How to Make Money as an Attractive Male [2024]

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You’re an attractive man. 

Random babies innocently turn to you and say, “Daddy?” 

Random women not-so-innocently turn to you and purr, “Daddy.”

Sure, it’s great being an attractive dude. But you’re tired of flexing your pecs in the mirror while absolutely no one pays you to do it.

So here’s how to make money as an attractive male.

Did you know that us humans tend to trust attractive men and women more than regular-looking people? Yes, there are scientific studies to prove it.1

Because people naturally trust you more, you can sell them more stuff to make money online. I’ll explain.

How to Make Money as an Attractive Male 

Promote a Business or Product 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars a year if you take it seriously. 

Promoting products is also called affiliate marketing. Simply, you recommend a company’s products. Then when someone buys the product because of your recommendation, you get paid. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses. Many influencers make money through affiliate marketing online.

For example, you could make a YouTube channel reviewing electronics, phones, etc. By partnering with companies such as Samsung, you’d get paid when people click your special link and buy those products. 

Check out our Samsung affiliate program review to learn more.

Or use your stunningly handsome looks to promote expensive handbags to women. Check out our Louis Vuitton affiliate program review.

Many of your favorite products have affiliate programs. If you're looking for how to make money as an attractive man, use your remarkably good looks to promote products in fields like fitness, nutrition, travel, skincare, fashion, grooming, watches, colognes and perfumes, and more.

Here are more of the best affiliate programs:

Host a YouTube Channel / Vlog

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year if you hit it big. $100,000 per year is very possible

YouTube is where people go to learn things and to be entertained. It also helps to know how to turn women on.

Businesses will hire you to read their scripts. These are called “talking head” videos. Your beautiful face will say the words they send you. 

Typically, you’ll explain how to do something, review something, or give people the news.

To get these jobs, it’s best to make a video portfolio. These are videos of you hosting on YouTube. Just record your attractive self explaining a topic. You can read a blog post or explain something you already know how to do.

Promote yourself on freelance sites such as Upwork. Or email businesses on YouTube that are struggling to get views. They might need a handsome face to help increase their audience. And if you're looking for how to make money as an attractive man, why not be that face for them?

You’re unlikely to make big money this way. But it could be quick money. The way to potentially make millions of dollars is by having your own YouTube channel.

If you can get many millions of views on your humorous or informative YouTube videos you can make millions of dollars. YouTube pays you each time someone watches an advertisement they put on your video.

Jake Paul makes $45 million dollars a year from his YouTube videos.

If you teach people a skill, you can make money as an attractive male without needing so many video views. That’s because you can monetize your YouTube channel by selling 

  • 1:1 coaching 
  • Video courses on Skool 
  • Affiliate products from other companies that relate to your topic

For example, in my previous business, I sold 1:1 coaching for $100 per hour to clients who emailed me after seeing me on YouTube. Now imagine if I was an attractive male instead of a regular dude with skinny knee caps! I’d be a billionaire!

extra pointExtra Point: Wondering how to make money as an attractive male with YouTube? Host a travel channel. Take off your shirt in every video because you’re jumping into a beautiful lake or wrestling a grizzly bear.

Hosting a YouTube channel is one of the best low cost business ideas with high profit.

Wondering, what can I sell to make money? Courses or coaching based on a YouTube channel are a great option.

Start an OnlyFans Channel 

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars, even if you keep your clothes on

Sure, you can sell feet pics. I tried that, but the OnlyFans platform accused me of being a lady chicken and banned me for trying to show poultry without a license.

Comedian Matt Rife released his first stand-up comedy special on OnlyFans. He made money by charging subscribers to view it. He’s a funny and good-looking male. He used OnlyFans to make money at first. 

Now he’s very popular after getting lots of views on TikTok. He’s made millions of dollars with his stand-up comedy tours and merchandise. If you’re funny, you can do it, too!

If you’re not funny, explore OnlyFans in other ways where people might want to pay you. Maybe you’ll do sweaty workouts, or swim, or read naughty romance novels shirtless by candlelight to middle-aged moms who are drinking wine while hiding from their husbands and kids.

Here’s how to make money on OnlyFans

Become an Influencer / Content Creator

Earnings Potential: Millions of dollars per year. $100,000 is definitely possible

When you walk past, people ask for your autograph. Actually, they don’t because they’re too intimidated by your good looks. Your bottom resembles the statue of a Roman warrior.

Use your manly good looks and get yourself into videos and photos online. You’ll want to educate and/or entertain people. This is one of the best ways of how to make money as an attractive man!

You could create content about:

  • Fixin’ stuff
  • Liftin’ stuff
  • Doin’ stuff
  • Traveling 
  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Real Estate in your area
  • Sports 
  • Music
  • The job skills you have such as sales
Josh Bailey has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. He appears shirtless. His abdominal muscles are neatly organized into 8 sections.
Josh Bailey is a terrific content creator. He makes money by posting fitness and healthy cooking tips on Instagram and YouTube to get attention. Then he sells online courses for people willing to pay money for his expertise.
Josh Bailey has videos where he’s exercising his chest muscles and making healthy pineapple mint ginger shots and mango salsa salmon meals.
Josh Bailey gets new subscribers with YouTube Shorts for his fitness and cooking videos. Then he monetizes his good looks and skills by selling online courses.

If you want to be a podcast host, that’s cool. Get an excellent microphone so listeners can fully enjoy your deep, manly, attractive voice. But if you have a handsome face, be sure to also put your podcast in video form on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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Social media is great for building an audience. But what will you do when the algorithm changes and they hide your posts?

All your hard work will be spoiled. So be absolutely sure to create a website and email list. These are yours forever, and a solid way of how to make money as an attractive man consistently.

Easily create a website with Squarespace. Use ConvertKit to send email newsletters.

Learn more about the best website builder.

Become an Online Fitness Trainer 

Earnings Potential: $80,000 to $100,000 per year

Here's how to make money as an attractive male and actually get paid to maintain your good looks!

Be an online fitness trainer for people who want an attractive male teaching them!

How do you start? 

Make workout videos for your target audience. Post them on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. 

That won’t make you much money. But it will get you what you need – attention from prospective clients!

After you have a good-sized audience, tell them that you’re making a special online video course. You’ll charge them to access it.

Paul Sklar is rippling with muscles outdoors. His neck muscles look like a cobra ready to strike and kill a Soviet-era tank.
Paul Sklar earns money from a paid membership to his fitness program. He also makes money with affiliate programs by selling fitness products from other companies.

Why would they pay? Because they already know you, like you, and trust you! The video course will have content not available for free. You might also answer their questions on the course platform. 

That’s why I recommend Skool for hosting your online course. It handles all that stuff for you.

Another way to make money as an online fitness trainer is by offering 1:1 sessions and live classes. 

Use your masculine good looks and muscles to attract paying customers who want to be in good shape like you!

Not sure where to start? 

Here’s how to make money online for beginners and how to make more money.

Also, another way to be an attractive male is to be smart with money. If you're new to investing check out my comparison: Betterment vs Acorns. These apps make it easy to make money in passive investments.


Earnings Potential: Male models tend to make between $70,000 and $140,000 per year2

Here’s how to make money as an attractive man and model:

Step 1 – Make a portfolio of your best photos. 

Headshot, body shot, etc. Post on your social media channels.

Hashtag your posts with what makes sense like #model, #mensfashion, #menstyle, #StudMuffinExtraordinare 

Step 2 – Get attention on social media

Follow and comment on the posts of brands, agencies, and designers with whom you want to work. 

Step 3 – Join freelance model sites 

ModelScouts, Model Management, and Model Mayhem are well known. 

Avoid scams. Don’t pay anyone up front for representation. Don’t take out your willy. 

Step 4 – Go on casting calls. 

It helps to live in cities with many casting calls, like New York and Los Angeles.

Be a Body / Stunt Double for a Famous Actor  

Earnings Potential: $50,000 to $150,000 per year

To get this job you’ll need to look similar to the star actor. And you’ll need to risk your body.

Two buff long-haired blonde men with blue eyes are eating sandwiches together while discussing the geo-political implications of global warming. Or they’re talking about trucks. Not sure.
Two beefcakes. Two sandwiches. One of these attractive males is Chris Hemsworth and the other is stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton. If you look like Thor, you could be the one getting paid $65,000 per film to perform exciting movie stunts.

Common Questions About How to Make Money as an Attractive Male 

How to Make Money From Your Appearance? / How to Make Money From Your Looks? 

The best way to make money from your appearance is to use your attractiveness as a way to get attention on the internet using YouTube and social media. And then promote products (affiliate marketing / influencer marketing), sell your own products, or teach people a skill when they sign-up for your online course on a platform such as Skool

How to Make Money When You’re Attractive? 

Sure, there’s OnlyFans. But you can also use your good looks to gain attention on the internet using Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Then use affiliate marketing and influencer marketing to make money. Or sell your own products. Or teach people a skill when they sign-up for your online course on a platform like Skool.

How to Make Money as an Attractive Male on Instagram?

1 – Pick your niche. 

Fitness, Travel, Cooking, Fashion, Dating Advice for Women, Music, and Comedy are all good niches for attractive males.

2 – Get your Instagram followers to join your email list. 

Use ConvertKit. This is crucial because of the next step.

This could be a fitness course, how to travel on a budget, etc. Use Skool to host your course.

Another way how to make money as an attractive male on Instagram is to become an influencer. You’ll get paid by companies to promote their products to your followers.

How to Make Money as an Attractive Male Online? / How Guys Can Make Money Online? 

Make money as an attractive guy online with any of these ways:

  • Becoming an influencer for fitness, fashion, travel, etc.
  • Host your own YouTube Channel or be a host on someone else’s channel
  • OnlyFans – comedian Matt Rife sold his first stand-up comedy special on OnlyFans
  • Model online – get started on ModelScouts
  • Affiliate marketing

Can You Make Money Off Your Looks?

Yes. Yes, you can. You can date rich people who appreciate your good looks. Then marry them. Then let them pay all the bills while they enjoy your company. When they ask, “Will you work?” You say, “I work out! This booty didn’t boot itself! Now I’m so upset I need to go shopping with your platinum credit card.” This is a fun way of how to make money as an attractive man.

If you can’t marry a wealthy person, consider becoming an influencer, YouTube host, online model, or learn how to make money on OnlyFans.

Best Jobs for Attractive Males?

Attractive males should avoid jobs where they’re asked to headbutt cacti, use poison ivy as shaving cream, and taste-test spoiled milk. Instead, try one of these jobs: 

  • Online influencer for fitness, fashion, or travel
  • YouTube Host
  • Instagram comedian
  • OnlyFans guy who flexes his oiled up muscles while pouting like a sexy fish
  • Online Fitness Trainer
  • Affiliate marketing using your face on video

Top Male OnlyFans Earnings? 

Male rapper Tyga reportedly earns $7.69 million dollars per month on OnlyFans.

I once posted my shirtless photo on OnlyFans. I earned negative 3 dollars. 

That’s OK. I paid the fine. And now I’m making money as a Hollywood stunt double in a new movie starring a greyhound dog.



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