Business Ideas for Women [2024] Best Ranked. Pros and Cons

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I’m going to tell you the best business ideas for women based on my female friends and colleagues who have absolutely crushed it. 

If you’re looking for a list like “bake cookies!” get out of here. This is a realistic list of business ideas for women who are looking to make serious money. Or, you’re seeking a lifestyle business that makes enough money to be comfortable yet also gives you control over your schedule.

The latest data from the US Census Bureau and US Small Business Administration (SBA) indicates there are 12,001,410 women-owned businesses in the US with $1.8 trillion in sales.1  So yeah, you can totally do this.

As I write this, I’m thinking of my niece. She’s a kid who loves dancing and has won awards in competitions. I can see her one day dancing in a Broadway play or perhaps opening her own dance studio or being a dance teacher online. 

In fact, teaching lessons on a platform like Teachable or Thinkific is one of my favorite business ideas for women – or anyone for that matter. 

What’s great is you can teach whatever you’re passionate about in whatever way is comfortable for you. You can make videos if you like being in front of the camera. Or you can record podcasts. Or, you can write instructional articles instead. Or all of the above!

Business Ideas for Women 

There are a lot of great business ideas for women, and none of them is objectively better than the others. It all depends on your personality and situation.

That’s why I do more than just tell you what ideas to consider. I also explain what type of person would be the best fit for each business. 

And yes, these business ideas are great for men, too! In fact, they’re great for anyone who wants to make money online.

So read on! Sooner or later, you’ll find the perfect business idea for the one person who matters here: you!


Best for: People with unique knowledge or experiences

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for women because you have total control over your schedule, you can work remotely, and, if you want, you can even do it anonymously.

I worked for a husband and wife who sold their travel topic blog for millions of dollars. Ever wonder what flips? You can flip your blog to a corporation like they did and retire early.

My site,, is an example of a blog. I write articles that teach people how to build an online business.

I’ve worked for other blogs that taught people how to do things such as travel the world on a budget and how to make money with side hustles. Your blog can be about something you love, such as teaching people about improving their relationships, or about nutrition, or jewelry making, or how to run an Airbnb, or how to cook, or how to race snowmobiles in the beautiful nation of Bhutan.

How do you make money blogging? 

  • You can review and recommend tools. When your audience buys those items, you get paid a commission. 
  • You can get paid for showing advertisements to your audience.
A F.I.R.E. online course available through Thinkific.
Christina and Amar are scoring big money by selling educational courses on Thinkific!

Christina and Amar publish articles on their Our Rich Journey website — that's how I found them! They were both able to quit their jobs to blog full-time to support their family while traveling to Europe. They're living the Touchdown Money dream!

To get started, choose from the best managed Wordpress hosting or best web hosting services. You can easily make a site by choosing the best website builder for your business.

If you look at hobbies to make money, you’ll see blogging. I suggest treating blogging like a business from day one. Choose a topic (also called your business niche), get good email marketing software, and get started.

Super easy to startIt’s not “passive income.” Blogging requires updates and new articles.

However, if you make a course or book, you can sell the same book or video course while you sleep for YEARS. Really. I know people who do this.
Creates a community and that feels really goodIt’s competitive. If you plan to write crappy articles, please don’t. The internet is full of junk.

Make your blog awesome by being 100% you. Showcase your personality and knowledge.

Hint: If there are lots of blogs on your topic, that’s actually a good thing. That means it’s a popular topic. Your challenge is to have a new angle.

For example, let’s say your topic is nutrition. Your angle could be nutrition for moms who don't have a lot of free time. 
Or it could be nutrition for women who work as a nurse during the day and fight crime with a Lasso of Truth during nights and weekends.
Make your own schedule
Work remotely
You can make millions of dollars blogging (read: how to make $20,000 dollars a week). I personally know bloggers who’ve made millions and others who make $100,000+ per year blogging. These are regular people, not corporations.

Hint: They’re passionate about their topic and they didn’t give up too early!

Affiliate Marketing

Best for: Ambitious entrepreneurs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business ideas for women because you can work from home or while traveling. 

What is affiliate marketing? It’s when you promote products or services to your audience. You get paid a commission for each sale.

For instance, say you love to travel, and you start a travel blog. You might have a list of your favorite travel products. By recommending these products, you can make money each time someone buys one of your recommendations.

The process usually looks like this:

  1. You create online content, such as a blog, website, or newsletter
  2. Within the content, you place links to affiliate products
  3. When users click the link and make a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale as a commission.

The easiest way to get started is to post your content on social media and then encourage people to sign-up for your email list using professional email marketing software such as ConvertKit.

With emails to your audience, promote your affiliates using referral programs. Here’s how to earn $20 per referral. And here’s my list of best referral bonus apps.

Also, read my guides to the top affiliate programs here:

Very easy to startToo many people promote affiliates that only pay $1 per sale. Be smarter.

You’ll only make money that way if you have a huge audience
Make your own scheduleYou have to be passionate and knowledgeable about the category of products you promote.

It’s hard to be successful promoting skin care affiliates if you’re the person who washes their face by splashing with cold water and wiping off with their forearm.

Hint: This is why I don’t personally promote skin care.
Work remotely
You might sometimes get free stuff from companies that want you to promote their products.
It’s realistic to make $25,000 to $100,000 per month, depending on which affiliate products you promote. 

Freelance Writing

Best for: Talented writers

Are you an avid reader? A habitual journal-keeper? Someone who appreciates the subtle beauty of a well-turned phrase? 

If so, then it’s time to consider a career as a freelance writer!

I absolutely love freelance writing as a business idea for women. I’ve hired many smart ladies as freelance writers.

Your freelance writing business puts you in control of your schedule. You decide which assignments to accept, what rate of pay you want, and which clients you want to work with. 

The good news is you don’t need to be an amazing writer – at first. You can learn how to build a freelance writing business with a highly-rated course, like Freelance Writing 101.

You do need to be good at researching online and organizing your thoughts. I will say that most freelance writers are somewhat introverted. If you need to constantly be around people, this probably isn’t the business idea for you.

You might be exploring a topic online and deep in your thoughts writing for a few hours at a time. 

On the flip side, there’s a big community of female freelance writers. So there are plenty of opportunities to socialize online and in real life at conferences and meet-ups. 

It’s also smart to make connections with business owners in general because almost every business needs content. They could be your next client!

Here’s a quick 5-step process for becoming a freelance writer:

  1. Choose a niche. You don’t have to limit yourself, but it’s best to become a specialist in a certain area.
  2. Create some samples. Clients will want to see what you can do.
  3. Look for clients and start pitching. At this stage, you’ll be spending serious time on social networks like LinkedIn and online job boards. 
  4. Find clients and negotiate your price. This is where things get lucrative!
  5. Keep writing – and improve along the way!

A computer, internet, and your brain is how you can make 10k a month. Or if you’re already writing, this could be a hobby to make money for you.

Will AI make freelance writing obsolete? No. But AI is a tool you can use. You can check out AI writing tools such as ClosersCopy and Rytr.

Very easy to startFreelance writing is not the best business idea for women who are very extroverted.
Make your own scheduleYou’ll be in front of computer screens a lot. If you’re already like this, no big deal. But if you’re a woman who is used to working outdoors as a physical therapist for aging ring-tail lemurs, this might be a big change for you.

Although, freelancing writing about helping ring-tailed lemurs get back to, uh, lemuring, is a great subject.
Work remotely
Requires almost no money to start this business idea
I know female freelance writers who make $250,000 per year. More common is $100,00 per year. And I know part-time freelance writers who make $50,000 per year.

Open an Online Store

Best for: Crafters and people with retail experience

Sell, sell, sell stuff! You can sell your own products or products from other companies in your online store.

A brick and mortar store might require a small business loan, and there are local licenses and whatnot. Plus, you need to physically be at the store. One the other hand, your online store is open 24-7 and can make money while you sleep. 

An online store can be a truly passive business idea, depending on what you sell. Plus, opening an online store is way easier than managing a brick-and-mortar business. There’s no monthly rent, no upkeep to consider. Your business could be up and running in days!

The founder of ByRecruiters, Ana Colak-Fustin.
Ana Colak-Fustin is the founder of ByRecruiters – a job search blog and resume template shop featured in Yahoo Finance, The Muse, A Better HR Business, and more.

Ana says selling digital products is the best business idea for women, specifically selling resume templates and other job search resources. 

Ana explains, “There are always millions of people job searching, so resume templates, job search workbooks, and trackers are in constant demand. Plus, this type of business is genuinely rewarding, offering 100% time flexibility, scalability, and a positive impact.”

How much money would it cost to start this business?

Ana estimates, “$5 to $1500, depending on where and how someone wants to start their shop. For example, I started my resume shop on Etsy for less than $10. It took me 2 months to create my first batch of products, but the initial financial investment was low.” 

“If someone wants to kick start their business and launch their shop in a matter of days, a set of resume templates with resell rights, coupled with e-commerce startup fees, can cost less than $1500.”

“Based on my experience and comparing it with other shops, the monthly revenue can range from $1K to $10K+.”

In addition to Etsy, explore making your business idea a reality by opening an ecommerce store on Shopify. Or by making your own site by selecting the best website builder, such as Duda, and best web hosting service.

Simple to start this business You need to keep the attention of your shoppers, or they leave.
Make your own schedule like a true entrepreneur You might have to keep inventory if you’re selling your own products. So you’ll need space. You can start by selling products for other companies instead to lower your business risk at first.
Remote work

extra pointExtra Point: As a business owner, it's important to protect your personal life. Learn more in How to avoid using home address for LLC.

Freelance Web Development

Best for: Techies who enjoy remote work

If you’re an entrepreneurial woman with technical skills, check out freelance web development as a business idea. Or if you like tech and want to learn more about web development, check out this web design course on Skillshare. That could be the start of your web development business!

Today, depending on your client’s needs, you don't even have to be a coder. You could be snazzy woman who’s gotten really good at using best website builders, such as Duda.

Web developers in the US charge anywhere from $25 to $65 per hour, depending on your skills.

A company I worked for paid a web development business $50,000 to update its website with a new graphic design, user interface, and technical capabilities. This gives you an idea that there’s definitely money to be made as a web developer.

Make your own scheduleThis business idea might be best for introverts who enjoy quiet time coding or graphic design or user interface improvements.
So if you’re a woman who likes to work outdoors planting heirloom tomatoes on a Tuesday afternoon, this isn’t the business idea for you.

Save that awesome hobby for Saturdays! Make “da money” on Tuesdays.
Freelance web development can be a remote business for women
Pays well!

Become a Flipper

Best for: Shrewd businesswomen (and habitual thrifters!)

Have you ever seen something on sale – maybe online, maybe at a yard sale – and thought, “Huh, that seems like it could be worth a lot more than they’re asking for?” 

Often, those instincts are 100% right. 

So what if you started buying those discounted items, and then sold them at their actual price? That tactic is called “flipping,” and it’s one of the best business ideas for women!

You can “flip” all sorts of items, including:

  • Furniture
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Appliances
  • Designer shoes and sneakers
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Websites
  • Email newsletters

And sure, you could be a “Jackie of all trades” and sell a bit of everything. But it would be wise to specialize in a certain area. 

You can expect to perfect your business model as you go. The basic idea is simple: Buy things for cheap, fix them up (or not!), and sell them for more. 

But you should be asking yourself additional questions as you go. How can I add value to these items? And where can I sell them for the most money?

The only way to answer those questions is through experience. So, here’s my advice: Just get started, and plan to learn along the way!
Get into the nitty gritty of flipping by checking out the article: What Flips?

Become a Virtual Assistant

Best for: People with computer skills.

Data entry, answering emails, scheduling meetings – these tasks are essential for running a business. But companies don’t want to get bogged down with them, and so they turn to outsourcing. 

That’s why working as a virtual assistant is one of the best business ideas for women!

One great thing about this option is that you don’t have to build anything from scratch. There’s no need to develop a complicated business plan or secure funding. All you have to do is find jobs and apply for them! 

Bestselling business book ghostwriter, Dr. Marcia Layton Turner.
Dr. Marcia Layton Turner is a bestselling business book ghostwriter.  Dr. Turner says, “Right now, I think there is strong demand for virtual assistants.”

“Virtual assistants can work remotely and manage calendars, set up appointments and meetings, create content for social media, manage social media accounts – you name it, really. The barrier to entry is low and demand is high. I've had a VA for more than a decade and it's been a game-changer.”

How much can you earn with this business idea?

Dr. Turner says, “$50k [a year] is fairly easy to make, though I would expect that it's possible to top six figures if you're efficient and can attract a solid set of ongoing clients.”

Being a virtual assistant is sort of like a normal job – except, as a freelancer, you’ll get to work from home and maintain your freedom. You can work whenever you want, as long as you get your work done. Yes, even at 3 AM if that’s when you work best!

Here’s how to begin your career as a virtual assistant:

  1. Touch up your resume so it highlights your computer skills.
  2. Look for jobs online through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.
  3. Land a gig – and start making money!

Freelance Graphic Design

Best for: Artsy types with an independent streak

Are you creative by nature? And do you like using technology to express your creativity? If so, then graphic design is seriously worth considering.

A freelance graphic designer offers their services to different businesses, helping design websites, logos, and pretty much any visual element you can think of. Sure, you’ll have to work within the parameters of the assignment – but you’ll also have plenty of room to let your imagination run wild!

And while an existing knowledge of graphic design programs is helpful, it’s certainly not necessary. You’re smart, right – and have a willingness to learn? Then picking up the basics of Adobe should be doable!

For lots of women, the “freelance” in “freelance graphic design” is what really matters. You won’t be stuck working crazy hours for an overbearing boss. Once you’ve built your reputation, you can accept and reject projects as you see fit! 

Learn more on how you can sell your designs on products like beach towels, hats, and more in this guide: Is Redbubble legit?

Image from Adobe website of a woman paddling on a glacier lake.
Freelance graphic design is one of the best business ideas for women – especially creative types.
Source: Adobe2

Common Questions About Business Ideas for Women

Small Business Ideas for Women? 

Unique Business Ideas for Ladies?

Best Businesses for Women? 

  • Blogging – Women, ladies, females, all of the above can be fantastic bloggers. Start your blogging business using the best web hosting service.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Promote referral bonus apps as a business. You can work from home or while traveling through the beautiful nation of Bhutan.
  • Freelance Writing – Learn with Freelance Writing 101. This is one of the best businesses for women with introverted personalities
  • Online Store – Sell on Shopify – Shopify businesses can make bank. Sell women’s products like fuchsia-colored shovels and motorcycle parts for single moms who want a safe side-car for their baby
  • Freelance Web Development – check out this Skillshare course.

Franchise for Women? 

I have a female friend who owns a house-cleaning franchise business. 

I’m also friends with a wife and husband team who own a Crossfit franchise.

I have a guy friend who owns a frozen yogurt franchise shop, and I know a woman could run this business too.  

Other franchise for women business ideas:

  • Educational centers for children / teaching such as Mathnasium and Kumon Math and Reading Centers
  • Fitness centers such as Snap Fitness
  • Theater for children, such as Drama Kids International

Keep in mind, a brick-and-mortar store might require a small business loan. You can also check out this list of the best banks for small business.

Home Based Businesses for Women? 

  • Blogging – A terrific home-based business for women that is inexpensive to start. Pick a topic you enjoy and build your audience of fans. Be sure to use the best web hosting services if you’re serious about this home-based business. 
  • Affiliate Marketing – Promote referral bonus apps as a home-based business. For instance, I’ve made money promoting Rakuten and Upside because I use them personally. I’ve also known quite a few bloggers making a killing with Ibotta, too!
  • Freelance Writing – I’ve hired women freelance writers who really appreciated being able to care for their children and/or older parents while working from home. Learn more about freelance writing from Freelance Writing 101.
  • Online Store – Selling on Shopify is a classic home-based business. Sell your own products or products from other companies. 
  • Freelance Web Development – you can level up your coding skills with a Skillshare course or jump right into this home based business.

What Is the Best Business for a Woman to Start?

  • Blogging business – Start for a very low cost. Make big money. If you’re serious about it! Check out the best web hosting services for this business.
  • Affiliate Marketing business – Tell people about referral bonus apps. This is super easy to start. 
  • Freelance Writing – Begin your journey with a course on Freelance Writing 101. This is a terrific business for women who can relate to others and are curious about various topics.
  • Online Store – Start your ecommerce business on Shopify.
  • Freelance Web Development business – check out this Skillshare course.

Side Business Ideas for Ladies? 

  • Blogging is a good side business idea for ladies. I know a wife and husband who started a blog as a side business while working full-time careers. Their travel blog became so successful that they were able to quit their jobs! Remember that your blogging business needs the best web hosting services.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Ladies, promote referral bonus apps as a side business, side hustle side gig, with a side of mac n cheese. (Sorry. I’m hungry for smooth, cheesy goodness.)
  • Freelance Writing is a kick-butt side business idea for ladies. Learn about freelance writing with Freelance Writing 101.  This can be a part-time business or full-time business. 
  • Opening an online store on Shopify is a great side business idea for ladies. 
  • Freelance Web Development – check out a Skillshare course. This is one of the best side business ideas for ladies who enjoy coding.
  • Investing – check out this Betterment vs Acorns guide to learn how you can get started with only a few bucks.

Business for Ladies With Low Investment? 

  • Blogging is a sweet business for ladies with low investment. You can start for a few bucks a month using one of the best web hosting services
  • Affiliate Marketing is a business for ladies with low investment. Promote referral bonus apps to your audience and earn anywhere from $10 to $150 per person who signs up.
  • Freelance Writing is a great business for ladies with no start-up costs.  Learn with Freelance Writing 101.
  • An online store is a business for women with low investment requirements. Sell on Shopify here.
  • Freelance Web Development is a good technical business for ladies with low investment. See this Skillshare course.

What is a Good Business to Start for a Woman?

Here are some of the best business ideas for women:

Business Ideas for Women 2024?

Here are the best business ideas for women in 2024:

Small Business Ideas for Girl Students?

Female students can learn about the business world – and make some money! – by creating and monetizing a blog (read this for the best blogging platform). It can be fun, it improves their writing skills, and it helps them see real-world applications for what they’re learning in school. Improve your writing skills with Freelance Writing 101.

What Business Can I Open with $500 Dollars?

You can open all sorts of online businesses with just $500. You could start a blog or website after paying just a tiny bit for web hosting, then monetize the content through ads or affiliate marketing. You could also “flip” items by buying them cheaply, then selling them for more. 

What is the Cheapest Most Profitable Business to Start? 

An affiliate marketing business is cheap to start, and it can become super profitable. The idea is simple: You create an amazing blog, website, or email newsletter, then include links to other products. If someone clicks the link and buys something, you get a cut of the sale. Read more with referral bonus apps.

What Small Business to Start with $5,000? 

With $5,000, you could open an online store. To get started, decide what sort of products you could sell. Then, create your own ecommerce website or set up shop on a platform like Shopify



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