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Worthy.com is like the fairy godmother for your jewelry box, turning those dust-collectors into cold, hard cash.

In my Worthy.com review, I’ll give you the pros and cons of selling your jewelry through this legit, safe company. 

While you may have acquired jewelry or watches from an inheritance, sometimes divorce happens (40-50%, according to statistics for the US!)1 If you’re looking at a piece of jewelry you can’t stand to have around, or you just don’t want sweet old Grandma’s heirlooms, you’ll want to check out Worthy.com and potentially get cash!

In this Worthy.com review, we’ll show how Worthy.com protects your jewelry – and how much people typically get for their jewels.

I really like that Worthy pays for shipping and insurance. It makes it worth trying out for sure.

Learn more about selling jewelry on Worthy.com here.

What is Worthy.com?

A screenshot of Worthy.com’s website, which shows a woman potentially selling her diamond ring.
Worthy.com reviews are mainly positive. Worthy is rated Excellent on Trustpilot. 

Imagine a place where your forgotten high school rings and grandma's vintage bracelet can find new love while fattening your wallet. That's Worthy.com in a nutshell. It's an online marketplace that connects sellers of fine jewelry with a network of eager buyers. No more sketchy pawn shop visits or awkward Craigslist meetups!

Worthy accepts:

  • Earrings
  • Loose diamonds
  • Rings
  • Watches – Branded only, including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

Worthy.com accepts rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made from gold or platinum, and designer jewelry such as Tacori, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston, and Bvlgari. Unfortunately, this means your Zara jewelry will not count.

How Does Worthy.com Work?

You send in your gold rings, diamond bracelets, pearl earrings, etc., and Worthy.com gets it evaluated by pros.

Then Worthy auctions your jewelry to the highest bidder. Think of it as eBay but with more sparkle and less random stuff. Plus, Worthy does a lot of the work for you. (If you rather use eBay, find out how in Is it worth selling on eBay?)

I really like the convenience that you can have FedEx pickup from your home, or drop off at a nearby FedEx location. Worthy pays for shipping. And Worthy pays for insurance!

There are 5 steps to selling your jewelry on Worthy.com:

  1. Tell Worthy about your item – Worthy wants to know what you have, and if it can possibly sell. Sorry, but if you’re still holding on to plastic Claire’s earrings – that’s a no-go for you.
  1. Ship your item to Worthy.com – I know it seems scary, but it is legit! Your shipment will be fully insured by Lloyd’s of London and shipping is covered by Worthy.com. You can also drop it off in person at select Worthy.com locations around the US.
  1. Worthy.com prepares your item for sale – Yes, they clean it, grade it, and even take professional beauty shots of your jewelry. I told you this wasn’t a pawn shop deal!
  1. Worthy.com hosts an online auction – Your item goes to auction! You can set a reserve price, and watch your auction, which lasts for 2-3 business days.
  1. Get paid! – The best part, obviously. If you get what you want for your item, then you’ll get the final sale amount minus Worthy’s fee, which is a percent of the sale price.

Didn’t get what you wanted from Worthy’s auction? According to sellers who’ve used Worthy.com, you can decline the final sale price and Worthy will (sometimes!) counter and offer you a higher price. This is not a guarantee though, so think carefully before declining. 

If Worthy.com doesn’t offer you a counter and the highest bid doesn’t meet or exceed the price you chose, you can have your item shipped back to you free of charge.

One of the best parts of using Worthy.com to sell your jewelry is that they partner with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), among other labs, for diamond jewelry and watch grading and evaluation. 

Not only is this important for sellers to know, but it’s also really good for you to know. What if Grandma’s old ring is actually a priceless heirloom she received from a dashing beau who risked his life battling mummies in Egypt, just to propose to her yet have his heart broken? Ok, this might be some sort of subplot to The Mummy and highly unlikely, but you won’t know until you have your jewelry evaluated!

Basically, if you don’t get the price you want with Worthy.com, you can have your item shipped back for free and now you’ll know what kind of jewelry you have with a certificate to prove it. 

Is Worthy.com Legit?

In my Worthy.com review, I’ll cover how Worthy.com is legit. First, Worthy’s founder, Ben de Kalo, is profiled in Entrepreneur magazine.2 

Worthy.com was incorporated in 2011 and has helped over 35,000 people earn $200 million through the sale of their jewelry and watches. 

In addition, Worthy’s buyers are professionals in the diamond and jewelry industry – no offense to most pawn shop owners. But at Worthy, they know what to look for. And jewelry customers go to Worthy.com to find reputable jewelry all in one place. 

Is Worthy.com Safe?

If you’re going to send your jewelry to someone you don’t know, you want it to be safe! And no Worthy review would be complete without talking about safety. 

Luckily, Worthy.com takes your security seriously. They insure your jewelry from the moment it leaves your hands until it finds its new home. In fact, your jewelry is kept secure in their New York office, in a safe, under 24-hour surveillance.

Let’s be honest, your jewelry is probably safer with Worthy than in your own home!

Pros and Cons of Worthy.com


  • Easy and free evaluations – Send in your jewelry and Worthy.com evaluates it, grades it, cleans it, and takes pro photos. All for free!
  • Access to a large pool of buyers – Where else could you find over 1000 people potentially interested in your jewelry? Unless you live in a mega-city, that’s difficult for most people!
  • Transparent and competitive auction process – You can track the status of bidding, set a reserve price, and accept or decline an offer. You’re in control!


  • You might catch feelings saying goodbye to your jewelry 
  • Commission fees (because hey, they gotta make a living too!) – Will you get the best price for your diamond? Some online Worthy reviews said you wouldn’t, and you should take your diamonds to a local auction house… but how many of us know local auction houses or even how much heirloom jewelry is worth? With Worthy.com, they do the work for you of cleaning and grading your item, then they sell your item to their large network of buyers.

If you want to take the additional time to try and get the best deal, let your jewelry go through the Worthy.com process, get it graded, cleaned, etc. (you could also do this on your own, too!) If you get a price you’re happy with, sell it on Worthy.com. If not, get your item shipped back to you free of charge and try to sell it elsewhere.

Finally, while this might not apply to you, Worthy.com accepts imperfect jewelry, too! If you’ve been reading this Worthy.com review wondering if they’ll take your ‘one missing diamond out of a 25 piece diamond necklace’, don’t worry! Worthy.com appraises jewelry based on weight and quality. If your item is broken or incomplete, Worthy.com can still sell it*.

*Except for broken watches. Watches must be in proper working condition to sell. 

Worthy.com Reviews

When it comes to Worthy.com reviews, there’s something important you have to keep in mind first: Whatever you bought your jewelry for, or whatever it’s been appraised for: you’re not going to get that amount of money. 

The cold hard fact of most jewelry is that you’re not going to sell it for what you bought it for, much like a car or a piece of pizza you’ve taken a bite out of. There’s depreciation.

That said, a positive review of Worthy.com came from Paige Walker on her site Style Duplicated, who sold her $39,000 engagement ring (appraisal value) to Worthy.com for over $20,000. She went in knowing her ring wouldn’t get her the full appraised value, because that’s not how Worthy.com (or the majority of resellers) works. But she was extremely happy with the price she got – and she got rid of the engagement ring she didn’t want anymore!

Screenshot of an online Worthy review praising the high value and quick response.
Using Worthy.com got this jewelry seller about $3,500 more than their local jeweler was willing to pay for their diamond ring.
A screenshot of a fairly positive Worthy review saying it took a little over a week to get paid, but ultimately they got a fair price
This Worthy.com review says it took a bit over a week to get paid. The seller asked for a counter offer and got the money they wanted for their jewelry.
Screenshot of an unhappy Worthy review
In this Worthy.com review, the seller is upset because Worthy.com didn’t want to sell his Bulova Accutron watch.
Screenshot of a positive Worthy review, praising the customer service process
This jewelry seller is happy she got the maximum price for her old ring on Worthy.com.

Worthy.com Reviews Reddit 

Worthy.com reviews on Reddit are also mixed, although most people found it worthwhile. 

In the Reddit post below, this reviewer explains the hassle of trying to go through local pawn shops, then explains how he received a counteroffer from Worthy.com at a higher price to buy his jewelry. Win!

 A Reddit screenshot of a Redditor sharing his story selling through Worthy.com
This Redditor shares his successful sale on Worthy.com.

This Redditor also shares how difficult it was to work with a local jewelry and gold/diamond buyer to sell his jewelry, and how he was able to sell his ring quickly and easily via Worthy.com.

 A Reddit screenshot of someone talking about how quickly he sold his ring on Worthy.com 
This Redditor on the Divorce subreddit just wanted his jewelry sold, and he sold it quickly and easily with Worthy.com.

Finally, this person had a negative experience with Worthy.com mainly because they were expecting to get a higher price for their jewelry than they were offered. Your experience may vary based on how much you want to get rid of your jewelry and your expectations3.

A Reddit screenshot from the Divorce subreddit from someone unhappy with the price offered by Worthy.com
This Redditor was unhappy with the price offered by Worthy.com.

Worthy.com Reviews BBB

The Better Business Bureau shows a customer rating of 4.25 for Worthy.com. The main complaints appear to be people not receiving as much money as they expected, and some people complained about how long it took to hear back from Worthy.com about the jewelry. However, Worthy.com appears to respond to all of the negative comments and explain the reasoning, and the majority of reviews are positive4.

 A screenshot of a negative Worthy.com review with a detailed response from Worthy.com
Cathy J may not understand how business days work.
A screenshot on BBB of a positive Worthy.com review and a positive response from Worthy.com
Clarinda has sold 6 rings so far with Worthy.com and enjoyed her experience.

Is Worthy.com Worth It?

In the land of online jewelry auctions, Worthy.com stands out for being fast, efficient, and professional. For most, it's a resounding yes! The ease and security make it a no-brainer for jewelry selling.

Common Questions About Worthy.com

What are Alternatives to Worthy.com?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Worthy.com, you can also check out:

  • eBay: The OG of online selling
  • Redbubble: print on demand is super easy! Learn more in Is Redbubble legit?
  • Local jewelers: Old-school but can be good
  • Other online jewelry marketplaces (just make sure they're legit!)
  • Abemor: Online diamond selling
  • Cash For Diamonds USA: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Cash for Gold USA: Surprise, you can sell gold, silver, and diamonds!
  • Promote beauty products online – learn how in my Sephora affiliate program review

Is Worthy.com a Scam? 

Worthy.com is as real as the diamonds they sell. Worthy.com is a genuine, trustworthy platform for selling high-end jewelry.

What is The Catch With Worthy.com?

The only catch is their commission. Worthy.com takes a percentage of the money you get by selling your jewelry through them. In my opinion it’s worth it because they do all the work for you such as photographing your jewelry, paying for your shipping costs, and getting a big audience of people who want to buy your jewelry. 

In the end, the idea is you should make more money selling your jewelry through Worthy than you would get by selling it on locally or through eBay.

What Percentage Does Worthy Take?

They take a slice of the sale, but it's all upfront – no hidden tricks here. Depending on what you sell your jewelry or watch for, you’ll pay a different fee. For example, if you sell an item for $20,000, your fee is 12%.

And don’t forget, if Worthy.com doesn’t sell your item, you’ll get it back free of charge. 

Screenshot of Worthy.com’s fees
Worthy.com’s fee breakdown.

If you're considering buying jewelry cheaply then re-selling it on Worthy, you'll need to consider this fee. Learn more about “What Flips.”

How Long Does It Take to Get Money From Worthy? 

From Worthy.com reviews and Worthy.com itself, it takes about 10-14 business days from the time your jewelry arrives at the Worthy.com headquarters to getting paid. 

What Happens If My Ring Doesn’t Sell on Worthy? 

No sale, no problem. You get your ring back, safe and sound (Worthy will even send it back insured!)

You can try to sell your ring on eBay instead. Find out more in Is it worth selling on eBay?

Or check out other ways

Or sell your ring as one of the ways how to make money on Facebook.

If you're having financial difficulties, you may want to learn the best ways how to borrow money.

How do rappers make money if they go broke? The same way! They sell their jewelry.

Is Worthy App Legit?

Yep, the Worthy app is as legit as the Worthy website – smooth, secure, and shiny. This Worthy review wouldn’t be complete without making sure Worthy.com was legit!

How Do You Get Paid From Worthy? 

Choose your payment method and cha-ching! It's in your account. You can receive payment from Worthy via bank transfer (ACH), check, or PayPal.

What is The Reserve Price on Worthy?

Worthy lets you set your minimum sale price, so no low-ball offers for your treasures.



1 – https://www.forbes.com/advisor/legal/divorce/divorce-statistics/ 

2 – https://www.entrepreneur.com/leadership/americans-are-sitting-on-a-fortune-of-old-unwanted-jewelry/331712 

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4 – https://www.bbb.org/us/ny/manhattan/profile/online-auctions/worthycom-0121-149680/customer-reviews 

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