Hey there, my name is Scott Lieberman and I’ve been making money online since 1999. (I know, crazy!) By 2008 I embraced the WFH (work-from-home) lifestyle. The freedom of a location-independent career has allowed me to travel to 25 countries. And not just visit — I’ve lived in various places for months at a time!

I’ve started Touchdown Money to serve you for one reason: FREEDOM.

  • You want to travel? Do it!
  • You don’t want a boss? Ditch ’em!
  • You want more time with your family? It’s yours!
  • You want to be unabashedly rich! Go get it!
  • You just want to feel financially secure and relaxed? Absolutely. It’s all here for you.

Life Is Short

Don’t live your life wondering what could have been if you’d only went for it. Score that touchdown! Win!

I’ve lived in sunny Cancun for the winter, explored Paris and lived in the south of France, romped around Italy, rented a condo right next to the beach in the Dominican Republic, experienced 10 hours of daily sunlight in Finland for the summer, breathed in the crisp mountain air in Poland, and sampled Anthony Bourdain’s favorite restaurants around the world, and much more.

I am thoroughly convinced that if a dude born and raised in a housing project in the Bronx can do it (me), you can do it too. Or do your own version! Some of you might want to experience “geo-arbitrage.” That’s where you get paid in your currency from your employer or your business but live in a much cheaper country. That’s how I was able to afford to live with house help (cook, maid, driver) in the Caribbean.

Success Is a Game

Success is within reach when you realize, it’s not personal! It’s a game. And any game can be mastered when you possess just two things:

1 – Skills

2 – Strategy

I’m here to help you with both.

Consider me your coach. I’ll give you the playbook to success. You’ll be the quarterback. You’ll find yourself getting better and better. All it takes a real desire to score that touchdown! You’re here to win BIG at life.

I gotta be straight-forward. I named this site TOUCHDOWN Money, not Field Goal Money! So this is NOT a site about clipping coupons and saving 45 cents a day by recycling coffee beans.

Nothing wrong with that for other people. But if you want to be in Touchdown Money Nation… you gotta think BIG.

We’re here to make dreams come true. We’re here to fight for our freedom — to live life on our own terms.

The time has come to feel PROUD of your progress. This is for the people who want to be real players in the game.

As a kid, I saw my dad get laid-off from his job through no fault of his own. I saw the pain and the feeling of no control over life. I thought to myself, “NO FREAKING WAY.” That will NOT be me! Somehow, some way, I will take control of my destiny.

Now for you that could mean you stay in a corporate job but you have such in-demand skills that you can bounce at any time. Your job needs you more than you need it. What a feeling!

Build a Business or Scrappy Side-Hustle

But I encourage you all to start a business or at least a side-hustle. This is how you retire early. This is how you get rich. You can’t sell your job. But you CAN sell your business for millions!

Your job basically pays you for your time. Your own company will one day soon run without you. You’ll have workers. Or you might pass the business down to your kids. Or maybe you’ll take the company public.

You’ll have options.

Join me in the march down the field of success.

Whether you’re young and life is at First Down or more mature and life is Third and Long… it’s no matter. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) became a billionaire at 23 while Ray Kroc (McDonald’s) was about 60 when he became wealthy.

I’m excited for you. The only losers are the ones who never start.

Start by entering your best email. Win.