How to Make Money as an Attractive Female [2024]

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You’re hot. You know it. You had the glow up. Now it’s time to show up.

Get ready to cash in on fashion. 

Make that paper as a, um, landscaper. Dammit! I stink at rhyming.

Anyhow, here’s how to make money as an attractive female.

For instance, the average YouTuber (who takes it seriously) earns about $69,000 per year1.

But you’re an above-average woman! So I’ll show you easy ways to earn money. And I’ll show you ways that may take time but can earn you $100,000 or even millions of dollars per year. 

In fact, I worked for a woman who made so much money with her travel blog that she was able to retire early.

How to Make Money as an Attractive Female  

Become a Makeup Influencer to Sell Products and Tutorials

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year, certainly $100,000 per year or more

As an attractive female, other women will look to you for beauty tips. This includes makeup tips, hair styling advice, and more.

Because of the crazy earning potential, Influencer is on my list of the best jobs that pay 1 million dollars a month. Learn more in this guide to How to make 50k a month.

1 – Post your make-up and/or hair tutorials to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

That’s how you’ll build your audience. 

2 – Make money by helping your followers.

Sell your fans:

  • Tutorials AKA paid courses on Skool 
  • Your favorite products (this is called affiliate marketing). You’ll get paid whenever your fans buy products.
  • Your own products that you create!


Instagram of Andreea Ali where she has 699k followers.
Andreea Ali knows how to make money as an attractive female! She has make-up tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube to gain new potential customers.

When you click her “link in bio” you can see all the ways she makes money.

A screenshot of Andreea Ali’s Link in Bio page for social media
As a pretty woman you might find it easy to sell products and courses to help others optimize their appearance. Andreea sells make-up, hair products, courses, and more.
A screenshot of the courses Andreea Ali sells
Andreea Ali sells her online courses for $99 each.

Andreea Ali uses Teachable to sell her online makeup courses. Platforms like Teachable and Skool make it simple to upload videos and sell courses to your followers!

Olivia Jade also shows us how to make money as an attractive female.

Screenshot of Olivia Jade showing how she completes a makeup look while in her bathroom
Olivia Jade monetizes her online business with affiliate marketing. Simply put, when you click a link in her YouTube description to the products, she makes money when you buy.
Screenshot of Olivia’s YouTube description section linking to all of the products she features - she gets paid every time someone purchases from her link. 
When you see links like this in a YouTube description, they are likely affiliate links. That means the content creator gets paid a commission whenever someone clicks one of those links and buys something.

Now, if you really want to take it to the next level, create your own products!

That’s what Christen Dominique has done.

Screenshot of Christen’s YouTube page
Christen Dominique makes money as an attractive woman by selling her own line of cosmetics.
Screenshot of Christen’s makeup sales page
You’ll make the most money by selling your own products. But it’s probably best to start by selling famous products from other companies so you can learn how it’s done.

To sell her own products, Christen Dominique has a website. You should definitely create your own site so you can sell products and courses. Check out Shopify and Squarespace.

Finally, I highly recommend you email your fans so you can convert them into customers. Social algorithms can (and DO!) change frequently. They can hide your posts! But when you have email addresses, you can send messages to your followers whenever you want.

Use ConvertKit for email.

Looking for more business ideas? Check out our list of business ideas for women, and learn how to make money online for beginners if you’re just starting out!

Share Product Reviews on Your Own Blog

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year if you hit it big. $100,000 per year is very possible

I worked for a husband and wife team who started a blog to review travel-related products. They made millions of dollars when they sold their blog. They were able to retire in their 30s.

If you’re wondering how to make money as an attractive female, blogging is a terrific way. Of course, you’ll want to show yourself to take advantage of your good looks!

Your topic might be something you’re passionate about such as travel, cooking, fitness, restoring classic bulldozers, or dog grooming. 

Here is my pick for the best blogging platform.


Amy Jackson reviews beauty and fashion products on her blog Fashion Jackson.2

Screenshot of Amy Jackson’s homepage
Attractive female blogger Amy Jackson reviews products to make money.
Screenshot of Amy’s favorite go-to travel bags with photos of each product
Fashion Jackson reviews travel products. She gets paid whenever someone clicks a link on her site and buys the product.

Notice how smart Amy Jackson is about gaining new readers to her blog. And how smart she is about keeping those readers by creating an email list.

Screenshot of Amy’s Pinterest page encouraging people to follow her on social and visit her website
Fashion Jackson posts outfits and products on Pinterest to get attention from new people. She encourages those people to go to her website.

Here’s how to make money on Pinterest.

Then when you get to her website, she’ll ask you to sign-up for her email newsletter.

Screenshot of Amy’s pop up email box
Fashion Jackson isn’t shy about using her good looks to get email subscribers and make sales.

Fashion Jackson’s site looks beautiful. Learn more about small business website design and the best website builder.

Blogging is one the most profitable online businesses. Blogging is also one the best business ideas for women because you can make your own schedule.

On your blog / website, you could review expensive handbags. Remember, as an affiliate, you get paid whenever someone clicks your link and makes a purchase. Check out our Louis Vuitton affiliate program review and Farfetch affiliate program review to learn more.

You can review all sorts of products; it doesn’t necessarily have to be fashion. For example, if you’re into electronics, you can review Samsung products.  Check out our Samsung affiliate program review for payment details.

Many of your favorite products have affiliate programs. One of the most fun ways how to make money as an attractive female is to promote products and get paid. 

Here are more helpful affiliate program guides:

All of the following niches have affiliate programs:

  • Nutrition
  • Travel
  • Skincare
  • Fitness 
  • Fashion
  • Pets 
  • Fragrances
  • Camping
  • Personal Finance
  • Gig Work 
  • Photography 
  • Feet pics and previously worn panties. Yup.

And here is how to earn 20 dollars per referral.

Blogging is one of my favorite low-cost business ideas with high profit.

Become a Fashion Influencer 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year 

As a pretty girl, you can make a high income as a fashion influencer. And as any type of influencer, really. But let’s use fashion as an example.

You’ll make money by

  • Promoting products that pay you when someone purchases (affiliate marketing)
  • Selling courses to fans who become your students
  • Selling 1 on 1 private consultations 
  • Selling sponsored posts where you promote brands to your followers


Screenshot of Campbell’s Instagram page
Campbell Hunt Puckett is an attractive female fashion influencer.
Screenshot of Campbell traveling, wearing fancy clothes, and visiting chic hotels
Female fashion influencers make money and have fun doing it!

Campbell knows how to make money on Facebook with her content.

But Campbell Hunt Puckett also has a website and email list.

So if you’re serious about making money online, create a website with Squarespace or Shopify. And create your email list with ConvertKit.

Check out the best email marketing software to learn more.

Fashion influencer is a terrific business to start with 10k, because it’s a proven way how to make 10k a month. But you could actually start this business with $0 if you had to. 

Create an OnlyFans Channel

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year

Rapper Cardi B currently earns the most money per year on OnlyFans, with $9.43 million dollars3

Yes, you can keep your clothes on and still make money on OnlyFans. Use your attractive female looks to capture the attention of men and other people who want to look at you.

Then give them compelling reasons to pay you subscription fees each month. It could be because you interact with them and they’re lonely. Or you excite them. Or you read Tarot cards to tell their future. Or you teach them advanced calculus, while jumping on a trampoline without a bra. 

Learn how to make money on OnlyFans.

YouTube Channel Host / Vlogger 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year

Here’s how to make money as an attractive female in a fun way. Be a YouTuber. 

People mainly use YouTube to be informed or entertained. However, there is a third main reason that I’ll describe in a moment.

An example of informing people would be to create a travel YouTube channel. Teach people about the destinations and the best places to stay.

Screenshot of one of Ana’s recent videos on YouTube
Ana and her partner Ian create wonderful travel videos on YouTube. They get paid when you sign-up for products and tours with their affiliate links.

You can educate or entertain people on YouTube with your beautiful self by:

  • Teaching people how to do stuff like hair, fitness, painting, violin, and aortic valve replacement
  • Entertaining people with singing, comedy, acting, skateboarding tricks, dancing, or hula hooping with rings of fire while eating an ice cream cone before it drips
  • Or the third way – keep people company

Lots of us humans feel lonely sometimes. We need companionship. But we lack friends or family members who love us enough to talk to us. It could be because we eat a lot of raw garlic. 

Or because I annoyed them too much by constantly trying to convince them to visit the beautiful nation of Bhutan with me! Oops, too personal.

Anyhow, here are easy ways that attractive females can make money on YouTube by keeping lonely or anxious people company:

1 – “Study With Me” Videos 

Sometimes these are called Pomodoro sessions. This just means studying for a certain length of time with scheduled short breaks.


Screenshot of a 2 hour Study With Me video on YouTube by Angela V
Angela V has over half a million YouTube views for this Study With Me video! She gets paid from YouTube ads.

How do you get paid from Study With Me videos? Simple. You allow YouTube to show ads on your video. You get a percentage of the profit.

The video is just hours of Angela V studying! Some people really just like seeing and hearing another person hit the books while they study too. They say it’s calming.

2 – ASMR videos

ASMR means autonomous sensory meridian response. That blah-blah-blah simply means the sounds make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. You might get a pleasurable tingling sensation just by listening to the sounds of the video. 

As an attractive female, you can make money from these videos because you’ll capture attention with your pretty face.


Screenshot of an ASMR video where one attractive woman gives another attractive woman a massage. Apparently it’s to help you go to sleep. 
Nearly half a million YouTube video views for this ASMR video! 

In ASMR videos there are microphones that pick up all the sounds. So when you watch this massage video, you hear the woman’s scalp being massaged. 

I thought ASMR was stupid but then I listened to it and – whoa. It is actually very relaxing. 

Look, you can start YouTube as a hobby or side hustle and then ramp up if you like it. In fact, it’s one of my favorite hobbies to make money. It’s also a great way how to make money online for beginners.

Another way to make money as an attractive female on YouTube is to be a show host on someone else’s channel. Basically, that YouTube channel pays you to read their scripts.

You can advertise your YouTube hosting services on freelance work sites like UpWork.

Become a Virtual Fitness Trainer 

Earnings Potential: $80,000 to $100,000 per year

Here's how to make money as an attractive female while getting paid to do your workouts.

Be an online fitness trainer for people who want an attractive female teaching them!

Make work-out videos for your target audience. Post them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

This will earn your attention from people who can become your training clients and students.

A certain percentage of your followers will want to pay you for access to your online courses or 1 on 1 instruction.

Screenshot of Madeline’s Instagram account
Madeline Custer is crushing it as an online fitness trainer!

“Madeline Moves” makes money as an attractive female by publishing free fitness videos. To get advanced knowledge, you can sign up for her app, which charges you monthly.

Madeline also has an email newsletter because she knows how much money you can make when you directly email your fans with offers. That way she doesn’t have to rely on social media algorithms.

Sign-up for ConvertKit to create your email list. 

If you want to get started as a fitness trainer, you will need to invest some money in equipment, but not a ton of money! Check out this list of businesses to start with 10k – or less.

Sell Pictures of Your Feet 

Earnings Potential: $1,200 to $60,000 per year

Wait, you’re still just using your feet for walking? Ugh! Get with the times! Foot fetish people want photos of your feet. And they’re ready to pay you for them!

Sure, some people have to work with their hands. But not you, you’re too beautiful for all that. You’ll work with your feet. Check out FeetFinder.

You can be anonymous, but it probably helps to show your pretty face. Get ready to take pics of your feet doing various exciting things such as 

  • Slipping into high heel shoes
  • Seductively draped in flowers
  • Squishing your toes in the sand
  • Stomping on floors
  • Getting into silk stockings
  • Getting your toenails painted
  • Picking up your socks with your toes
  • Kicking villains in the groin area

Date Rich Men and Marry One of Them

Duh. The best way to make money is to let someone else do all the work for you. Sure, you might feel bad that you’re lazy and taking advantage of a guy who is smitten with your beauty. But you can get over that.

And if you can’t? Use hubby’s credit card to pay for your therapy with hunky Dr. Sven, who is also a bodybuilder and masseuse.

Common Questions About How to Make Money as an Attractive Female 

How Can Attractive Females Make Money Online? / How to Make Money as an Attractive Female Online? 

Here’s how to make money as an attractive female:

  • Make-up tutorials – get social media followers then sell online courses with Skool 
  • Review products on your blog – use your face to help get known. You can use Squarespace for your blog
  • Be a fashion influencer – be sure to start an email list. Use ConvertKit 
  • Be a YouTube Host
  • Be an online fitness trainer
  • Sell feet pics – Use FeetFinder
  • OnlyFans 

How Can a Female Make Money ASAP? / How to Make Money Fast as a Woman? 

Women can make money ASAP by getting a job. Duh. 

Another way you can make money fast as a woman is to sign-up for a credit card that has a sign-up bonus. Check out the best credit cards for young adults. And the best business credit cards. These have sign-up bonuses ranging from $100 to $1,000.

Or get people to pay you monthly to subscribe to your OnlyFans.

To make money fast as a woman, check out: what can I sell to make money and how to make money fast.

And check out these referral bonus apps because that’s a fast way to get paid.

Another way to make money fast as a woman is to borrow money. In that article, I give you tips.

How Can I Get Paid For My Looks?

  • Contact YouTube channels of businesses and offer to host videos for money
  • Be an online fitness trainer
  • Do hair and make-up tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok  – Then sell online courses with Skool 
  • Review products on your blog – use your face to help get known. You can use Squarespace for your blog
  • Be a fashion influencer – Start an email list so you can send people affiliate links. Use ConvertKit 
  • Sell pic of your feet – Use FeetFinder 
  • Become a model – ModelScouts, Model Management and Model Mayhem are well known
  • Perform on OnlyFans. Like juggling. Or Shakespearean sonnets. 

How to Make Money With My Beauty? 

  • Fitness, hair, or make-up tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok  – Then sell online courses with Skool 
  • Blog about a topic you enjoy like travel or web programming with Python and JavaScript. Show your beautiful self. You can use Squarespace for your blog
  • Fashion influencer – Start an email list so you can send people affiliate links. Use ConvertKit 
  • Sell pics of your pretty feet doing cool things like walking or standing – Use FeetFinder 
  • Become a model – try ModelScouts, Model Management or Model Mayhem 
  • Perform on OnlyFans. Keep your clothes on. Do something where you mock men for being stupid idiots yet they pay you because you're in a bikini
  • Submit UGC videos to companies who pay you to review their products

How to Make Money as an Attractive Female on Instagram?

  • Be an Instagram influencer for fitness, make-up, hair, skin (skinfluencer), travel, cooking, nutrition, fashion, playing golf or tennis or lawn darts. Then sell online courses with Teachable or Skool .
  • Use your good lady looks to gain followers on Instagram. Then put a link in bio for people to join your email list on ConvertKit. Through email, you’ll send people product recommendations using your affiliate links to get paid. 
  • Love to travel? Here's how to make money as a travel photographer.
  • Entertain people on Instagram with your singing, rapping, music, comedy, acting, or airplane stunts. Then let brands know that you’re ready for paid sponsorships to promote their junk, er, valuable products. Or just sell feet pics on FeetFinder 

Here’s how to make more money using your brains and beauty.

How to Get Rich With No Money as a Woman?

  • It takes nearly no money to create photos and videos of yourself. Teach people or entertain them on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.  – Then sell online courses with Skool 
  • Be a budget fashion influencer – Show people how to dress nicely without spending much money. Start an email list so you can send people affiliate links. Use ConvertKit.
  • Check out these low cost business ideas with high profit. Some are free.
  • Become a model – check out ModelScouts, Model Management and Model Mayhem 
  • Learn how to get a startup business loan with no money
  • Perform on OnlyFans. Wear a bikini while shoveling snow for old people for $50 per hour. That way you’ll get paid twice for the same activity. Here’s how to make money on OnlyFans.
  • Submit UGC videos to companies who will pay you to review their products
  • Marry a rich person. Start by dating rich people who are single but want marriage. They’ll pay for your dinner dates, so that’s an immediate win. Make sure they’re actually rich and not just leasing their Rolls Royce or borrowing a mega-yacht from a friend. 



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