Best Blogging Platform in 2024 (We Rank Best Overall, Value, Budget Pick)

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What’s the best blogging platform? Well that depends on your goal. Are you trying to make money blogging? 

Are you serious about making your blog into a real business? Or is your blog a hobby for you to share your random thoughts on LiveJournal? (Throwback!) 

No worries, I have a “best blogging platform” pick whether you're creating a money-making machine or just considering this a fun hobby. 

You can make a lot of money blogging, IF you treat it seriously. For instance, The Huffington Post started as a simple blog. Now it makes over 2 million dollars – per month!1

And Mashable is estimated to make $600,000 per month from advertising.

I personally worked for a couple who started blogging and, within a few years (yes, a few, not 10) sold it for many millions of dollars. 

I’ll give you the pros and cons of the best blogging sites. My #1 pick is Wordpress. It’s what I use for my own blog. The one you’re reading right now.

What is the Best Blogging Platform? 

  • WordPress – Absolute Best Overall [Most Popular for a Reason! Flexible, Best for SEO, my site uses WordPress!]
  • Wix – Best Value [Fast and Easy to Get Started, Affordable]
  • Weebly – Best Budget Option [Free and Easy to Use]

1 – WordPress

WordPress is my absolute favorite pick for the best blogging platform. Seriously. It’s the best.

This website you're enjoying right now is built on the WordPress blogging platform. 

Wordpress is fast, it has many themes, and I’ll tell you what’s really great… because it’s so frequently used by serious bloggers, there are lots of coders who can fix any problem you have with it for a fair price.

Before I launched Touchdown Money to change your life, I worked for a website owned by a billion-dollar company. Yes, billion with a B. Guess what blogging platform they used? (Insert Final Jeopardy music.) OK, yes, it was WordPress.

I’ve done a lot of consulting, editing, and writing for websites that crushed it with SEO (search engine optimization to appear at the top of Google results). Every single one was built on the best blogging platform — Wordpress.

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms for bloggers.
Wordpress claims 43% of the web uses its blogging platform. I believe it. Because all the sites I’ve worked for that have ranked on Google have used Wordpress.
Many well known companies use the best blogging platform, Wordpress.
Big corporations like Time, USA Today, evil Facebook, Disney, and Bloomberg all use the Wordpress blogging platform. If you’re serious about making money blogging, it’s Wordpress.
A screenshot of the 8.6 stars out of 10 Wordpress receives from TrustRadius.
TrustRadius scores Wordpress 8.6 out of 10. If you can’t succeed with Wordpress, it’s not the fault of Wordpress. 
A screenshot of the 4.5 stars G2 gives Wordpress (out of 5).
G2 rates Wordpress 4.5 orange stars. Orange.

Top 5 Benefits of the WordPress Blogging Platform

1- Do what ‘cha like: WordPress is incredibly flexible. You can create any type of website from a blog to a business site to a portfolio showcase and more. 

2- Make it look how you want: I love all themes you can choose from with WordPress. The sky is the limit in how creative you want to get with your blog! 

3 – Publishing is easier than licking chocolate pudding off the spoon: I like how easy it is to schedule posts/articles, format articles, and even look at old versions of the articles that WordPress archives for you. WordPress also has a cool feature to make some articles password-protected, say if you want them for members only.

4 – Easily upload images, videos, and more: Drag-and-drop your pictures, videos, PDFs, or whatever you want. WordPress organizes it and allows you to edit it. 

5 – Customize like crazy: Your website is your baby. Nobody wants a stupid and ugly baby. (I was a stupid baby, but I was beautiful. According to my mom.) Customize your WordPress blog with thousands of plugins.

My favorite WordPress plugins make my site ( faster, rank higher on Google search (SEO), and compress images so they load faster. There are also plugins to moderate comments from your adoring fans, install calendars so people can book meetings with you, and more. 

A screenshot of the behind the scenes with WordPress.
I use Wordpress because it’s the best blogging platform. It’s mega-easy to format articles and publish articles optimized to rank on Google search for SEO.

Pricing for WordPress

Wordpress has a free option. It has ads on it. Don’t get it. Don’t be cheap. The lowest-cost version is very inexpensive (like $4 or $5 per month) and has no ads. Try that one so your site looks professional.

Here’s a Wordpress review on G2:

A screenshot of praise for WordPress.
An SEO genius loves Wordpress. Shocking, right? That’s what I’ve been telling you.
A screenshot of additional praise for Wordpress.
A software engineer also says WordPress is the best blogging platform in his review. These are smart people. Be smart. Use WordPress if you’re serious about ranking on Google.

📽️Watch this video about how to build a blog with WordPress:

WordPress Pros and Cons

🏈✭ Pros🤾🏽Cons
Easy to useEasy, but NOT brain-dead easy. I hired a coder from to set mine up. It was very affordable and was completed quickly.

After he set it up, I can do everything myself.
Very AffordableFree version has ads on it. Don’t use the free version. The paid version is very affordable.
Best blogging platform for SEO
Incredibly customizable

Huge Hint: Many web hosting services include WordPress! So if you first need web hosting, try my top pick for beginners, Bluehost. You can get it and install WordPress from there. Here’s my list of best web hosting services

2 – Wix

Wix is the best value for a blogging platform. Wix has different packages suitable for everyone, from people trying out blogging to people who know 100% they want to blog to make money.

In short, WordPress is my top pick, but you’ll likely need to hire an inexpensive coder from or wherever to set it up. (After set-up it’s super easy to blog yourself.)  

If you don’t want to hire a coder to do that, pick Wix.

A screenshot of the best value for a blogging platform, Wix.
Wix offers over 900 website templates. You don't need to be a designer or coder to use Wix to blog. But if you are actually into design, you can customize your blog.
An example of how Jason Momoa's company uses Wix.
Jason Momoa (you know him from Game of Thrones and Aquaman) uses Wix for his company Mananalu, which sells water in environmentally-conscious aluminum bottles. How nice.
A screenshot of the 4 stars Wix has received from G2.
Wix has earned 4 stars on G2 and rated best value (ROI – Return on Investment). See, they agree with me. Good job, G2.
A screenshot of the 4.6 stars Wix has received from Trustpilot.
Trustpilot users give Wix 4.6 stars with over 10,000 Wix reviews. Hot dang.

Top 5 Benefits of the Wix blogging site

1- A beautiful site for your audience and customers: Build your blog with Wix and use their slick pre-made templates. And yes, you can customize.

2 – Make your blog look how you want: Use the Wix drag-and-drop tool to customize your site.

3 – I hate slow sites. Your customers do too. Wix is fast: Slow sites make people leave. Wix loads your blog quickly with its rendering optimization technology.

4 – Get seen on Google search: the Wix blogging service has everything you need for SEO (Search engine optimization). Customize your URLs, add metadata, and more.

5 – Free domain name: The Wix paid plan includes a domain name. You’ll need to buy a domain anyhow, so having it included is pretty sweet.

An example of the templates you can choose from with Wix.
Wix has an amazing template gallery. I suck at design. In kindergarten, I was the one sticking the green crayon in my ear. I once made a collage in 7th grade, and it caused my art teacher to suffer a seizure and go to “jury duty” for 6 weeks. But Wix could even make me look like a design genius.

Pricing for Wix blogging site

Wix starts at around $16 per month. There’s a free option, but don’t. Just don’t. They put ads on your site. It doesn’t look professional. Be serious about your blogging. Treat blogging as a business so you can make money.

I really like that Wix offers a 14-day trial. Wix says, “If you're not 100% satisfied, get your money back.”

Screenshot of a positive review of Wix.
Small business owner Jonathon W. wrote a Wix review and it’s overwhelmingly positive. He especially likes how affordable Wix is.


Stunning site designs – really. It’s easy with the Wix AI website builder. There are cheaper blogging services. Don’t be cheap. Get a good value. Wix is a strong value.
Wix is known for terrific customer support.With the cheapest Wix blogging plan, you don’t get visitor statistics information. I’d like them to include this feature in all blogging plans.
Great for eCommerce websites / blogs. Integrate payment options with ease. You can offer subscriptions and collect recurring payments on your products.It’s not easy to switch templates once you publish your blog. This is probably not an issue for most people, but I thought you should know.
Includes the Wix logo maker
No coding needed – drag and drop
Free SSL security certificate with paid plans 

3 – Weebly

When ranking the best blogging platform, Weebly is my pick for Best Budget Option. That’s because Weebly has a free option – and it doesn’t suck!

The best part about Weebly is that you basically set up your blog, hit publish, and go. With WordPress, and even Wix, there’s some customization that could take you a little longer to hit publish and go. Weebly doesn’t have those options, making it an affordable and quick option for bloggers who just can’t wait to get their thoughts out there on the web. 

Getting started so easily does have its pros and cons, of course, which is why I recommend WordPress over Weebly. Sure, you can get started quickly with Weebly, but eventually you may want the greater customization WordPress offers – especially if you have an ecommerce site or want to monetize your blog. Still, Weebly is a great budget option to get started with!

Weebly is an incredibly popular blogging platform.
Over 1.7 million websites use the Weebly blogging service, according to
An example of a website using the Weebly platform.
Bontay Bay is built using the Weebly platform. Their blog looks clean, loads fast, and effectively sells delicious foods.
Weebly has received a 4 star rating from G2.
Weebly has a 4-star rating from G2 users, making it one of the best blogging platforms.

Top 5 Benefits of the Weebly blogging site

1 – Your blog will look fantastic – Weebly has so many themes, it should be easy to find something you like. 

2 – It’s brain-dead simple to use – Drag and drop, no coding. If you can’t create a site with Weebly, someone might have stolen your brain and replaced it with a baked potato.  

3 – Easily sell products – It’s easy to create an eCommerce site with Weebly to sell your organic vegan scented candles made from char-grilled asparagus or to sell your used artisan socks made from your belly button lint to foot pervs. 

4 – Make money with memberships – Weebly makes it simple for bloggers to have both free articles and paid articles. This is great for stock market blogs, blogs that sell courses, and advice blogs, educational blogs, and blogs where the audience will pay to read about how your socks got so sexy sweaty. 

5 – Connect with your customers and audience– Weebly makes it easy to ask your adoring fans for their name, email address, and more so you can contact them. 

More examples of Weebly templates.
The Weebly blogging platform comes with a plethora of gorgeous templates. Yeah, I said plethora! And I’ll say it again! No, I won’t. But don’t test me.

🔗 Get yourself some free Weebly blogging software here.

Pricing for the Weebly blogging site

Weebly has a free option. That’s right, $0 per month. Weebly also has paid options starting at around $10 per month.

Get the best Weebly pricing on the world wide internet with my Touchdown Money link here.

A screenshot of a positive review of Weebly.
Umida’s Weebly review is very positive. She used Weebly blogging hosting to create a work portfolio.

🔗 Sign-up for a Weebly blog here.


No coding, easy drag and dropCustomer service isn’t as good as it used to be, according to many Weebly reviews I found
Beautiful templatesNot as much flexibility with designs as with other blogging platforms
There’s a free version
Get all the blog audience data you need. Weebly connects with Google Analytics.

🔗 Sign-up for Weebly here.

Common Questions About Best Blogging Platform 

What Platform is Best for Blogging? 

The WordPress platform is best for blogging. It’s the best platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your articles to appear at the top of Google search results. It’s easy. It’s affordable. It’s what I use personally.

What is the Best Platform for a Beginner Blogger? 

WordPress is the best platform for a beginner blogger. It’s easy and affordable. WordPress is a professional blogging solution, so while you might be a beginner, your site won’t look like one.

What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money? 

WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money. It’s the best blogging platform for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for affiliate marketing. You can add e-commerce plugins to your Wordpress website to sell items. I worked for a billion-dollar corporation that used Wordpress for its sites.

What is the Most Successful Type of Blog? 

The most successful type of blog focuses on what the customer wants, not what the writer wants. Imagine your ideal customers or audience members. They can afford what you’re selling or are interested in your topic. Create your blog for them.

Best Free Blogging Platform? 

WordPress is the best free blogging platform. The only drawback is that WordPress will put ads on your site. I recommend the paid version to remove the ads. It’s affordable and worth it. I use WordPress myself. Otherwise, use the Weebly free blogging site.

Best Blogging Platform for Writers? 

The best blogging platform for writers is WordPress. WordPress is very easy to use. WordPress is also the best blogging platform for SEO, so your articles can rank at the top of Google search results.

Best Blogging Platform Reddit? 

Asking, Best blogging platform reddit? I researched Reddit and overwhelmingly people like Wordpress the best for blogging. The reason is it’s very affordable and you can control your site much more than you can with other blogging platforms. It’s also easy to use.

A screenshot describing how customizable WordPress is.
Because Wordpress is the most popular blogging service, there are lots of videos and tutorials to help you use it. 

Post-Game Report: Best Blogging Platform

  • WordPress – Absolute Best Overall [Most Popular for a Reason!, Flexible, Easy to Use, Best for SEO, my site is using Wordpress!]
  • Wix – Best Value [Fast and Easy to Get Started, Affordable]
  • Weebly – Best Budget Option [Free and Easy to Use]



1 –

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