the link in newsletters, blog posts, product reviews, web pages, social media posts, and other types of content. That’s how you could make thousands of dollars.
  1. Earn your commission. When people download the Temu app or shop through the platform, you’ll get a share of the profits. Oh, and you don’t have to do anything! Just share that link and then watch the money pour in. Passive income, baby!

Lots of companies have an affiliate program, but they’re not all as generous as this one. With the Temu Affiliate Program, you earn $5 as a “download reward” and a commission of up to 20%. 

So let’s say you make an Instagram post that contains your Temu affiliate link. If someone clicks that link, downloads the Temu mobile app, and then spends $100 through the platform, you could end up with $25 (from the $5 download reward and the $20 commission). 

Now imagine 500 people click the link and spend $100. You’re looking at a profit of $12,500!

Is there a guarantee you’ll make that much? 

Of course not! I’m here to leave an honest, real Temu Affiliate Program review – not to make false promises like those scoundrel politicians with their, uh, scoundreling! 

You have the opportunity to earn serious money here. I’ll tell you a smart Temu marketing strategy in a moment.

A three-step graphic of how the Temu affiliate program works.
One highlight of the Temu Affiliate Program is that it’s so simple to use. 

Extra Point: Temu pays a 20% commission when the person who clicks your link spends $100. Temu pays only a 5% commission on items under $50. So you want to either aim to sell $100 items OR sell to people who will buy A LOT of low-cost products. Who does that? Resellers!

The Temu affiliate commission rate tiers.
My Temu affiliate strategy is to sell cheap items to resellers who buy in bulk. Or market to people who want items that cost $100 or more like laptop computers, gaming PCs, outdoor sheds, and more.

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What is The Catch With The Temu Affiliate Program?

The only real catch with the Temu Affiliate Program is that, while the company advertises commissions of “up to 20%,” you actually earn 

  • 20% on products that cost $100 or more, 
  • 10% on products that cost between $50 and $99.99, and 
  • 5% on products that cost between $0 and $49.99

This is fair because Temu needs to make a profit on those cheap products in order to share with you.

So if you sell a pair of $8 women’s shoes on Temu, you’d make 40 cents commission. That stinks. But it’s because you’re nothing thinking big for that Touchdown Money! 

Find communities of resellers and link to this product. One reseller might need to buy 100 pairs of Temu shoes to resell on Amazon and eBay. That’s $40 Temu commission for you.

Sexy floral lingerie for sale on Temu.
Selling inexpensive items on Temu gets you a 5% commission. 

Interested in reselling as a business? Check out What Flips.

Is The Temu Affiliate Program Safe?

The Temu Affiliate Program is completely safe. Remember, Temu is a legitimate company that’s made a name for itself in the e-commerce industry. These folks aren’t likely to risk their reputations by ripping off affiliates!

Besides, being an affiliate doesn’t involve anything sketchy. You’ll just share or promote your Temu affiliate code or Temu link, and then other people will use Temu to shop online. 

You already use the internet to buy things, right? Then, Temu doesn’t involve anything that you haven’t done before. 

Pros and Cons of The Temu Affiliate Program

If you’ve read this much of my Temu Affiliate Program review, you’ve probably noticed how much I like this program. But it’s always best to weigh the pros and cons of any new business venture – here’s what to consider with the Temu Affiliate Program. 


  • The pay is super generous. You can earn “download rewards” of $5 when someone downloads the Temu app from your link. And you can get up to 20% in commissions from Temu.
  • The Temu affiliate program is free to join. There’s nothing to lose by becoming a Temu affiliate. 
  • Most shoppers love Temu. The Temu mobile app gets 4.7 stars on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If people love Temu, they’re more likely to shop there – which means you should earn more money!


  • The pay is super generous. Yeah, that’s a pro and a con. Because this attracts more people. Also, I don’t know how long Temu will be this generous. Smart marketers are fast-moving marketers. Get in when it’s hot.
  • Temu is a relatively new company (founded in 2022). This could be good because you’ll get in before the internet is saturated with affiliates – but it also means Temu lacks brand recognition, which could keep people from buying products with your link or code. Although, Temu has advertised on the Super Bowl, so there's that.
  • Not all sales bring a 20% commission. If someone uses your Temu code / Temu affiliate link for a smaller purchase, you could earn just 5% – 10%. 
  • The more generous “Temu Influencer Program” is often out of reach. Unlike standard affiliates, influencers get free products and a Temu discount – but only people with big social media followings can qualify. 

Temu Affiliate Program Reviews

Most Temu reviews are posted by shoppers, not affiliates. But I did find people discussing their experience with Temu’s affiliate program.

One person started a Reddit thread about the Temu Affiliate Program by saying, “it all sounds good.”

A person on Reddit sharing that they read an article about the Temu affiliate program and it sounded good.
A Redditor says the Temu affiliate program sounds good. 

Someone responded to the Reddit thread with a more detailed Temu Affiliate Program review. They complained that Temu might require affiliates to use a code rather than a link, which they  described as “cumbersome.” 

A person on Reddit complaining about th Temu affiliate program.
Someone on Reddit calls the Temu Affiliate Program “cumbersome.” 

Over on Quora, Shweta wrote a positive Temu Affiliate Program review. 

Shweta called the program “a legitimate way to earn.” And since this smart person included their Temu code, this person is a genuine member of the Temu Affiliate Program – which means they’re speaking from experience.

A person on Reddit sharing their Temu referral code for others to join the program.
A Quora user leaves a positive Temu Affiliate Program review.

Someone else on Quora had a different experience, causing them to leave a cautionary Temu Affiliate Program review. Apparently, they shared their link with 4 friends but didn’t receive anything – which made them conclude that the program is a “scam.”

*Note: Affiliates only get paid if people use the link/code to download the app or buy something through Temu. If this person’s friends ignored the link, that could explain why they didn’t receive any money. 

A person on Redditsharing how they shared their Temu affiliate link to 4 of their friends, but didn't make any money from it.
In a negative Temu Affiliate Program review, a Quora user calls the program a “scam.”

Temu Affiliate Program Reviews BBB

Temu gets a C+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Is that great? Not at all, but it’s not disastrous, either. This just means that some people have contacted the BBB with complaints about Temu.

Temu also has 1,514 reviews on the BBB website, earning an average of 2.49 stars. Most of these reviews are about the shopping experience. In fact, I couldn’t find a single Temu Affiliate Program review on the BBB website. 

So, while Temu’s BBB page isn’t exactly encouraging, it wouldn't stop me from signing up to be an affiliate. 

Common Questions About The Temu Affiliate Program

Temu Affiliate Program Competitors / Alternatives To Temu Affiliate Program / Similar To Temu Affiliate Program?

Here are Temu alternatives for anyone looking to make money through affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partner Network
  • PartnerStack
  • FlexOffers
  • ShareASale

Wondering what can I sell to make money? You can sell Temu products simply by promoting your affiliate link. 

Temu Affiliate Program Commission? 

The Temu Affiliate Program commission is $5 when someone downloads the Temu app from your link. You also earn commissions of

  • 20% on products that cost $100 or more, 
  • 10% on products that cost between $50 and $99.99, and 
  • 5% on products that cost between $0 and $49.99. 

Promoting Temu as an affiliate marketer is one of the proven low-cost business ideas with high profit.

How Much Does Temu Pay Their Affiliates?  

Temu pays affiliates $5 when someone you refer downloads the Temu app. Plus, Temu pays commissions of

  • 20% on products that cost $100 or more, 
  • 10% on products that cost between $50 and $99.99, and 
  • 5% on products that cost between $0 and $49.99

Join the Temu affiliate program here for free. And download the Temu app free here

The Temu affiliate program is NOT 

But if you have a loyal audience or can make viral videos, it COULD be a legit way:

How To Make Money On Temu Affiliate Program? 

You make money on the Temu affiliate program in two ways.

1 – earn $5 when people download the Temu app from your link (These are called referral bonus apps.)

2 – earn between 5% and 20% commission when people shop with Temu through your Temu affiliate code or Temu affiliate link. 

Promote specific products to your audience on social media. If people like your recommendations for

  • Clothes / shoes / swimsuits,
  • Accessories,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Electronics,
  • Home goods, etc.

Then it’s a no-brainer to monetize your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, website, or email list with the Temu affiliate program.

If posting on social media is just something you do for fun right now, it can now be one of your hobbies to make money.

Promoting affiliate products on Temu and other online stores is a great business to start with 10k or even $0 if you’re willing to put in the work to make content yourself.

A way how to make money on Temu affiliate program is to become an influencer on social media or YouTube. This is one of the easier ways how to make money as an attractive female or how to make money as an attractive male.

Temu affiliate marketing is one way how to make money on Facebook and how to make money on Pinterest.

If people trust your opinions in categories like fashion, electronics, home goods, appliances, beauty, or tools, I strongly recommend you build a real brand by creating a website in addition to your social media.

Social media algorithms will change and can hide your posts. But no one can take away your website and email list of your fans.

Use Squarespace for your website if you want something easy to set-up. Use ConvertKit for an easy way to send emails to your followers. It’s the best email marketing software for content creators who want something affordable with the most important features.

Check out the best web hosting services, best blogging platform, and best small business web design.

If you want to know how to make money as a travel photographer, you can post your pictures to gain an audience. Then make money by linking to great travel products on Temu for your audience to buy.

Temu Affiliate Program Requirements? 

Temu doesn’t list any specific requirements to join its affiliate program – but it’s safe to assume you have to be at least 18 years old. 

I was able to get approved for the Temu affiliate program immediately. I only had to verify my email address.

Wondering how to make more money? Join the Temu affiliate program. It’s easy.

Temu Affiliate Program Countries?

Temu no longer states exactly where its affiliate program is accessible. That said, I did find evidence of the Temu affiliate program being available in the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Chile, and Colombia. 

It’s not available in the beautiful nation of Bhutan at this time.

This concludes my Temu affiliate program review. I hope you enjoyed it more than a unicorn who got drunk on glitter Saturday night and puked all over a clown’s face.



1 – https://www.census.gov/retail/ecommerce.html

2 – https://www.tiktok.com/@courtneytcox4

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