How to Double 10K Quickly [2023] And Avoid Scams

The internet is great for making money. That’s why 15.1% of all retail sales now happen online.

But the digital world is also full of scammers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received 2.4 million2 fraud reports in 2022 alone!

As an entrepreneur, you need to distinguish between genuine opportunities and attempts to steal your money.

Below, I’ll explain how to double 10K quickly – and without falling victim to scams!

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By investing or starting a business, you can double 10K quickly without getting scammed.
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How to Double 10K Quickly

So you’re wondering how to double 10K quickly. Here’s the first thing to know: Don’t fall for scams!

The internet is full of people claiming you can get rich with just a few simple steps. One of those steps is often to give them money or personal information. Don’t do it!

And remember – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are plenty of legit ways to make money quickly. It’s just that they’re not “hacks” or “schemes.” They’re ideas for investments or successful businesses!

So here’s how to double 10K quickly, without getting scammed.

1 – Flip Stuff

Imagine buying a chair at a yard sale for $5, fixing it up, then selling it online for five times as much. There’s a name for that process – “flipping” – and it’s a great way to double 10K quickly.

But don’t just go out and buy any old thing! Some types of items flip better than others.

Here’s what other entrepreneurs have been successfully flipping:

  • Furniture
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Appliances 
  • Designer shoes and clothes
  • Exercise equipment
  • Websites
  • Email newsletters

Perfecting the art of flipping will take some time. You’ll have to choose a type of item to flip, then research the market. 

What gives an item value? Where can you buy undervalued items, and where can you sell those items for more? If you take the time to answer these questions, you can fine-tune your approach and maximize your earnings.

Check out my complete flipping guide to learn more. 

2 – Start a Blog

Okay, so starting a blog sounds like a fun pastime – but can it also be profitable? 

Yes, it absolutely can.

First, choose a topic that’s genuinely interesting to readers. Then, produce quality content – stuff that people will actually find insightful.

Think you can do that? Then starting a blog could be your ticket to doubling 10K quickly.

To create a blog that looks professional, you’ll want to use a legit website builder.

Check out my review of the seven best website builders on the market.

You could also use a hosting service. That’ll make it easy to claim a domain name, and you can typically use the service to design your site, too. 

Here’s my in-depth look at the best web hosting services

Once you’ve established a blog and started producing content, it’s time to think “monetization.”

Here are some ways to make money from your blog:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing (promoting products from other companies)
  • Consulting services
  • Additional paid content (like ebooks)

Not really sure how much you'll need to start a blog? Here are businesses to start with 10k (including blogging!)

3 – Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a great way to increase your wealth. I know, you’re thinking, “I can’t invest in real estate with just $10,000!”

But actually, you can – thanks to the investing platform Fundrise. 

The experts at Fundrise buy properties that they expect to rise in value. As an investor, you’ll contribute your money to the portfolio. Then, when the properties increase in value, you’ll get your share of the earnings.

Fundrise isn’t the only way to invest in real estate with 10K. Believe it or not, there are actually lots around the country that are listed for $10,000 or less. The only problem is that you’ll need to choose the property yourself. 

And that’s why I recommend Fundrise. They have the expertise to know which properties would make good investments. Investing in real estate is also one excellent way to turn 10k into 100k because of appreciation.

A photo of an investment property.
Investing in real estate is one way to double 10K quickly.
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4 – Start an Online Business

So you want to sell something but don’t have the capital to rent out a physical space. The solution? Create an online business!

Thanks to the internet, you can sell goods and services to people around the world. It’s cheaper than opening a physical store, and it’s super effective. A true win-win!

But how to double 10K quickly by starting an online business? 

One way is by signing up for Shopify, a platform designed for online retailers. All you’ll have to do is sign up, then create your online store within the framework they give you. 

You can also create your own website from scratch. Just remember that you’ll need it to look professional. Otherwise, potential customers won’t take your business seriously.

Check out my review of 7 amazing website-building platforms. With these services, you can create a website that will attract customers and help you grow your business.

5 – Write an Email Newsletter

Writing emails to double 10K? It sounds far-fetched – but thanks to the popularity of email newsletters, it really isn’t. 

An email newsletter is a regular update that subscribers receive in their inboxes. 

You’ll want to get as many subscribers as possible. To do that, make sure you pick an interesting topic, write valuable content, and publicize your newsletter as much as possible.

You should also use email marketing software to maximize your newsletter’s reach. Check out my review of the best email marketing software.

There are several ways to monetize your newsletter:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling products or services
  • Offering additional content for a fee
  • Offering courses or consulting services

And if your newsletter gets really popular, another business might want to buy it. Why? Because your newsletter gives them access to people’s inboxes, and that’s super valuable from a marketing perspective.

The media company Insider Inc. recently bought the “Morning Brew” series of podcasts and newsletters for $75 million. Will your newsletter sell for that kind of money? Probably not – but you never know!

6 – Help Others Learn 

Sharing your knowledge with others – that’s how to double 10K quickly while lifting up the people around you!

And put your tweed jacket away – I’m not telling you to become a college professor! These days, the internet gives you other ways to earn money through education. 

One option is Teachable, a platform where you can create your own courses, then market them to potential students. The course builder is known for its simplicity, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to make it work. Just sign up for an account, then play around with the various features. 

Another option is to host your own educational webinars. These virtual meetings allow you to connect in real time with students from around the world. 

Check out my list of the best webinar software

You could also apply to teach with SkillShare, an online learning platform that’s often looking for new instructors. Want to try your hand at online teaching before actually launching your own course? Then SkillShare is a great place to start. 

How To Double 10K Quickly Reddit

Over on Reddit, someone started a thread by asking how to double 10K quickly.

An image of someone asking how to flip 10k into 20k.
Someone starts a Reddit thread asking how to double 10K quickly.

One person suggested buying products for $1, then selling them for $2. Was she being tongue-in-cheek? Maybe – but she basically described flipping, which is actually a great way to make money.

Someone on Reddit suggests flipping products as a way to double 10K quickly. 

Another user suggested a more cautious approach: Investing the money, then focusing on a side hustle. They also mentioned the possibility of flipping items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

A Redditor discusses how to make 10K quickly by getting a side hustle.
A Redditor discusses how to make 10K quickly by getting a side hustle.

Investing in real estate was another option mentioned. One Redditor claimed to make $450-$600 each month.

A Reddit user suggests buying real estate as a way to double 10K quickly.
A Reddit user suggests buying real estate as a way to double 10K quickly.

So there’s no single idea for how to double 10K quickly. As this Reddit thread shows, there are multiple ways to make money. It’s your job to decide which is right for you!

Common Questions About How to Double 10K Quickly

How To Flip $10 000 Dollars Fast?

Here are some ways to flip $10,000 fast:

  • Flip items (buy low, sell high)
  • Start a blog
  • Invest in real estate
  • Start an online business
  • Write an email newsletter
  • Create online courses or teach online

What is The Quickest Way to Double The Amount of Money You Have?

The quickest way to double your money is by investing in assets with volatile prices – things like crypto and stocks. Just be aware that this is also extremely risky. When prices are volatile, they can go down as well as up – and you could end up losing your money!

How Can I Double $5000 Dollars? 

You can double $5,000 by investing or using it to start a business. If you decide to invest, you could use the platform Fundrise to buy into a real estate portfolio. And if you decide to start a business, you could flip items, write an email newsletter, or sell products online. 

How To Make Money With $10,000 Dollars?

You can make money with $10,000 by using it to start an online business. You could also write a blog, create an email newsletter, flip items, or sell online courses. 

How To Flip 10K into 100K?

Flipping 10K into 100k is definitely possible, but it will take some patience. One great option is to invest in a real estate portfolio through the investment platform Fundrise. You could also create an online business or even write your own blog.

How to Turn 10K into 20K Fast? 

Here are some ideas for how to double 10K quickly:

  • Flip stuff
  • Start a blog
  • Invest in real estate
  • Start an online business
  • Write an email newsletter
  • Help others learn with online courses and webinars

How To Turn 10K into Passive Income? 

The best way to turn 10K into passive income is by investing it. 

Here are some investment ideas:

  • Buy bonds (low risk, low return)
  • Buy stocks
  • Invest in a real estate portfolio on Fundrise

How to Double 20K Quickly?

You can double 20k quickly by “flipping” items. The idea is to buy items for cheap, then sell them for more. Some of the best items to flip include furniture, sports memorabilia, and even websites. Another way to double 20k quickly is by investing in real estate. 



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