Best Podcast Hosting Sites [2024] Ranked

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Podcast hosting is ridiculously easy these days. That’s why it seems like everyone has a podcast. I started my first podcast in 1999 – really! And I’ve learned a lot since then.

As of now there are over 5 million podcasts1.

So if you want to build an audience, you must get serious about the company you use to host podcasts. I recommend Buzzsprout, RSS, and Libsyn

I’ll say right now, do NOT use a free crappy service, unless you’re only podcasting for a hobby. 

In my best podcast hosting list below, I’ll name the sites that are affordable, easy to cancel, and give you the podcasting tools you need to succeed.

I've been a radio personality, and what’s cool is now anyone can do it by being a podcaster. What I've learned is that to be financially successful podcasting, you need C.A.D.

That’s Content, Advertisers, and Distribution.

The content part is up to you. The podcast hosting site needs to have your back with the Advertisers and Distribution. I’ll explain.

What is the Best Podcast Hosting Site?

  • Buzzsprout – Absolute Best Overall 

1 – Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is the best podcast hosting site. I like that it’s: 

  • easy to use
  • supplies statistics about your audience (my first podcast was 9% my family and 22% some guy in the beautiful nation of Bhutan.) 
  • automatically gets your podcast listed in directories (huge time-saver)
  • helps you make money from your podcast (ballin’)
  • going to make you super duper extra famous even if your podcast is boring because you review the best paints to watch dry. Hint: It’s semi-gloss. This is the best paint to watch dry. 100%. No doubt. Hot take.
Buzzsprout podcast hosting screenshot that shows how this podcast host is trusted by over 100,000 podcast hosts.
What’s the best podcast hosting? Buzzsprout. Why? Because it’s easy and it does the podcast distribution for you. 
Buzzsprout podcast hosting has 4.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot.
Buzzsprout is a highly-rated podcast hosting service. Over 3,000 podcasters love Buzzsprout. It’s popular for a reason.
Buzzsprout podcast hosting is rated 5 out of 5 stars by this reviewer on G2.
This Buzzsprout podcast hosting review highlights how easy it is to host your podcast on Buzzsprout. And the customer service rocks.

Top 5 Benefits of Buzzsprout podcast hosting

1 – Super Easy to Use – Don’t waste time trying to become a podcast engineer fiddling with bitrates and codes. Instead, you can focus on being an amazing podcaster.

2 – Grow Your Audience – Buzzsprout will automatically push your episodes to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, AM/FM clock radios in Red Roof Inn hotels, and many more

3 – Track Your Progress Growing Your Podcast Audience  – Buzzsprout hits you up with cool data dashboards with useful analytics such as total downloads per episode, apps used, devices used, and a list of all the countries where you have fans, such as the beautiful nation of Bhutan.

4 – Helps You Make Money From Your Podcast – Get paid with Buzzsprout podcast ads and/or accept subscriber fees from your audience

5 – You’ll sound great – Have you ever heard a wombat belch in slow motion after guzzling a bowl of soup? That’s how I think I sound on recordings. Fortunately, Buzzsprout has MagicMastering, which is a filter for voices. So now I sound like a chorus of mellifluous butterflies singing Hallelujah. 

The Buzzsprout podcast hosting site distributes your podcast episodes to all the directories.
One and done! After you finish your podcast, Buzzsprout does the work for you. It distributes your brilliant podcast to Apple, Spotify, and into elevators at senior living homes, so watch your language!

Pricing for Buzzsprout podcast hosting

Buzzsprout has a free version for hosting podcasts. No credit card required. No contract. Are you serious about your podcast? Then don’t be cheap with yourself. Give yourself a real chance to succeed. At least try the lowest-priced non-free version. Because then you get enough features to see how you like it.

Expect to pay about $12 per month. You can’t lose here because there’s no contract. Just cancel after a month if you don’t like it. I think you’ll love it. Buzzsprout has been a terrific podcast host for over 15 years! 

5 out of 5 stars from a Buzzsprout reviewer. He even gave a 100 emoji.
Podcast hosting doesn’t have to be hard. Buzzsprout makes podcasting easy.
Easy to useFree version is not for people who are actually trying to have a successful podcast. (Good news is you can pay for one month and easily cancel if you don’t like it)
Helps you monetize your podcastStorage limits might be a concern if you’re planning a long daily podcast
No contract required
Podcast statistics
Automatically distributes to podcast directories to grow your audience
Nice looking podcast player you can embed into your site
Magic Mastering can optimize your voice and sound

Not sure which Buzzsprout version to pick? Get the least expensive version (NOT the free version.) Then easily cancel if you don’t like it or upgrade to the next level if you want even more features. 

2 – RSS 

RSS is the best podcast hosting site for podcasters looking for a terrific value.

List of companies that use RSS, like Ohio University, Webflow, Microsoft and Hubspot
Companies like Microsoft and Hubspot use RSS
Screenshot of RSS podcast hosting, showing 4.9 stars out of 5.
For hosting podcasts, is highly rated on Trustpilot.
Small business owner Candis left a review on G2 for RSS podcast hosting giving it 5 out of 5 stars. She likes their customer service.
Small business owner Candis reviews RSS podcast hosting with 5 stars. She likes their customer service.

Get started with here!

Top 5 Benefits of RSS Podcast hosting

1 – Upload as many shows as you want – gives you lots of space and power, so your podcast can grow a lot, even if it becomes super popular. (This is what makes RSS the best value on our list.)

2 – Easy Management and Engagement –  With, you get tools that make it very easy to run your podcast and connect with your listeners on social media.

3 – Grow Your Audience – RSS automatically distributes your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, and more. 

4 – Learn About Your Fans –  RSS podcast hosting provides you with information and statistics about your podcast, so you can make it even better for your listeners by learning what they like.

5 – Make Money With Your Podcast –  Earn money from your podcast in different ways, like getting sponsors, adding donation buttons, and having a professional-looking website for your show to attract advertisers.

The podcast dashboard screenshot makes it easy to find your podcasting tools. It has a space age theme.
RSS has a sweet podcasting dashboard. Schedule podcast episodes for future dates, check your analytics, distribution, and feel like an outer space person in an outer space suit.

Sign up with RSS here.

Pricing for RSS Podcast Hosting

Expect to pay between $5 and $15 per month. I love that there's no contract. So you can cancel at any time. 

There’s also a money-back guarantee.  

The host of the Dollar AI Club podcast gives RSS 5 out of 5 stars, mentioning quality and ease of use for beginners.
The host of the Dollar AI Club podcast gives RSS 5 out of 5 stars.
Easy to distribute your podcast to all the podcast sites like Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Samsung Podcasts, and more.Free version is kinda wack. But if you’re looking for free podcast hosting, you’re not serious about making money or reaching a lot of people, so this isn’t really the article for you.

For you, I recommend podcasting by calling random people and leaving them really long voicemails.
Big big big pro is that you can host mega hours of podcasts. This is why RSS is the best value for podcasters who plan on a long show.The analytics are good enough for most people, but if you’re a stats nerd like me, go for Buzzsprout.
Comes with a website to host your podcast
You can embed your podcast into existing websites 
Easy 1-click sharing to post your episodes on social media and the YouTube
RSS gives you ways to make money from your podcast. They have beggar buttons (I mean donation buttons), sponsors for you and more.
They assign 100 people to listen to your podcast show so you don’t feel like a loser if no one listens. (Just kidding. And you’re not a loser! Winners try new adventures! Go for it!)

Try out RSS for your podcast with our link here.

3 – Libsyn 

Libsyn is the longest-lasting podcast hosting site in the business. They straight up invented podcast hosting. That’s almost as cool as when Al Bundy invented 7-day underwear. 

Screenshot of podcasters from The Justin Brady Show, Magical Humaning, and She Well Read like using Libsyn as their podcast host
Podcasters from all genres share how they like and use Libsyn
A screenshot on Libsyn shows this podcast hosting site 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.
The Libsyn podcast hosting site has excellent reviews on Trustpilot from podcasters.
A verified reviewer gives Libsyn 5 out of 5 stars for its podcast hosting service, mentioning that it’s easy to use.
This Libsyn podcast hosting review is indicative of what most podcasters have to say about Libsyn for hosting podcasts.

Top 5 Benefits of the Libsyn podcast hosting site

1 – Make Money Podcasting – Libsyn’s Automatic ads let you insert ads even into your old episodes. I like that you don’t need to have millions of downloads before they help you make money.  

2 – Sounds Great – Libsyn has a feature called Connect that optimizes audio, even for guests who join remotely.

3 – Gain Audience Members Everywhere – Your podcast will be distributed to all the podcast listening apps 

4 – Control the Schedule – You can publish podcast episodes all at once listeners can binge, or  you can drip episodes out whenever you like, such as weekly or at very specific times. 

5 – See Your Progress – Libsyn analytics show you a map of your listeners (including in the beautiful nation of Bhutan), demographics, and breakdowns of your latest episodes to see how your show is growing in popularity.

Libsyn illustrates how you can insert pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads into your podcast to make money from advertising.
Libsyn allows you to insert ads into your podcast. Libsyn gets the advertisers, you pick the categories you want, and you can run the ads (if you want) into your shows to earn money podcasting.

Pricing for Libsyn podcast hosting

Libsyn is a terrific deal because the price ranges from just $5 per month up to about $20 per month. The key to Libsyn’s affordability is how easy they make it for you to run ads in your podcasts. 

You don’t have to create a popular podcast to get your $20 per month investment back. Even with just a few thousand podcast downloads per month, you should break even. Plus, it’s really easy to cancel because there’s no contract.

It’s worth a shot to make your podcasting dreams come true!

5 out of 5 stars from this podcast reviewer about Libsyn. She says, “I am very appreciative of this service.”
The Libsyn podcast hosting site gets good reviews for their customer service.

Libsysn has pricing tiers for every budget.

Get started with Libsyn here, and use code TDM to get the best deal on Libsyn currently offered!

Customer service gets rave reviewsNo free trial.

But then again, it’s really easy to cancel so if you’re not willing to try $5 to podcast maybe you need to seek a spiritual advisor to help you believe in yourself. (But that will cost $10.)
Outstanding podcast monetization options to make money from your podcast
High-quality audio recording, even for remote guests
You can publish your podcasts on a schedule 
Libsyn distributes your podcasts to all the podcast platforms
Libsyn provides podcast stats for your episodes

Common Questions About Podcast Hosting 

What is the Best Podcast Hosting Provider? 

Buzzsprout makes podcast hosting easy. Searching for “Podcast hosting free?” Then I do NOT recommend Buzzsprout. But if you intend to be serious about podcasting and want to make money podcasting or build an actual audience, Buzzsprout is my pick.

Where Do I Host a Podcast? 

You host a podcast on a podcast hosting site such as Buzzsprout, RSS, or Libsyn. Each has their pros and cons. In my article, I help you understand which podcast host is best for you.

What is the Best Way to Host a Podcast? 

The best way to host a podcast is to sign-up for an affordable podcast hosting service such as Buzzsprout, RSS, or Libsyn. The worst way is to use some podcast hosting free service that will blast ads that don’t even pay you.

How Can I Host My Own Podcast? 

Sign-up for one of the best podcast hosting services: Buzzsprout, RSS, or Libsyn.

Best Free Podcast Hosting? 

Free podcast hosting is best for hobbyists. So if you don’t intend to monetize your podcast or grow your audience beyond your plants and pets, use free podcast hosting such as Spotify for Podcasts. 

Here are hobbies to make money.

Podcast Hosting Free? 

Spotify for Podcasts is a good free podcast hosting service. The problem is you lack control over your content and monetization. It’s a good option if podcasting is only a hobby. There are better podcast hosting services such as Buzzsprout, RSS, or Libsyn if you want to make money podcasting or reach a bigger audience.

Best Podcast Platform for Monetization?

Buzzsprout is the best podcast platform for earning money from advertising or from subscriptions. RSS and Libsyn are my next favorite podcast hosting picks. You can’t go wrong with any of those choices. You CAN go wrong by procrastinating.

Podcasting is one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit.

Spotify Podcast Hosting? 

Buzzsprout, RSS, and Libsyn each will automatically push your episodes onto Spotify podcasts. 

Post-Game Report: Best Podcast Hosting Sites

  • Buzzsprout – Absolute Best Overall 


1 –,available%20in%20over%20150%20languages.


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