Zara Affiliate Program Review [2024] Ambassador Approval Process

Getting paid for clothing hauls and livin’ the dream – here’s how to do it step by step. And you DON’T need millions of followers either.

In my Zara affiliate program review, I’ll describe how it works, how much money you can make, and I’ll help you get approved. 

Did you know the fashion industry is worth $3 trillion dollars? That’s 2% of the world’s GDP. (The other 98% is from boring stuff like computer chips and premium dental floss. And NOT the cute kind meant for Border Collie puppies.)

Cute border collie puppy.
Make money with Zara affiliate commissions so you can spend it on spoiling your dog.2 Did you know Zara sells pet bed cushions? So petfluencers can make money, too.

I’ll show you how to join the “Zara affiliate program USA” or Zara Ambassador program, or whatever fancy name they’re calling it now.

What Is the Zara Affiliate Program?

The Zara affiliate program, technically called the Zara Ambassadors program, gives social media influencers a way to make money by promoting Zara products. You can sign up through the Zara website, then use the Captiv8 affiliate marketing portal to manage your work as a Zara Ambassador. 

Rosa Diana is a fashion influencer with about 6,000 followers on her main Instagram account. She says she was accepted into the Zara Ambassador program and explains the process:

Zara is an international fashion company that sells a wide range of clothes and accessories for women, men, and children. If you become a Zara ambassador, you’ll be promoting products like cute dresses, shoes, and something called skorts. Whatever the hell that is. 

While I’m not a fashion influencer myself, I do know all about making affiliate money online because that’s what I’ve been doing for over a decade. So if your audience wants skorts, it’s skorts you’ll promote. 

The Zara Ambassador program is a great option for growing your online business. Looking for other ideas? Read this article on how to double 10k quickly.

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Affiliate marketing is a legit way:

Affiliate marketing is also one of the top low-cost business ideas with high profit. And it’s one of the most profitable online businesses of all your options. 

I worked for a couple who owned an affiliate marketing blog. When they put their online business for sale, they made millions of dollars. 

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and don’t have enough social media followers for Zara, start with referral bonus apps and earn 20 dollars per referral.

Sweaters and crochet shirts for sale on Zara.
The Zara Ambassadors program is great for influencers in the fashion niche. (Do you say nich or neeeesh? I say Neeee-CHAY with an Italian accent while doing this 🤌.)

Is The Zara Affiliate Program Legit?

Let me continue this Zara affiliate program review by making something 100% clear: The Zara affiliate program is legit!

When you’re a Zara Ambassador, you’re working with 2 respected companies: Zara and Captiv8 (a platform for influencer marketing). Both of these companies are legitimate and reputable. 

Let’s start with Zara. Since its 1975 founding in Spain, the brand has become a fashion behemoth. It’s now part of the Inditex company, which also owns a few other international brands and it has stores across the world, from Paris to New York.

Now, let’s take a look at Captiv8. It might not have the same brand recognition as Zara, but it’s a major player in the influencer marketing space. And the people who use it love it. That’s why it gets 4.6 stars on the G2 review platform. 

So, if the “Zara affiliate program USA” is something you’re considering, don’t worry about scams. This isn’t a program that will rip you off or steal your money!

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Is The Zara Affiliate Program Worth It?

There’s a reason this Zara affiliate program review is generally positive. The program is legit, and it’s a great way for certain influencers to make money online. 

But the Zara Ambassadors program isn’t for everybody. 

Zara’s program is designed for influencers who are already producing content and attracting an audience of people who are likely to be interested in Zara’s clothes and beauty products.

The Zara affiliate program is great for people who know how to make money on Pinterest.

So you can’t just sign up for the Zara affiliate program and start sharing affiliate links. You have to apply for a spot in the program, and whether or not you’re accepted depends on your existing online presence.

Let’s say you’re brand new to the world of affiliate marketing and have under 1,000 social media followers. In that case, getting accepted to Zara could be tough. After all, they’re looking for existing fashion and beauty influencers, not people who are starting from zero followers and don’t yet have published content.

But let’s say you already have an online following, and you’re interested in style and fashion. That means you’re a perfect candidate for the “Zara affiliate program USA” lifestyle – and applying for the program is definitely worth it!

As a Zara Ambassador, you can make commissions of up to 8%. And while the 24-hour cookie window is far from ideal, you can still make good money if you get enough traffic to the Zara website and convince those people to buy home decor like a cashmere knit blanket or denim like their high-waisted mini flare jeans.

Zara model wearing pink pants.
Make money as a Zara Ambassador by promoting jeans, pants, bags, jackets, swimwear, blazers, candles, fragrances, and adorable vehicle exhaust mufflers.

You could also work as a Zara Ambassador while participating in other fashion-related affiliate programs at the same time. To learn more about your options, check out my Louis Vuitton affiliate program review and my Temu affiliate program review

Do your research, fine-tune your content, and you could carve out a lucrative niche as an affiliate marketer in the fashion industry!

How Does The Zara Affiliate Program Work? 

The Zara Ambassadors program, which is the closest thing Zara has to an affiliate program, works by paying influencers a commission for promoting Zara products.

That’s the general idea, but it’s time for my Zara affiliate program review to describe the process in detail. 

Here are the 5 major steps:

  1. You apply to be a Zara Ambassador. You can do this through the “Ambassadors” page on the official Zara website. You’ll go on to create an account with Captiv8 (the platform Zara uses to manage its ambassador program). During the application process, you’ll have to connect your social media accounts so that Zara can assess them. 
  1. You receive “processed links” from Zara. These links might come with images and branding. Your job is to share them with your followers (and encourage people to click!).

    Influencer Rosa Diana says she likes to make a favorites list on the Zara app. Then she gets the link to it and puts that link inside the creator site to convert it to the affiliate link you share with your followers.
Zara ambassador, Rosa Diana on YouTube.
Fashion Influencer Rosa Diana features her Zara Favorites page in her Link in Bio.
  1. You create content containing your Zara links. The content could take all sorts of forms, including product reviews and short videos. 
Zara ambassador example content.
With the Zara ambassador program, you don’t need codes. Just post your Zara affiliate link.
  1. You earn commissions when followers click the links and buy things. Zara itself says commissions can be as high as 8%. Once someone clicks your link, they have to buy something within 24 hours for you to get the commission. 
  1. Captiv8 sends you your payment. You have to earn $50 before you can get paid – and payments aren’t guaranteed until 75 days after an item’s return period is over. Annoying? Yes, but the rule is necessary since Zara needs to make sure the buyer doesn’t return the item before sending you money.

When you start this process, review your online presence and make it look as professional as possible. 

Remember, Zara is under no obligation to accept your application. You want them to see your accounts and think, “Wow! We need this person on our side!”

The create an account page for Zara ambassadors.
Creating an account is your first step in the “Zara affiliate program USA” journey.

What Is The Catch With The Zara Affiliate Program?

There isn’t a true “catch” with the Zara Ambassadors program. You just need to know ahead of time that not everyone is accepted. The Zara program goes through Captiv8 – a platform geared towards genuine influencers, not small-time affiliate marketers. 

Is The Zara Affiliate Program Safe?

The Zara Ambassadors program is totally safe to use. I’ve read the fine print in the “Terms of Service,” and there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s also reassuring that Captiv8, the platform that the Zara Ambassadors program runs on, has a massive support section. Have a question about the influencer portal? You can probably find the answer on the Captiv8 site. 

These seem like people who want you to succeed – which will make your life as an influencer easier.

Speaking of safety, if you’re an influencer, you’re running a business! And you protect your PERSONAL income by forming an LLC. ZenBusiness makes it fast, easy, and affordable. 

Learn more about the best LLC service and even how to avoid using home address for LLC

Pros and Cons of The Zara Affiliate Program

It’s time for this Zara affiliate program review to break things down into pros and cons. 

What makes the program great for fashion content creators? What are the major drawbacks? I’ll dig into both questions below. 


  • The maximum commission rate is 8%. That’s pretty solid in the world of affiliate marketing! As a comparison, Amazon typically only pays 2% commission for fashion sales.
  • It’s easy to apply. You’ll just have to provide basic information and connect your website and social media profiles.
  • Fashion can be a lucrative niche. If you tailor your online presence appropriately, you could join several fashion-related affiliate programs at once. 
  • How many followers do you need to be accepted into the Zara affiliate program? Fashion influencer Rosa Diana was accepted into the Zara affiliate program with about 73,000 TikTok followers, 6,000 Instagram followers, and about 3,000 YouTube subscribers. This is a plus because you don’t need millions of followers to be accepted.

    Rosa says she knows people who were accepted in the Zara affiliate program who had under 10,000 total social media followers. And influencer Teresa Magallon was accepted with about 5,000 TikTok followers.


  • The cookie window is just 24 hours. If someone clicks your Zara link, you’ll only get a commission if they buy something within a day. Many affiliate programs give you a much longer window.
  • You might not get accepted to the program. Zara will review your existing online presence before deciding whether to work with you.
  • It can take a long time to get paid. Not only does Captiv8 have a $50 cashout threshold, but Zara also says you’ll get paid “within 75 days” of the return period for a certain transaction being over. So this isn’t going to be an immediate money-maker.
  • Do you get free clothes as a Zara Ambassador? No. Some other ambassador programs do, so there’s that.
  • How long does it take for your Zara ambassador application to be accepted? Fashion influencer Rosa Diana says it took a couple of months. That’s kind of a long time compared to other affiliate programs. Although, influencer Teresa Magallon said it only took one week in her case.
Teresa Magellan showing us her approved Zara ambassador application.
Lifestyle Influencer Teresa Magallon says her Zara Ambassador application was accepted within about a week.

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Zara Affiliate Program Reviews

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a single Zara affiliate program review that was clearly written by a fashion content creator. It seems like Zara Ambassadors aren’t rushing out to write about their experiences! 

Hopefully, that’s a good thing! If people had a lot to complain about, they’d probably be writing nasty reviews.

What I did manage to find were some reviews of Captiv8, the platform Zara uses to run its ambassadors program. 

In a 5-star Captiv8 review, someone praised both the customer service and the platform’s inner workings.

Five star Captiv8 affiliate platform review.
Someone says Captiv8, the platform Zara uses for its Ambassadors program, deserves “5 stars all the way.”

Someone else called Captiv8 “the best agency you can work with.”

Positive Captiv8 review.
Someone leaves a 5-star review for the Captiv8 influencer marketing platform. 

Making money as a Zara ambassador is probably one of the most fun online jobs. It’s right up there with how to make money as a travel photographer.

Common Questions About The Zara Affiliate Program

Zara Affiliate Program Alternatives / Zara Affiliate Program Competitors / Alternatives To Zara Affiliate Program / Similar To Zara Affiliate Program?

Here are some alternatives to the Zara affiliate program:

Does Zara Have an Affiliate Program? 

While Zara doesn’t offer a standard affiliate program, the Zara ambassador program lets influencers earn commissions of up to 8%. It’s basically the same thing.

How To Become a Zara Ambassador?

You can become a Zara Ambassador by creating an account through the Ambassadors page of the official Zara website. 

From there, you’ll be taken to the Captiv8 platform, where you’ll connect your website and/or social media accounts and submit your application. 

As a Zara ambassador, you don’t get free clothes. But if you buy them, you can wear them and then resell them once you know What Flips.

If you’re posting your clothing hauls for fun anyhow, being a brand ambassador can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies to make money.

Zara Ambassador Program / Zara Brand Ambassador / Zara Ambassador Network?

The Zara Ambassador program runs through the Captiv8 platform. It has a 24-hour cookie window, and it pays commissions of up to 8%. 

The Zara Ambassador Program works best for fashion influencers.

In fact, being a fashion influencer is one of the best ways how to make money as an attractive female or how to make money as an attractive male. Being a Zara ambassador is one of the best business ideas for women.

But if you prefer to slowly and seductively take off your Zara clothes to make money, learn how to make money on OnlyFans, how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple, or how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy. No judgment zone.

Is The Zara Affiliate Program a Scam? 

The Zara Ambassador program, which is the closest thing Zara has to an affiliate program, isn’t a scam. There’s no guarantee you’ll be approved – but once you’re in, you can earn commissions of up to 8% by sharing Zara links in your content. 

How Much Do Zara Affiliates Make / How Much Commission Does Zara Affiliate Program Pay? 

Zara affiliates make up to 8% in commission. The Zara affiliate program is called Zara Ambassadors. Ambassadors can make up to 8% in commissions – but some reports suggest that not all affiliates make that much. 

The Zara affiliate program can take up to 75 days to pay you your commission. If you’re looking for fast money, check out:


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