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Org chart software is a sure-shot way – may I add, the simplest of them all – to know your organization’s structure, no matter how big or complex. Org charts, short for organizational charts, show your company’s entire structure. This is helpful not just for clients and potential customers, but also your internal employee structure.

Gone are the days of clunky, hard-to-design, and frankly ugly org charts. The org chart software market, now valued at $412 million1, is predicted to jump to $653 million by 2029. This means every company is leaning on these tools – or will be soon!

So, what’s the best org chart software in the market out there? Here’s the breakdown.    

What is the Best Org Chart Software? 

  • Monday – Absolute Best Overall 

1 – Monday

Org charts make it easier for your company to function efficiently, and there’s no better example of that than Monday. More than 152,000 customers rely on Monday Work OS to create org charts. 

Monday Org Chart Tool lets you build your company’s organizational chart through simple drag-and-drop within minutes. 

Monday goes above and beyond expectations. Plus, you can use the Free Plan for an unlimited time before spending money on it. Isn’t that cool? 

With Monday, you can easily define processes and roles, plus the drag-and-drop editor is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use. That's why it's my No.1 choice as the best org chart software. 

Monday has helped companies to save close to $50,000 a month and over 1,800 valuable work hours, and some of the world’s most popular brands use Monday for a crystal-clear view of what’s going on in their organization. 

Here are only a few examples of the companies currently using Monday: Coca-Cola, Hulu, Adidas, Canva, Discovery, and Wix. 

Image of the companies that use Monday's org charts.
Monday’s org chart software is used by Holt, Canva, Coca-Cola, Oxy, and Lionsgate

Monday is an award-winning platform used by thousands of customers worldwide. TrustRadius has recognized the brand for its outstanding features, including Top Rated, Most Loved, and multiple Best of awards. 

Image of awards Monday has won.
Monday has been recognized by TrustRadius for multiple awards, including Top Rated, Most Loved, and Multiple Best of awards in 2023.

That’s not all – won the Webby Award for Productivity in the category Apps, Software Work & Productivity in 2020.

Get started using Monday for free here.

Image of an example organizational chart with Monday.
Build your organizational chart in minutes with Monday.

Top 5 Benefits of Monday:

1 – Efficiently and Quickly Build Org Charts – Monday packs powerful features to build org charts for companies. Quick drag and drop, several templates, and multiple color coding options mean you get it done within minutes and spend more time working on the profitable side of your business.    

2 – Get Help Whenever You Need It – Monday is one of the easiest organizational charting software in the market. Still, if you get stuck at any point, personalized support is available 24/7. Just shoot them a quick email. Their average response time is 2 hrs! 

3 – Define Processes With Ease – Build repeated and scalable processes directly from your org chart window. Many reviewers say they find it helpful to assign tags and deadlines directly in the Monday org chart, giving insight into where their team spends the most time. 

4 – Enjoy the Power of Complete Integration – Integrate seamlessly with your other project and resource management software to have everything right in one place – saving you and your team hours of searching.

5 – Super Simple to Figure Out – Just ‘Set it and forget it!’ – Multiple reviewers praise how easy the org charts are to set up, even for those who aren’t computer savvy. If you upgrade, Monday also offers automations, which reviewers lauded for being a “set it and forget it” feature integral to their business. If you want your business to run seamlessly without you micromanaging everything, Monday’s org charts are a great way to dip your toes into the Monday landscape. 

Interactive Monday Org Chart examples. 

So, if you have been looking for the best org chart software for your organization, sign up for Monday. You can thank me later. 

Now let’s talk about the pricing. Monday has multiple subscription plans for different team sizes. The individual plan, for up to 2 seats, is free forever – yes, free! 

They also have Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans to fit your company’s requirements. Plans range from $24 – $57 per month per user, depending on which plan you go with.  

Subscription plans for Monday org chart software. 
Subscription plans for Monday org chart software. 

Big and small brands praise Monday as the best org chart software. Let’s see what they have to say. 

Tom Zrihen, Director of Operations and Projects, Cloudinary – a tech brand that has logged 3X growth in ROI (Return On Investment) with Monday: “Everyone is now turning to to solve new challenges, and it's a sign that it is what we needed to support our efficiency, productivity, and growth.”2

Charlie MacGregor, Founder & CEO of The Student Hotel says: “Now that we have Work OS as the backbone of our organization I feel that I have an overview I can trust.”  

Here’s a video tutorial to help you get started with Monday.  

Simple and intuitive interfaceNot a standalone software. Comes as a part of the Monday Work OS.
High-end automation helps you save time Minor learning curve to track project goals
Seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Gmail, and more 
Affordable packages ($8 – $16/per seat/per month) for companies of all sizes. There is also a forever free plan for up to 2 seats.  
Can be accessed from mobile through the Mobile App. 

Overall, Monday is a great software for organizational charts. Get Monday here!

2 – Microsoft Visio 

In my list of the top three best org chart software options, Microsoft Visio holds the 2nd spot for being the Best Value option in the category. It costs just $5 per user per month and brings a bunch of useful features to the table – giving you the best value for your money. 

Microsoft Visio, part of the Microsoft Suite many of us are used to, transforms the way your company visualizes data – be it the org chart, flowchart, or network diagrams. Visio makes building charts attractive and fun. With features like intelligent diagramming, quick collaboration, and sharing Visio is worth every penny you spend on it.  

The software is used by more than 51,000 companies worldwide, which is no surprise, given how ubiquitous Microsoft is. If you want to create an org chart that everyone can access and understand, Visio is an excellent choice given that many people are trained on the Office platform.

Organizations like The Global Fund, Robins & Morton, and more use Visio. 

The Global Fund, Robins & Morton, and SBB CFF FFS are just a few of the companies using Visio. 
The Global Fund, Robins & Morton, and SBB CFF FFS are just a few of the companies using Visio. 

Visio is much more than an organizational charting software. This cloud-based tool packs many integrated features. It makes working simpler in today’s hybrid work environments. 

An example of someone creating org charts in Visio.
Create impactful org charts in Microsoft Visio. Source: Microsoft Tech Community

Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Visio:

1 – Create Powerful Visuals – With ready-to-use templates and a user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to create org charts quickly, and efficiently – and you can easily train others to do the same!

2 – Communicate Without Boundaries – Accessibility checker, Narrator, and High Contrast support mean your org chart and diagrams are available for everyone at any time. 

3 – Get the Most Out of Team Meetings – With Visio options for app and desktop, you can take your flow charts and org charts on the go, whether that’s off-site team meetings, customer presentations, and more. Plus, it’s all automatically updated through the cloud, so your data updates seamlessly.  

4 – Enjoy the Power of Automation – Connect your org charts to external data sources, like Excel, by using Power Automate, to automatically execute business workflows – keeping your business on schedule and profitable!

5 – Familiar Interface – There’s basically no one in the United States (and probably the world) who hasn’t used an Office product at one time, meaning everyone on your team will at least intuitively know how to navigate Visio. This makes it excellent for the business owner who’s trying to onboard new employees, create a succession plan, and more.  

All of the reasons above are why Visio is one of the best org chart software platforms on the market.   

An example of people collaborating on Visio org charts.
Microsoft Visio lets you collaborate on org charts in real-time.

So, if you need organizational charting software for designing professional-looking charts, sign-up for Microsoft Visio. It can handle any level of complexity effortlessly.  

Let’s discuss pricing. 

Visio offers monthly subscription plans and one-time purchases. The Visio Plan 1 starts at just $5 per user per month, while the Visio Plan 2, which includes both the web and desktop app, costs $15 per user per month. The one-time purchase is available for Visio Standard and Visio Professional. Learn more here.

Monthly subscription cost for Visio Plan 1 & Visio Plan 2 org chart software. 
Monthly subscription cost for Visio Plan 1 & Visio Plan 2 org chart software. 

The trial version for both plans is available for one free month. 

Microsoft Visio has earned its place in the best org chart software list, even according to reviewers. The site G2, which is known for productivity and other software product reviews, gives Visio 4 stars out of 5.

One reviewer, Quai, uses it for an enterprise business of over 1,000 employees and has this to say about Visio: “Microsoft Visio is the go-to application for creating process workflows & UML diagrams. We can create organisational charts that include photos, department names, and contact info. Visio has a rich template library. Plenty of starter diagrams for flowcharts, process steps, block diagrams, cycle diagrams & matrices are available.

Before we proceed to the Pros and Cons, here’s a video to help you learn how to make impactful organizational charts quickly in Visio. Check it out.  

Huge library of ready-to-use templates, icons, and elements.Some users complain that the installer tool is rigid and clunky.
Supports online collaborations and brainstorming.License costs might seem high for small organizations
Quick integration with several data sources, including Excel, Exchange, SharePoint lists, SQL Server, and more.Visio charts can be edited only on Visio. 
Easy to learn.
Supports working offline . 

If you are looking for professional-level organizational charting software, Microsoft Visio is a good choice

Common Questions About Org Chart Software 

What is the Best Free Program to Create an Organizational Chart?

Monday is our top choice to create org charts that are eye-catching, professional, and support extensive integration but take minimum time and effort due to the use of high-end automation. It comes with a forever-free plan too.  

Does Microsoft Have an Org Chart Tool?

Yes, Microsoft Visio is a high-end org chart tool. You can use it for all your diagramming and vector graphics creations too.    

Does Office 365 Have an Org Chart?

Yes, Microsoft Visio is available to all commercial Office 365 subscribers. It integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Office suite. 

What App Can I Use to Make an Organizational Chart?

There are several options, but I recommend Monday. It’s easy, useful, and includes a free plan option.  

Best Org Chart Software Free?

When looking for software to create impressive org charts for companies without spending a lot of money, try Lucidchart. Lucidchart offers 3 editable documents with its free plan, and access to 100 templates. It may not be the most visually appealing, but free is free!

Best Org Chart Software for MAC?

If you’re looking for the best org chat software for a Mac, use Monday. It works seamlessly on both Apple Mac and Windows OS. They also have a desktop app for Mac. Monday is easy and intuitive. It supports extensive integration and seamless collaboration. 

Easiest Org Chart Creator?

Monday is my top choice for making org charts that only look like a lot of work but take minutes to complete. Monday offers several templates to start with. It lets you create org charts through simple drag-and-drop and can handle any level of complexity without overwhelming the user.  

Best Org Chart Software Microsoft?

The best org chart software from Microsoft is certainly Microsoft Visio. It provides a complete solution for all your diagramming needs. 

Post-Game Report: Best Org Chart Software Champions

  • Monday – Absolute Best Overall 



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