Chewy Affiliate Program [2024] Review, Commission Rate 

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Hello, fellow animal lover! (My favorites are fuzzy wombats, sleepy sloths, and playful puppies.)

Let’s talk about how to promote pet products, pet food, and even veterinarian care with the Chewy affiliate program and get paid.

Did you know that 62 million American households have a dog, 37 million have a cat, and half a percent of households have a pet chicken?1

This means pet owners could be a massive audience for you! 

But don’t just apply for the Chewy affiliate program without a second thought. Start by reading my Chewy affiliate program review for the pros and cons. 

That way, you’ll know if it’s worth it. 

What Is the Chewy Affiliate Program?

The Chewy affiliate program lets you earn a 4% commission for promoting Chewy. 

And Chewy is a huge online retailer in the pet industry. 

A cute picture of a hedgehog wearing boots in a field of flowers.
When someone buys $100 hedgehog hiking boots through your Chewy affiliate link, you’ll earn 4% of the price, which is $4 dollars.2 

The general idea is simple: As an affiliate, you’ll post about Chewy on your blog or social media profile and include links to the Chewy website. Then, if your readers click your link and buy something, you’ll get 4% of the sale. 

This is definitely a great side hustle or even full-time business for anyone who loves pets. After all, somewhere, a dog will appreciate a new squeaky toy, thanks to your work with the Chewy affiliate program!

If you’re looking to do affiliate marketing only in your spare time, check out these hobbies to make money.

A corgi in a blow up sleeping bag.
With the Chewy affiliate program, you can earn commissions by promoting pet products online, such as this inflatable doggie burrito bag.3 

Pet affiliate marketing with Chewy is one of the best business ideas for women, men, and anyone who wants to help people take good care of their pets.

Is The Chewy Affiliate Program Legit?

The Chewy affiliate program is as legit as it gets. Why? Because Chewy is such a well-known (and widely respected) company.

Founded in 2011, Chewy has grown into a massive business with over 10,000 employees. It’s also publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange – so yeah, this is a major operation. 

Another thing I love about the Chewy affiliate program is that they’re upfront about the commission rate. Some companies say, “Come be an affiliate,” but they’re all hush-hush about how much you’ll actually make. Not Chewy! They come right out and say that you’ll earn a 4% commission.

That type of transparency is more proof that the Chewy affiliate program is legit!

Is The Chewy Affiliate Program Worth It? 

The big takeaway from my Chewy affiliate program review is that it’s worth it if you meet these key criteria:

  • You already have a website or social media account with a following
  • You have an audience of pet owners 
  • You’re prepared to spend some time promoting Chewy products

Remember, Chewy’s commission rate is 4%. That’s enough to make some decent money if you’re driving significant traffic. Imagine a week where you send 10,000 people to Chewy through a link on your site, and they spend $20,000 in total. You’d end up earning $800.

But to see those kinds of numbers, you need to be attracting a big audience. If you’re getting just a few visitors per day, you won’t make enough for the Chewy affiliate program to be worth it.

So, what can you do if you’re not getting the traffic you need? Start by reading this guide: How to make money online for beginners.

A corgi wearing a tuxedo.
When you promote a typical Corgi tuxedo through the Chewy affiliate program, you’ll earn a 4% commission for each sale. This way, you can make hundreds of dollars when you target dog weddings.4

Once you’ve got a serious online following, you’ll be ready to make money through affiliate marketing. 

And if your website or blog focuses on pets, becoming a Chewy affiliate program is 100% worth it. You can write about your love for animals and make money while you’re at it!

If you want to learn more about building your website and email list, check out:

In addition to joining the Chewy affiliate program, you might consider creating your own designs to put on pet products like dog bandanas and pet blankets. You can use services like Printify or check out my review Is Redbubble legit?

How Does The Chewy Affiliate Program Work? 

The Chewy Affiliate Program works by having affiliates such as you promote Chewy products on their websites or social media channels. 

Then, when someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn 4% of the purchase price as commission.

That’s the general idea – but I want this Chewy Affiliate Program review to be as helpful as possible, so let me break the process down further. 

Here are the steps you should take to become a Chewy Affiliate:

  1. Make sure you have a website where you can promote pet-related products. You should also have your site or account looking its best before applying. Chewy says on its website that it rejects websites that don’t meet their “quality and content standards.”
  2. Head to the affiliate page of the official Chewy website. This page also has a nice overview of the program, so you'll know exactly what you’re getting into. 
  3. Click “Apply to Partnerize.” This will take you to the Partnerize website to register. Partnerize is an affiliate marketing platform that Chewy uses to manage its affiliate program.
  4. Register for the program through Partnerize. You’ll create a username and password, then provide some basic information.
  5. Wait to be accepted. Chewy says they review applications “regularly,” so you shouldn’t have to wait long.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and become a Chewy affiliate. At this point, you’ll be ready to start promoting Chewy products. You’ll receive your commissions in the form of monthly payments from Partnerize.

Your job as an affiliate is to post content that encourages people to click through to the Chewy website. 

From pet product reviews to videos, you can create all sorts of content. Just make sure it’s engaging and useful for your audience.

Chewy will make the job easier by providing some incredible support. You can get 1-on-1 assistance from employees on Chewy’s dedicated affiliate teams, which isn’t something you see with most affiliate programs. Chewy will also send you newsletters to keep you up to date on the latest products. 

Partnerize, the platform that Chewy uses, is another great resource for affiliates. It gives you a “reporting interface” where you can track key data, including:

  • Real-time order reports
  • Performance analysis
  • Tracking links
  • Commission payments

All this information will help you tweak your strategies. Maybe you notice that videos produce more sales than blog posts. Or, maybe you’ll find your website attracts more cat owners than dog owners, which would influence what type of content you produce. 

All these insights will help with your main goal: to earn more money with the Chewy affiliate program!

An assortment of pet toys and treats for sale on
The Chewy affiliate program pays commissions on products from over 3,000 brands. 

What is The Catch With The Chewy Affiliate Program?

There is no “catch” with the Chewy affiliate program. As promised, it pays affiliates a 4% commission for promoting Chewy products on their websites. 

Is The Chewy Affiliate Program Safe?

The Chewy Affiliate Program is totally safe to use. Here are some reasons I’m so confident after having researched this Chewy affiliate program review:

  • Chewy is a reputable company with an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The program runs through Parternize, which is a well-known affiliate marketing platform.
  • I can’t find any reports of scams involving the Chewy affiliate program. 
  • Affiliate marketing in general is a safe, non-invasive process. Yes, you’ll have to share your bank information with Partnerize – but that’s just so they can pay you!

All this evidence shows why you can sign up to be a Chewy affiliate without any stress.

Speaking of being safe, it’s smart to keep your personal income and assets separate from your business. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. So if you haven’t already, set up an LLC.

ZenBusiness makes it fast, easy, and affordable. 

Or check out where I break down the best LLC service for different types of businesses.

Here’s my other small business content that you may find helpful: 

If you’re working your business remotely, use the best VPN services. See my best small business firewall review.

If you hire a team to help with your business, learn about remote employee training.

Pros and Cons of The Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy offers a pretty amazing affiliate program, but it’s not completely flawless. Here are the pros and cons of my Chewy affiliate program review to consider before applying.


  • Chewy has a massive selection. With more than 3,000 brands on offer, you’ll have no trouble finding products to promote.
  • The support for affiliates is top-notch. Chewy itself offers 1-on-1 assistance, while the platform Partnerize lets you track essential data points so you can improve your marketing strategies.
  • “Pet care products” is a fun niche to write about. The more passionate you are about the subject matter, the easier it will be to produce the high-quality content that drives sales. The pets category is much more enjoyable than trying to sell nose hair trimmers to hairy nostril people through the Nostril Vines affiliate program.


  • The commission rate maxes out at 4%. That’s not too bad – but some affiliate programs let you earn more, especially for larger purchases.
  • There’s no guarantee you’ll be accepted. Chewy says it only partners with websites that meet its standards. 
  • You only get paid once a month. This might not be a big deal, but you’ll have to manage your finances accordingly. This isn’t a standard 9 to 5 job where you get paid every 2 weeks. 

Chewy Affiliate Program Reviews

Someone recently left a Chewy affiliate program review on Reddit. They said they were making over $5,000 a month through Chewy (along with Amazon and Mediavine ads). 

They also shared the secret to their success: Driving traffic to their site by ranking on Google and Pinterest. 

Here’s how to make money on Pinterest. And how to make money on Facebook.

They had success using “long tail keywords,” a common search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

SEO is complicated – too complicated to describe in detail in an article about something else! But if you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you should take this Redditor’s lead and give SEO a try.

A Reddit thread with someone sharing how they make over $5,000 a month with the Chewy affiliate program.
Someone on Reddit shares how they made over $5,000 a month with the Chewy affiliate program!

Someone responded to the Reddit thread to suggest building an email list. This is a great way to create a community around your website or social media. Check out my recommendations for the best email marketing software

*Note: If you’re looking for more tips like this, read my article on how to double 10k quickly

A person on Reddit recommends building an email list to promote Chewy affiliate links.
A Redditor recommends building an email list to boost sales with affiliate marketing. 

I found a different thread where an affiliate marketer who works with several companies said they were doing the best with Amazon and Chewy. 

This doesn’t quite count as a full Chewy Affiliate Program review, but it’s encouraging that another person is reporting a positive experience!

Someone on Reddit shares their experience with blogging and using the Chewy affiliate program to make money online.
In a comment on Reddit, someone mentions their success with the Chewy Affiliate Program and also recommends checking out pet insurance companies for more earning opportunities. 

Chewy Affiliate Program Reviews BBB

Here’s some great news: Chewy gets an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)!

Now, this grade doesn’t directly relate to the Chewy affiliate program. The BBB is reviewing the entire company based on the pattern of consumer complaints.

But this A+ grade suggests that your audience will enjoy their experience with Chewy. This is important for 2 reasons:

  1. People will likely spend more – which means you’ll earn more in commissions.
  2. Your readers will be grateful that you sent them to Chewy – which should help you build trust with your audience and grow your following. 

Common Questions About The Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy Affiliate Program Competitors / Alternatives To Chewy Affiliate Program / Similar To Chewy Affiliate Program?

Here are affiliate programs like Chewy (but with different niches):

Does Chewy Have an Affiliate Program?

Chewy has an affiliate program that pays a 4% commission rate. It also offers some incredible support, including 1-on-1 assistance with Chewy representatives. 

Chewy Affiliate Program Commission Rate? 

The Chewy affiliate program has a flat commission rate of 4%. You’ll get this rate regardless of the product or brand.

A woman holding her cute pug in a field of tulips.
When you sell a $25 pug sweater with the Chewy affiliate program you earn 4%, or $1 dollar.5

Is The Chewy Affiliate Program a Scam?  

The Chewy affiliate program is totally legit – the complete opposite of a scam! Are you guaranteed to make money? Of course not. Affiliate marketing only works if you succeed in driving traffic. But the program itself is trustworthy, and it pays a 4% commission rate as promised. 

The Chewy affiliate program is a legit way: 

Once you’ve established your affiliate website, you can put your online business for sale to make millions of dollars. I worked for a couple who did exactly that in the travel niche.

How Much Do Chewy Affiliates Make?

Chewy affiliates earn a flat 4% commission rate. Let’s say someone clicks a Chewy link on your website and goes on to spend $50 on delicious Purina Friskies Seafood and Chicken Pate. You’d get 4% of the sale, or $2. 

Of course, the goal is to attract a big audience of pet owners, so these commissions add up!

Affiliate marketing isn’t really:

Affiliate marketing with Chewy and other programs takes time, but it can truly be a way

Affiliate marketing is one of the top low-cost business ideas with high profit. And affiliate marketing to pet owners is one of the most profitable online businesses.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and want to start slowly, you promote referral bonus apps and earn 20 dollars per referral.

You can apply for the Chewy affiliate program online. Go to the affiliate page of the Chewy website and click “Apply to Partnerize.” Chewy will then let you know whether you’ve been accepted (which depends on the quality and content of your website). 



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