How to Make 400 Dollars Fast [2024] Get $400, No Lies Fr Fr 

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You need to know how to make 400 dollars fast. I’m only going to tell you the real ways. 

And I’m not covering stuff like answering surveys for 3 cents an hour or donating an overflowing bucket of your blood plasma.

24% of Americans have no money set aside for emergencies1, and I’m here to help with proven ways to get 400 dollars fast.

Let’s talk about 

  • Taking fast-paying online jobs for $400 or more on UpWork
  • Promoting legit apps on social media like Rakuten, Upside, and Ibotta
  • Borrowing $400 dollars fast from Lenme or Zippyloan 
  • Reselling stuff when you know what flips for $400

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you the best secrets, such as: 

  • a FREE government site that finds money owed to you. (This worked for me.)
  • how to get same-day pay from your job, and 
  • how to get your paycheck early from your bank

And I’ll warn you about the most dangerous way to get 400 dollars fast. It works, but I don’t like it.

How to Make $400 Fast 

Pick the ways to get the $400 dollars you like best. I know these all work because either I’ve done them personally or I did hella research to make sure it’s legit.

Sell Your Diamond Jewelry and Gold Jewelry Fast

Earnings Potential: $400 or much more

Go to

On Worthy, you can quickly (and safely!) sell your:

  • Diamond rings
  • Diamond earrings
  • Gold chains
  • Rolex watches
  • Breitling watches

Here’s a testimonial from Amy, who sold her engagement ring to

Here are examples of how much money you can make online with

A five-star review of as an easy way to learn how to make $400 fast. will pay you a good price for your jewelry and watches. You get free shipping, insurance, and will return it to you for free if you don’t like their offer.

I love that Worthy offers free home pick-up of the jewelry by a FedEx. Or for you people who like to leave the house, you can go to a FedEx store to send Worthy your jewelry for free. accepts diamonds graded by GIA and uses FedEx for shipping jewelry.
You get free FedEx shipping and free Lloyd’s of London insurance on your jewelry.’s pros inspect your jewelry to give you a good price when they buy it from you.

Worthy will make you an offer for your jewelry. You can say yes and get the money. You can ask them for more money. Or you can say no, and Worthy will mail your jewelry back to you for free. 

With no risk, this is a terrific way how to make 400 dollars fast – or much more!

Here’s my full Worthy review.

Make money fast by selling to

Referral Apps 

Earnings Potential: $400 or more

Here’s an easy way how to make 400 dollars fast. I use every single one of these services:

  • Rakuten (free, gives you cash for shopping and restaurants)
  • Upside (free, gives you cash for gasoline and restaurants)
  • CashApp (free)
  • Venmo (free)
  • Ibotta (free, gives you cash back for shopping)
  • Drop (free)
  • TurboTax (costs money, software that tries to get you a tax refund)
  • Walmart Plus (costs money, you get free Walmart delivery from their stores and supermarkets. You also get Paramount Plus streaming, so you can watch CBS sports like the NFL, movies, and shows like Frasier, the Amazing Race, etc.)

Here’s how it works:

1 – Sign up for each app that you want.

2 – Then, the app will give you a refer-a-friend link.

3 – Post your referral link to your social media. 

All you need to do is have 14 friends, family members, or followers download and use Rakuten (for example) to get 400 dollars fast. 

Basketball player Steph curry wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey with a Rakuten logo.
Score like Steph Curry with Rakuten. Except you’ll make $400 and he makes 400 bazillion dollars.
Rakuten makes earning $400 fast easy with cash back.
I use Rakuten for cash back from Instacart, Adidas, and more.

Posting your refer-a-friend links is an easy way how to make money on Facebook.

You can also use referral bonuses as a way how to make money on Pinterest.

Learn to earn 20 dollars per referral or more. Want more? Here are all the best referral bonus apps.

Pick up freelance work (Great for Video Editors, Answering Emails, Voice Over work, and more)

Earnings Potential: $100,000 a year or more while working remotely

1 – Create your remote work freelancer profile on 

2 – List your skills such as:

  • Graphic design – I’ve hired freelancers to make YouTube thumbnails and logos on Upwork
  • Virtual Assistant – I’ve hired assistants to make hotel reservations on Upwork
  • Internet research/fact-checking
  • Video editing – I’ve hired video editors on UpWork
  • Photo editing
  • Reading in a nice voice (voice-over work) – I’ve hired freelancers to read podcast intros and outros on Upwork
  • Replying to customer emails
  • Writing – I know freelance writers who make six figures working from home
  • Proofreading
  • Making musical intros and background music for videos and podcasts
  • Coding
  • Data entry

Both UpWork and Fiverr are proven ways how to make 400 dollars fast.

Upwork freelancer, Valentine F., uses the platform to make 400 dollars fast.
Valentine earns $25 per hour working remotely, making YouTube thumbnails. He knows how to make 400 dollars fast on Upwork!

Being a freelancer is an outstanding way how to make 10k a month.

And freelancing is one of the most profitable online businesses.

Sell Your Stuff on eBay

Earnings Potential: $400 or much more

You’ve heard of eBay

Now, actually use it to sell your

  • video game consoles and games 
  • car, truck, or motorcycle
  • handbags 
  • old cell phones
  • clothes and shoes
  • computers and tablets 

Sell your possessions on eBay

Here are my top answers to: what can I sell to make money and Is it worth selling on eBay?

Flip Stuff AKA Reselling

Earnings Potential: $400 a day or more 

1 – Locate items that are challenging to find. 

2 – Or buy items that are very inexpensive. 

3 – Now sell them online for a big profit.

People who make 400 dollars or more flipping are good at spotting deals at flea markets, on Craigslist, in thrift stores, or they’re really good at buying concert tickets or stuff like designer sneakers.

But you can flip anything from websites to houses. See my article, What Flips, to learn more.

Borrow $400 Dollars Fast

Earnings Potential: $400 or much more

Get 400 dollars fast by borrowing it. Here’s how: 

  • Get a loan (bad credit, OK) – see Lenme and Zippyloan.
  • Get a 0% APR Credit Card like Chase Slate. I had the Chase Slate when I needed it right after school. You can buy what you need now and pay the bill over a year later. 

Chase Slate – 670 credit score required

  • Use Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) – Buy $400 worth of what you need now, and pay for it later. Bad credit is usually OK.
  • Borrow from friends and family
  • Borrow from banks 

Here are more ways how to borrow money.

If you have a business that needs money to grow, here are the best small businesses loans.

Online Store 

Earnings Potential: $400 a day or more

Open an online store with Shopify

Nearly 5 million online stores use Shopify

Here’s a vintage clothing store that uses Shopify:

Adored Vintage is an online clothing store that uses Shopify to make $400 fast.
This Shopify store sells vintage clothing online to make money. 

Start selling on Shopify.

Credit Card Bonuses 

Earnings Potential: $400 fast or more

One way how to make 400 dollars fast is to get approved for a big credit card welcome bonus. That’s what I’ve done – multiple times with various credit cards. 

You’ll unlock bonus money after you meet the requirements for one of these credit cards:

Check out the best credit cards for young adults and the best business credit cards.

VRBO to rent out your home

Earnings Potential: $400 or more

A straightforward way how to make 400 dollars fast is to rent out your home on VRBO.

You can decide which guests you allow to pay you to stay in your home based on their guest ratings and by talking to them (if you want).

While you get 400 dollars fast from VRBO, you can stay at a friend’s house or with family. 

Rent out your place on VRBO.

Renting out your place is a simple way how to make more money.

Open a New Bank Account for $400 

Earnings Potential: $400 for opening a new bank account

These banks typically have a bank account bonus for new customers:

  • Bank of America
  • Chase
  • Citi Bank
  • U.S Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Credit Card Cash Advance

Earnings Potential: $400 or more

Warning: this can be dangerously expensive if you don’t pay it back on time! 

That’s why I don’t like this method. But you definitely can get 400 dollars fast with a credit card cash advance.

For more quick cash options, check out

Early Direct Deposit

Earnings Potential: your next paycheck

You can get 400 dollars fast by getting your paycheck earlier with Early Direct Deposit.

These banks have a feature called Early Direct Deposit:

  • Axos Bank
  • Ally Bank
  • Capital One 360 Checking
  • Chime
  • Current
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • LendingClub
  • OneUnited Bank
  • Varo Bank

Same Day Pay also called On-Demand Pay

Earnings Potential: $400 today or more

You can get same-day pay for a small fee when you work with any of these companies: 

  • Burger King
  • Domino’s
  • DoubleTree
  • Doordash
  • Duracell
  • Instacart
  • Jack in the Box
  • Lyft
  • McDonald’s
  • Panera
  • Six Flags
  • Sports Clips
  • Subway
  • TGI Fridays
  • Torchy’s Tacos
  • Uber

Ask your manager or HR if your company offers same-day pay. 

Get 400 Dollars Owed From the Government

Earnings Potential: $400 or more

Go to

This process is completely free. 

I was able to get money that the government owed to me. 

extra point Extra Point: Have you ever wondered, how do rappers make money? It might inspire you how to make money as an independent artist. Instead of being famous with bill collectors, you’ll be famous with adoring fans. And you’ll never need to get 400 dollars fast again. You’ll wear 2 chains, and have dollar signs in your rap name, and your only problem will be trying to find words to rhyme with Lamborghini. (If you already thought of linguini, fettuccine, or hot dog weenie, you can be a famous rapper!)

Create and Sell Online Courses 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars a year. $400 a day is definitely possible

Sign up for an online teaching platform, like 

If you’re not sure which one, go with Teachable. CNBC uses Teachable to sell their online courses:

CNBC Teachable course.
CNBC is selling career advice courses using Teachable.

But really, all of these are trusted online teaching platforms that make it easy to earn money by uploading your educational videos:

Famous learning channel, Our Rich Journey, uses the Thinkific platform to make $400 for every student.
YouTubers Christina and Amar of Our Rich Journey make way more than $400 per student with their online personal finance course.

The way how to make 400 dollars fast by teaching is to upload videos explaining a subject you know very well. 


  • Baking
  • Cooking 
  • Drawing
  • Gaming 
  • Gardening
  • Fitness
  • Math (algebra, geometry, etc.)
  • Music Production
  • Nutrition
  • Playing an instrument
  • Reading English (teaching English as a second language)
  • Relationship advice
  • Singing 
  • Skincare
  • Sports

Teaching is now one of the most profitable online businesses

Record and edit your own videos. Promote your courses for free on social media. 

This becomes passive income because this video course you recorded once can be sold over and over for years.

Check out Teachable now.

Common Questions About How to Make 400 Dollars Fast 

How to Make $400 Online? / How to Make 400 Dollars Fast Online? 

Here’s how to make $400 fast online:

Learn how to make money online with: 

How to Make $400 in a Day? 

  • Sell your jewelry and watches that are worth at least $400
  • Learn what flips – resell items for a $400 profit.
  • Get a $400 fast loan (bad credit OK) with Lenme and Zippyloan.
  • Sign up for the 0% APR Chase Slate credit card and spend $400. You’ll have over a year to pay it back. 
  • Sell $400 worth of your stuff on eBay in a day.
  • Borrow money
  • Check out to see if the government owes you $400. 
  • Rent out your home on VRBO while you stay with friends or family.

How Can I Make $400 a Week From Home? / How to Make 400 Dollars Fast From Home? 

Here’s how to make 400 dollars fast from home:

  • Sell your jewelry and watches on (Worthy will send a FedEx person to your home to pick up your jewelry for free. Yes, this is legit).
  • Download free referral apps like Rakuten, Upside, and Ibotta. Post your referral links on social media and get money.
  • Learn what flips for a $400 profit.
  • Make 400 dollars fast from home being a freelance worker on Upwork or Fiverr.
  • $400 fast online loan (bad credit OK) with Lenme and Zippyloan.
  • Sign up from home for the 0% APR Chase Slate credit card and spend $400. You’ll have over a year to pay it back. 
  • Sell your stuff online with eBay.
  • Sell merchandise online through Shopify.
  • Get credit card bonuses like Chase Freedom.
  • Borrow money for 400 dollars fast.
  • Get a cash advance
  • Sign up for early direct deposit with your bank or Axos Bank.
  • Go to to see if the government owes you 400 dollars or more.
  • Sign-up for new bank account bonuses.

How to Make $400 a Week? 

Here’s a cool way how to make 400 dollars fast: make money with your hobbies! Gaming, making music, podcasting, reading, and writing can all be hobbies to make money.

  • Sell your jewelry and watches online with This is legal. Notice I said sell YOUR jewelry.
  • Sign-up for referral apps like Rakuten, Upside, and Ibotta. Post your referral link on social media to earn $400 quick.
  • Learn what flips – resell items for a quick $400 profit.
  • Get the 0% APR Chase Slate credit card and spend $400. You’ll have over one year to pay it back. 
  • Borrow $400 with Lenme and Zippyloan.
  • Earn $400 quick by selling your stuff on eBay (read more in Is it worth selling on eBay?)
  • Sign up for credit card bonuses like Chase Freedom.
  • Borrow money
  • Sign-up for new bank account bonuses.
  • Go to to see if you’re owed $400 dollars.
  • Rent out your home on VRBO for $400 while you stay with friends or family.

Here are more ways how to make money fast.

Here’s how to use your good looks to legally make $400 quick:

How to Make 400 Dollars Fast Reddit? 

Reddit users mainly give two ways how to make 400 dollars fast – donating blood plasma and pawning your stuff.

Personally, I think you’ll get a better deal selling stuff on eBay or selling your jewelry or watches on

Someone on Reddit asking others if they pawn things to make $400 fast.
You can sell your possessions to a pawn shop as a way how to make 400 dollars fast. 
A person suggests donating plasma to earn $400 fast and more.
To get 400 dollars fast you’ll have to donate plasma twice weekly until you reach your $400 goal.

Reddit users also mentioned 

I have business ideas for women that don’t involve replying to naughty messages or selling your sweaty socks.



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