Best LLC Service for 2024 – And Which to Avoid

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Each month, over 400,0001 American small businesses are formed.

Ready to create your own? 

Then you’ve probably got “Limited Liability Company (LLC)” on the mind. 

Smart choice. But the process can be tricky:

Articles of organization. 

Registered agent.

What do those terms even mean?

And do you really want to deal with legal “blah blah blah” right now, anyway? 

Well, here’s some good news. There are companies out there that can create your LLC for you – so you can focus on what really matters. 

Let me tell you about the best LLC service – and some other excellent options. 

What is the Best LLC Service?

  • ZenBusiness – Absolute Best Overall for its amazing additional services.
  • LegalZoom – Best Variety of Solutions for what it can do beyond LLC formation.

1 – ZenBusiness

“Ahhhhh” – that’s the sound of Zen. Or maybe it’s the sound of satisfaction after using ZenBusiness, my #1 choice for the best LLC service.

ZenBusiness is your ideal LLC service, doing everything you’d expect it to. It ensures compliance with government regulations. It guides you through the process of creating an operating agreement. It tracks expenses and deductions, and it pushes you through the incorporation process as quickly as possible.

So yeah – ZenBusiness covers the basics. But it’s the extras that really make this the overall best LLC Service.

We’re talking top-notch customer service like, the kind where you actually talk with real people.

And then there’s the all-in-one business dashboard where you can track your key data points.

One more thing – they give customizable website templates that make it easy to launch your digital brand.

With all these perks, ZenBusiness isn’t just an LLC service. It’s a comprehensive small business starter kit.

ZenBusiness offers the best LLC service – starting at $0 (not including state fees, of course).
Source: ZenBusiness

Spokesperson Mark Cuban came up before ZenBusiness existed – but he encourages today’s entrepreneurs to take advantage of ZenBusiness’s services.

Mark Cuban advises entrepreneurs to use ZenBusiness.
Source: ZenBusiness

Forbes, Bizreport, and MarketWatch all name ZenBusiness as their #1-ranked service, which means the experts are on board. 

But what about the everyday users? 

It seems they’re just as enthusiastic! 

ZenBusiness gets good reviews from users, and I mean really good reviews. The excellent rating from Trustpilot reflects that. 

ZenBusiness has an excellent ranking after getting 11,557 reviews on Trustpilot.
Source: ZenBusiness

I don’t know about you, but seeing that so many real people like a service always makes me more of a believer. 

ZenBusiness’s 3-tiered pricing allows you to pay for only the LLC service you actually need.
Source: ZenBusiness

Top 5 Benefits of ZenBusiness

1 – Save money – Choose from 3 differently priced packages. This allows you to pay only for the services you want.

2 – The all-in-one platform streamlines the business formation process – This is what allows you to focus on the important (and fun!) parts.

3 – Avoid paperwork-induced headaches – They file your forms with the government. This is a lifesaver. Let me tell you from experience: The less bureaucracy you deal with, the better. 

4 – Keep your business organized –  Enjoy a single digital dashboard with all your business’s key data points. Life’s a lot simpler when important info is gathered together in an easy-to-find place. 

5 – Never worry about compliance – Get continued support even after you’ve launched. With ZenBusiness sticking around to offer guidance, you’ll have an easier time staying compliant with all those pesky government regulations.

ZenBusiness guides you through the process of forming your new business.
Source: ZenBusiness

Ease, ease, ease – that’s what you’ll get by signing up for ZenBusiness

Pricing for ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness’s LLC service can cost anywhere from $0-$299, depending on the package. That’s right – the cheapest option is literally free. Can’t beat that, right?

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t pay a dime to set up your LLC. There are always the state fees to deal with. 

You can check out ZenBusiness’s latest prices on their website. And here’s some good news: You’ll get a special offer just by clicking through our Touchdown Money link!

One thing to be aware of: That $0 starter package is listed as a special offer – and it doesn’t renew. That means you won’t be able to continue using your ZenBusiness services after the initial setup period. 

But it’s still a killer deal just for setting up your LLC! And you can always switch to a paid service if you decide ZenBusiness is something you just can’t live without. 

A small business owner says ZenBusiness allowed them to focus on their actual business.
Source: Reddit

ZenBusiness is the best LLC service because it’s such a genuine timesaver. Head over to ZenBusiness’s website to sign up.

You can follow along here to see ZenBusiness’ platform in action:

Reliable customer serviceAdd-on features can be expensive
3 tiers of serviceNo domain name provided with free version
All-in-one platform for business formation
Easy-to-use dashboard
Fast-as-possible filing services with paid services

When it comes to the best LLC service, ZenBusiness is the real deal. Get started here

2 – Northwest Registered Agent

Straightforward, affordable, and perfect for getting the job done – that’s what makes Northwest Registered Agent the best value LLC service on the market. 

Oh, and then there’s also the genuinely excellent customer service. Over at Northwest Registered Agent, they treat you right. They have in-depth guides on their website. They have super-helpful customer support agents. And they also have the positive reviews to prove it. 

Those are the types of credentials that make you a contender for best LLC service. 

Northwest Registered Agent spells out a simple 3-step process for LLC creation.
Source: Northwest Registered Agent

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Northwest Registered Agent an A+ rating. 

Northwest Registered Agent gets an A+ rating from the BBB.

“But wait,” you say. ‘’The BBB says the business isn’t accredited!” 

Good point. But don’t worry – it’s not a big deal. Not all companies even seek out BBB accreditation. What matters is that people are saying good things about the company – and with Northwest Registered Agent, they certainly are.

Still unsure? Just check out their average rating among reviewers on the BBB website. 

Northwest Registered Agent gets an average of 4 ½ stars from over 120 BBB reviews.
Northwest Registered Agent is 100% transparent about pricing as you go through the process.
Source: Northwest Registered Agent

Top 5 Benefits of Northwest Registered Agent

1 – Stick to your budget – No need to worry about dirty tricks or surprising price hikes with this LLC service. You can create a budget and stick to it.

2 – Enjoy free content – Northwest Registered Agent’s website offers lots of free online content. With so many resources at your disposal, you can walk yourself through the business formation process

3 – Stress less – Northwest Registered Agent has a U.S.-based customer service team. It’s always nice to know reliable help is just a call away.

4 – Avoid overcomplications – They have a simple business formation process. When things are straightforward, you don’t have to worry about an endless barrage of technicalities.

5 – Don’t spend more than what you need – There are 3 service options available. You can pay for the full service, create an account for free assistance, or simply access the forms and do it all yourself. 

You can choose your level of service from Northwest Registered Agent.
Source: Northwest Registered Agent

Lone wolf? Team player? Somewhere in between? It doesn’t matter where you fall on that spectrum. You can find a business formation strategy that works for you when you sign up with Northwest Registered Agent

Pricing for Northwest Registered Agent

Using LLC with Northwest Registered Agent can cost up to $225 – but it can also be free. Well, not free – there are still state fees to worry about. But the service will be free if you choose the “Do it Yourself” or “Free Account” options.

But let’s say you want to go whole hog and hire Northwest Registered Agent to start your LLC. After all, that’s the way to really take advantage of their expertise. You can see our special, limited-time offers just by clicking through our Touchdown Money link

Make sure you check out the Northwest Registered Agent website for the most up-to-date pricing. 

A small business owner on Trustpilot describes their positive experience with Northwest Registered Agent.
Source: Trustpilot

Online reviewers seem pretty stoked about the customer experience. That makes me even more confident that Northwest Registered Agent is worth a look. 

Want to see this platform in action? Check out this video from Northwest Registered Agent:

Rave reviews The full package (as opposed to the free option) is a little bit pricey
Excellent customer serviceNo accreditation from the BBB
A commitment to hassle-free business formation
Easy access to state forms
Tons of helpful content available through the site

A lot of good – and not a lot of bad. That puts Northwest Registered Agent in the running for best LLC service. Sign up here to take advantage of that ease of use and killer customer service. 

3 – LegalZoom

LegalZoom isn’t just an LLC service. It’s a business formation behemoth that can help you out with all sorts of essential tasks.

Trademark protection? Yup.

Legal assistance? Sure thing.

Registered agent services? You better believe it.

So yeah, LegalZoom is one-stop shopping when it comes to business formation – but let’s “zoom” back in on the LLC service. You can choose between three different packages according to your experience and your willingness to get down and dirty with the details. 

Looking for the full package that expedites your processing times? Then go Premium. 

Happy with the standard service – which is pretty darn comprehensive on its own, right? Then the Pro service will do.

And for the real go-getters, there’s the free “basic” service – and even that gives you access to LegalZoom’s countless guides and resources. 

The thing with LegalZoom is that there are just so many helpful resources – which is why some might consider it the best LLC service. 

LegalZoom is the biggest name in the LLC service business – with the impressive usership numbers to match.
Source: LegalZoom

LegalZoom is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and receives an A+ rating.

Even more impressive to me is that reviews on the BBB site gave the company 4.64 stars (out of 5). Those are real folks sharing their experiences – and to me, that counts for a lot.

LegalZoom has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Reviewers on the BBB site give LegalZoom 4.63 stars out of 5.
Once you’ve used LegalZoom’s LLC service, you can stick with the company for trademark services.
Source: LegalZoom

Top 5 Benefits of LegalZoom

1 – Peace of mind – LegalZoom is a big-name company with tons of positive reviews. You know you can trust a brand with so many happy customers and a stellar reputation.

2 – Keep your business in one place – You’ll have options to continue legal services even after your LLC has been formed. If you’re impressed with the business formation services, you can stick with LegalZoom for all sorts of other important tasks.

3 – Don’t let copycats steal your branding and get away with it! – LegalZoom also specializes in trademark protection.

4 – Maximize your profits – With excellent patent protection services you can capitalize on your profits from innovation. 

5 – Enjoy an excellent LLC service – Even if you don’t use LegalZoom’s additional services, you’ll still benefit by breezing through the LLC process.

LegalZoom’s LLC service offers everything you’d expect – including articles of organization and business filing.
Source: LegalZoom

If you’re looking for a really good LLC service that can also do a whole lot more – then sign up for LegalZoom. 

Pricing for LegalZoom

LegalZoom’s “cheapest” service is actually free – plus state fees, of course. The packages can cost up to $649 – but that’s the super fast option that expedites the process. Check the LegalZoom Website for the latest prices. 

Some good news: You can take advantage of a special limited-time offer just by clicking through the Touchdown Money link. So yeah – do that. Saving money just by clicking a link is what this small business expert calls a total-no-brainer.

A small business owner on Trustpilot says that using LegalZoom was a fantastic decision.
Source: Trustpilot

I’m not saying everybody has a good experience with LegalZoom. I mean, no company has a perfect batting average. But most people come away pleased – which suggests you should give LegalZoom a look. 

You can learn more about LegalZoom – and see their platform in action – by watching this branded video. 

Comprehensive LLC serviceSome find the prices a little steep
Ongoing legal help after LLC formationSome report annoying “upselling” practices
A free WIX website with LLC service
Specialists in trademark protection
3 tiers of service 

Here’s the thing about LegalZoom: It’s so much more than just an LLC service. You could end up using these folks for all your business's legal needs. 

Sign up for the LLC service – then see where things go from there. 

Extra Point: Now that you're getting your business organized, you may also be interested in the 

Common Questions About Best LLC Service

LLC vs Business License

You might be wondering, is an LLC a business license? No. A limited liability company (LLC) is a legal structure to protect and organize your business. It is NOT a business license that may be required by your state or city.

Avoid These LLC Services

The best LLC service will guide you through the process while giving you excellent customer support along the way. 

And if a company can’t provide that? Give it a pass. 

Now I’m not here to bash any particular companies, but I do want the best for my readers. That’s why I’m suggesting you avoid LLC services that:

  • Don’t offer multiple tiers of service
  • Don’t have a strong track record of success 
  • Don’t let you speak with real customer service representatives

There are companies out there that do meet these expectations (like ZenBusiness). So, use them!

Do I Need an LLC Service? 

Using an LLC service isn’t necessary, but it can help with the business formation process. The best LLC service will file your paperwork directly with the state – allowing you to focus on your areas of expertise. Check out ZenBusiness to learn more.

How Much Do LLC Filing Companies Cost?

An LLC filing service can cost anywhere from $0-$650, depending on the company and package. Many companies offer several tiers of service. The basic option is often free – meaning you’ll only pay the state fees associated with LLC formation. 

What is the Best Place to Get an LLC?

ZenBusiness is the best LLC service because of its amazing perks that go beyond the simple filing of paperwork. Northwest Registered Agent and LegalZoom are also great options. All three companies have strong reputations and offer a wide variety of services.

How Do I Start an LLC for Free?

LLC services like ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, and LegalZoom provide free options for LLC creation. You’ll just have to do more of the legwork than when you use a paid service. Also, you’ll have to pay state fees even if the LLC service is free. 

Where is the Cheapest LLC Registration?

LLC registration in Kentucky costs just $40 – the cheapest in the U.S. Other affordable states include Arkansas, Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, and New Mexico. 

As far as LLC services go, Northwest Registered Agent is the best value – and several other companies have free options, as well. 

Best LLC for Small Business?

The best LLC service for small businesses is ZenBusiness. You can focus on the idea behind your business and leave the paperwork to them. The customer service is also excellent – which you can see reflected in the company’s excellent online reviews. Get started here.

Top LLC Companies in USA?

The top LLC companies are ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, and LegalZoom. ZenBusiness is the overall best LLC service because it offers website creation and other additional perks. Northwest Registered Agent provides the best value, and LegalZoom has the best variety of solutions. 

Best Online LLC Services?

ZenBusiness is the best online LLC service. It takes care of all the essential paperwork for you, and it also provides additional perks like website creation. Oh, and the customer service is excellent. It’s truly a win-win-win. 

Best LLC Service for Real Estate?

The best LLC service for real estate is ZenBusiness. In fact, ZenBusiness is best for all types of businesses. That’s because it takes care of the basics – paperwork, filing with the state, all that fun stuff – while also providing great customer service and additional perks. Sign up here.

Post-Game Report: Best LLC Service

  • ZenBusiness – Absolute Best Overall for its amazing additional services.
  • LegalZoom – Best Variety of Solutions for what it can do beyond LLC formation.


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