How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Couple [2024]

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I’ve done the research for you. I’ll reveal (tee-hee) how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple

There are surprising ways couples are making money on Only Fans such as creating pay-per-view shows about

  • Travel 
  • Fitness
  • Comedy

And more!

But yes, there are also ways to make money doing intimate activities for paying subscribers.

I found a couple on OnlyFans who made $661,919 in 3 years with a hot teacher theme. In the beginning, they stayed anonymous by blurring their faces. 

Screenshot of 3 women out by the pool for the show There’s a Catch on OnlyFans.
OnlyFans is going mainstream. There are reality-TV quality shows like “There’s a Catch.” 
Screenshot of the cast of LMAOF on OnlyFans.
There is also a stand-up comedy show on OnlyFans called LMAOF.

So you don’t necessarily need to do raunchy things as a couple to make money on OnlyFans. You can keep it PG-13 or R-rated. Or go further if you like.

There are now over 3 million content creators on OnlyFans1

I’ll explain how to rise above the competition to make money on OnlyFans as a couple.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Couple 

Create a Professional Couples Account 

Can couples make money on OnlyFans? Heck yeah! But you’ll need to make your OnlyFans account look professional. It’s easy.

Check out this OnlyFans Couple example:

TheWildWithYou couple on OnlyFans outlining why you should follow them.
The first step to make money on OnlyFans as a couple is to upload great photos to your profile. Then fill it out with what makes you unique as a couple.

Note how this Only Fans couple promotes their:

  • Free page
  • What makes them unique: they happen to be Army veterans who love to travel the world
  • Podcast
  • OFTV
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Wishlist

Copy their OnlyFans bio template and add your twist to it.

Pick a Niche 

OnlyFans is crowded with over 3 million content creators. The most important thing is for your content to be exceptional.

What does exceptional mean? It means different and better.

Different can simply mean that as a couple you two are exceptionally 

  • good looking
  • seductive
  • large in the naughty areas people pay to see
  • small in the naughty areas people pay to see
  • I’m talking about feet! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Different can also mean your OnlyFans in niche is specialized like

  • Cosplay (Costumes)
  • Furry stuff
  • Foot smooching
  • ASMR (erotic sounds like brushing hair or massaging)
  • Naughty stories
  • Whips n chains n leather n yogurt (WCLY)
  • Humiliation of your fans
  • Belching after sucking on a pickle
  • Mud wrestling 

The fewer people who are into a certain niche or fetish, the fewer paid subscribers you can get. So why would you do that OnlyFans niche? 

Because it might be a high-paying OnlyFans topic. While not many people are into WCLY, they also find it really hard to get that content. So they’re willing to pay more to get it.

Remember, another way how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple is to do whatever you think people are willing to pay to see. This can be

  • Comedy skits
  • Vlogging
  • Travel 
  • Cooking
  • Music 

A big part of the appeal of OnlyFans is that paying subscribers can interact with you. So something that can make you different is how often and effectively you interact with your paying fans. 

Perhaps your paid fans want to watch you dance as a couple. Or watch your everyday life. 

They might be willing to pay just to feel like they’re your friend. Or feel like they’re a naughty perv hiding in the closet while you two do couple stuff in the bedroom with yogurt.

This makes OnlyFans one of the most profitable online businesses.

For business ideas other than OnlyFans check out:

Leverage Social Media 

Build your audience by posting free content on social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc.

Constantly let people know you have a couples OnlyFan to which they can subscribe for your premium content.

Be sure to create an email newsletter. If you get banned or shadowbanned or the social media algorithm changes, you’ll still have a way to message all your followers.

Simply send out an email once a week with updates. Use ConvertKit. It’s easy.

Actively Engage With Fans 

Custom content is a great way to make money on OnlyFans as a couple. Take requests from your paying subscribers.

It might excite fans to hear their name in your next video!

You can also get paid on OnlyFans with tips. People tend to tip more when they’re happy. 

Take OnlyFans seriously, and it can be one of the best business ideas for women, men, and yes, couples.

Offer Exclusive Content

Exclusive content can be a goldmine for how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple.

Let your OnlyFans subscribers know that you offer exclusive content for a price.

You should make your exclusive content more expensive because it’s more special than your normal OnlyFans content.


  • PPV (Pay-per-view) content that’s naughtier than your usual content
  • Video chatting as a couple with just one subscriber
  • Dedicated private message access to you both
  • Creating personalized videos and pics just for that subscriber
  • Showing what happens behind the scenes so subs can get to know you better

Let’s take the example of a comedy duo couple on OnlyFans.

You do your video talk show / podcast for all your subscribers. But exclusive content could be:

  • a show with uncensored topics, or
  • a show for just a few paying subscribers and you do “crowd work” with their responses,
  • or improv comedy about topics from your paying subscribers

If you have money to invest in video production, you might consider using it to set your content apart. Beautiful backgrounds, video editing, sound, hair, makeup, and so on can make you stand out. OnlyFans can be a good business to start with 10k.

But you can definitely start OnlyFans with $0 and just your phone. This makes OnlyFans one of the best low cost business ideas with high profit.

Offer OnlyFans Subscription Bundles

This OnlyFans couple offers discounts:

A screenshot of TheCoupleNextDoor1 which offers monthly and yearly subscriptions to their content.
One smart way how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple is to offer subscription bundles. Incentivize people to pay for an entire year by giving a discount. 

Build Additional OnlyFans Revenue Streams 

Can couples make money on OnlyFans? Yes. But why limit yourself to just OnlyFans when you can earn passive income with merchandise, too?

Set-up a Shopify store. It’s easy. And if you don’t, you’re missing out on easy passive money each month.

You’ve worked hard to get fans. Some will want to buy your t-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs with your name, logo, face, catchphrases, etc. You set this up just once, and this merch can sell for years.

You might also want to put a profile on Cameo. Here, you can sell shout-outs to your fans. From what I’ve seen you can charge anywhere from $25 to $100+ for just 60 seconds of your time talking into your phone’s camera.

Make a website. Use Squarespace. Your website will be your main presence on the internet. From your website, you can link to your:

  • OnlyFans profile
  • Social media profiles, 
  • PayPal donation page,
  • Cameo

Your OnlyFans is actually a business. So check out the best small business website design to use.

On your website this is also an opportunity to post photos, videos, and blogs to promote your OnlyFans, Shopify merchandise store, and more.

Here is the best blogging platform.

On your social media profiles, be sure to check out link-in-bio Linktree alternative Stan Store. Stan Store is really advanced and in just 10 minutes you can be monetizing your following.

If you’re looking for other income streams, you might also ask yourself, what can I sell to make money?

Common Questions About How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Couple 

Can Anonymous Couples Make Money on OnlyFans?

Yes, anonymous couples can make money on OnlyFans! The key is to be unique and make subscribers feel a real connection with you – even if you are hiding your true identity.

There are couples on OnlyFans who wear masks. Some couples even use AI to make their faces look unrecognizable or different.

You can also use a video editor to simply blur your faces and tattoos.

I really like this AI tool called FliFlik.  Because it can remove background objects! 

Remember, you need to keep your backgrounds anonymous, too. You don’t want framed photos of you or your home decorations to be identifiable by family or co-workers who may accidentally find your OnlyFans.

Learn more about how to make money on OnlyFans.

Can You Make $10,000 a Month on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can make 10000 dollars a month on OnlyFans. The top OnlyFans creators make millions of dollars a month. 

But let’s be real. To make 10k a month on OnlyFans, you’ll need to create exceptional content. And you’ll need to promote it to a big audience on social media, YouTube, and everywhere you can.

The top OnlyFans creators have one of those crazy jobs that pay 1 million dollars a month.

But if you’re researching OnlyFans, yes, it’s a legit way how to make more money.

What is The Realistic Income for OnlyFans? 

The realistic income on OnlyFans is between $180 dollars a month and $10,000 a month. Remember, the top OnlyFans creators even make millions of dollars per month. 

You make more money on OnlyFans in two ways:

  • Making incredible content
  • Being excellent at OnlyFans marketing

Have an OnlyFans strategy of picking a valuable niche (subject area that people are willing to pay for) and of reaching as many people as possible on social media to tell them about your OnlyFans account.

The top tier of OnlyFans creators have basically created jobs that pay over 1 million a year.

Here's how to make money on OnlyFans. And how to make money on OnlyFans as a guy.

OnlyFans Couples Average Income? 

The average OnlyFans couples income is about $180 dollars a month. That’s because most couples don’t have an OnlyFans strategy.

To make 10k a month on OnlyFans as a couple, it’s smart to:

  • Create a strong persona / characters like: hot teacher, naughty nurse and doctor, college professor and student, or super heroes who fight crime and make boink boink outdoors
  • Do OnlyFans marketing by promoting your account on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Monetize your OnlyFans couples account with a Shopify merch store, pay-per-view events, exclusive content, and Cameo personalized videos

If you just want to try out OnlyFans as a side hustle, check out other hobbies to make money.

OnlyFans Couple Salary? 

An OnlyFans couple salary can be between $180 per month and $10,000 per month. It depends on how attractive, seductive, unique, and customer-focused they are.

Also helps to be sexy or have gorgeous feet.

OnlyFans really isn’t how to make money fast. But it can be how to make 10k a month.

How to Make a Joint OnlyFans Account? 

1 – Create a username that shows your OnlyFans persona. 


  • DrLove_NurseKnockers  
  • DumbbellDon_CardioKim
  • QueenBee_SubmissiveDrone

2 – Make a hot or unique profile pic

3 – Write your OnlyFans Bio

Only Fans Content Ideas for Couples?

I’ve seen Only Fans couples content on the following topics:

  • Vlog / Day in the Life
  • Comedy
  • Sexy Music videos if you have singing, rapping, or dancing abilities
  • Traveling
  • Podcasts about random topics
  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Mountain biking
  • And more!

Hint: If you want to start your own podcast that can be on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and more, check out the best podcast hosting.

I can’t say making money on OnlyFans is easy. There are easier ways how to make money online for beginners. But if you’d have fun making OnlyFans couples content, it could be worth a shot!

How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Couple Reddit? 

Reddit is one of the best places to promote your OnlyFans couple account. That’s because there are popular subreddits on nearly every topic to match your OnlyFans niche.

People on Reddit say the way how to make money on OnlyFans as a couple is to create characters for yourselves. Definitely take advantage of any unique body traits. And get good at marketing your OnlyFans account.

Here’s an example from Reddit:

A screenshot of someone sharing on Reddit how he and his girlfriend make six figures with their OnlyFans account.
On Reddit, a guy and his girlfriend says they will make over 100k a year on OnlyFans.



1 –

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